How Vibrant Interior Paints Make an Impact

How Vibrant Interior Paints Make an Impact

Color has long been known to be an important aspect of luxury home design. Color can affect how people feel when they walk into a room and spend time in that space. Vibrant interior painting can also help you create a luxury house that embodies your personality and taste. Luxury real estate interior design has moved beyond the classic neutral or the clean feel of all-white interiors.

Designers and homeowners have come to embrace vibrant interior paints for the walls of their luxury spaces, as it keeps a home fresh and updated while maintaining class and sophistication.

high-end residential properties is ideal for luxury living

A high-end residential property is a home that should have an impact, and what better way to do that than by utilizing vibrant interior paints? Vista Alabang is home to the country’s most luxurious Daang Hari subdivisions. Here you will find Portofino Heights and Amore at Portofino, two exclusive Italian-inspired communities by Vista Alabang and Brittany Corporation. As these communities are developed by the best names in the luxury home real estate market, your Vista Alabang home is sure to be the perfect canvas for you to explore vibrant interior paints.

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Why Choose to Paint Rooms in Vibrant Colors?

Why Choose to Paint Rooms in Vibrant Colors

Vibrant wall colors can liven up a room, especially if the room is meant for entertaining and gathering people. Painting a vibrant accent wall in your living room can make the space feel cozier and inviting, facilitating a better connection when everyone gathers in the living room after a long day. Even a simple door can be freshened up by a coat of paint in green, purple, or pink.

The color theory also affects our psychology, which is why a vibrant kitchen or dining room also makes for better cooking and dining experience. Using bright colors in warm tones for these rooms, like yellow or orange, can help you and your family feel more excited about gathering around the table for mealtimes.

Of course, vibrant interior paint doesn’t always have to be loud. Instead of painting a bedroom in plain white, you can opt to add some soft shades of blue, purple, or green to your walls to create a more calming space conducive to sleep and rest. A guest bedroom can also be painted in fun, warm shades to make it inviting.

Vibrant interior paint can also be used as a way to stamp your identity into your home

Vibrant interior paint can also be used as a way to stamp your identity into your home and your room. Homes at Portofino Heights and Amore at Portofino have multiple bedrooms, perfect for growing families. Each child can have their own bedroom and match it with their personality through vibrant paint colors, like yellow, pink, or green. Allowing them this freedom can help children feel more secure in their environment, making it a safe place for their growth and development.

Design Your Luxury Home with Vibrant Interior Paints

We’ve listed down different ways on how you can design your luxury home with vibrant interior paints:

  • Paint The Ceiling
  • Make a Bold Statement
  • Play With Complimentary Colors
  • Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

Paint the Ceiling

Paint the Ceiling

This luxury home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is an expansive Pueblo-style home. Keeping the walls in an unobtrusive light wash color makes the accent ceiling of the dining room pop. Rather than doing an accent wall, a ceiling painted in vibrant interior paint can make this space stand out.

Warm colors evoke the color of clay, traditionally used in this style of home. The addition of an amber-colored chandelier adds even more warmth to the dining room. To balance a space painted like this, keep other elements like furniture and rugs more neutral in color. Add pops of coral in the space as well, such as in your plates or decor items, to tie the room together.

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Luxury real estate draws inspiration from many places

Luxury real estate draws inspiration from many places, and the high-end residential property you will find at Portofino Heights, and Amore at Portofino is a testament to that. Homes here are designed after traditional Italian architecture, and any interior designer will tell you that a warm coral color will fit in wonderfully in your Italian-inspired villa at Vista Alabang.

Make a Bold Statement

Make a Bold Statement

This luxurious brownstone townhouse in New York was built in 1899 and was lovingly maintained. Original vintage features are still present throughout the house, which creates an interesting contrast with the updated, vibrant interior paints used in some rooms.

For this home’s library, the owners chose to use a bold, vibrant red paired with classic white. The result is a home library that feels invigorating. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves sit beside floor-to-ceiling windows, emphasizing the high ceilings. The vibrant interior paints are also reflected in elements of the carpet and the furniture, making this luxury statement room look cohesive.

Celebrate the grandeur of luxury home real estate by making a bold color choice. Take the latest trend in luxury living home design and choose vibrant interior paints for your house and lot in Daang Hari.

Play with Complementary Colors

Play with Complementary Colors

This luxury home in Palm Beach, Florida, keeps the laid-back beach feel going with vibrant interior paint. This shade of blue may be a subtle shade, but that is enough to make this living room feel like a relaxing oasis. Design-wise, this living room makes full use of complementary shades to create a fun color scheme. The orange tones in the wooden floors and chairs balance the cool blue of the walls.

Vibrant interior paints paired with complementary colors for furniture and decor make a cohesive color scheme. Complementary colors can create a comforting and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for the family room. Try this technique in your luxury house and lot in Daang Hari at Portofino Heights and Amore at Portofino.

Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Using vibrant interior paint in a small space, such as a bathroom, can make it feel bigger and more luxurious. In this luxury villa in Italy, the top half of the bathroom walls are painted in a lovely pink color, adding a touch of modernity in contrast to the vintage features seen in the vanity mirror and tapware.

Adding vibrant color to a small space evokes a sense of grandeur, signifying that you designed your luxury house with the little details in mind. Every room is important in luxury living home design. By painting a bathroom in an interesting shade, you further elevate your high-end residential property.

The Portofino Daang Hari Subdivisions are Italian-themed communities, which makes this particular luxury house inspiration easily applicable. Take this Italian home as inspiration and paint the bathrooms of your Italian-inspired Vista Alabang home a vibrant hue.

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Buy a Luxury Home and Choose Vibrant Interiors

Make your entry into the luxury home real estate market with a splash by choosing vibrant interiors for your newest home. Vista Alabang brings you the most well-developed luxury Daang Hari subdivisions, bringing a slice of Italy to you in the form of Portofino Heights and Amore at Portofino.

Buy a Luxury Home and Choose Vibrant Interiors

Experience world-class luxury real estate with a beautiful house and lot in Daang Hari. Feel inspired to fill your new home with only the best things, and decorate your walls with vibrant colors.

Brittany Corporation is the country’s top luxury real estate developer. We have high-end properties available in Alabang, as well as in Tagaytay and Santa Rosa. To find out more, feel free to browse our website and follow us on our LinkedIn page and Youtube channel.

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