How To Prepare For Wine Tasting

Wine tastes better with age.

For sure, you have heard this phrase for so many times especially if you are a wine lover. But have you thought of tasting wine itself and the process in preparation for it? Get ready to know things you must do before attending wine tastings.

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What is Wine Tasting?

Wine tasting has been with the people through the years. This act does not necessarily mean you will drink your heart out and get wasted. The primary purpose of wine tasting is to try the types of wine such as sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon and many more, while finding the best wine for you. A specified wine taste preference is essential to determine the goal of wine tasting. Many wine tasting events offer white wines, sweet wines, and red wines. Just don’t forget your tasting notes when you go to the event.

Types of Wine Glass

In going to wine events, wine producers prepare different wine glasses for wine tasters. Even the type of wine glass could affect the wine-tasting experience. For instance, the bowl (part of the wine glass) should accommodate the right amount of space for the wine aromas to reach the wine taster’s nose.

During the blind tasting, you don’t have information on the wine’s content. A good wine might include a green apple, red fruit, or white grapes. You will not know during the blind tasting because they will not give you the information about the wine. And a perfect wine glass will help to describe the wine quality intricately.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are a type of wine that contains many molecules of carbon dioxide gas. In describing the appearance of this kind of wine, you’ll see that it is fizzy and bubbly, especially when you pour it into a wine glass. Sparkling wines contain a grape variety like wine grapes, red grapes, black grapes, and such.

People call other sparkling wines one of the most technical wines in the world. This is because this type of wine undergoes a two-fermentation process. One is for creating the alcohol (like what other alcohol has), and the other is for the bubbles or the sparkles to arise. The fermentation process is an essential winemaking technique to make a bottle of good wine. And the older the wine, the better taste it contains.

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What do you do before tasting wine?

Wine tasting or drinking a glass of wine is a food pairing act, especially in your luxury living in Portofino Heights, Alabang, Philippines. People like wine variety of flavors, some like high acidity taste, full-bodied red wines, fortified wines, and sweet wines. Many types of wine could give your taste buds a good or bad wine tasting experience.

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There are things that you should bear in mind before drinking or tasting a glass of wine.

1. Don’t drink coffee

Coffee or any other beverage contains an impactful taste that will be hard to eliminate. Study has said that caffeine makes one more sensitive to other taste of food or drinks, such as sweetness. In the study, after drinking coffee, the taste buds of the respondents were affected. Thus, drinking coffee before a glass of wine will affect the wine’s taste. The wine quality taste might be compromised, especially if there is too much caffeine before drinking wine.

Daang Hari Subdivisions in Vista Alabang has perfect luxury homes to enjoy wines on every occasion, even in a new normal. With the view and atmosphere, the subdivision gives, you will be able to relax and enjoy a glass of wine in your humble abode. If you also have a habit of food pairings, Amore at Portofino, Alabang Philippines heard you because of its wide kitchen and dining area. A place to do some food pairings with good wine, fresh fruit, and great food.

If you can’t really go a day without coffee, it is better to have a bottle of wine after drinking coffee for one hour or more. Just allot time to let the bitter taste of coffee subside. After this, you’re good to go.

2. Don’t smoke

Like coffee, tobacco has strong flavors that may affect your taste buds. Yes, tobacco does not only affect your sense of smell but also your sense of taste. Tobacco gets in the way of enjoying the wine taste. For instance, the smell of tobacco lingers on the place and your shirt longer than you expected. This, in turn, affects the aroma and taste of the wine. Not only will you be affected, but also the other wine tasters.

Coffee should not compromise the perfect blend of flavors the wine has. May it be red wines, sweet wines, white wines, or fruit flavors, the wine aroma and taste of these type of wine is exquisite. Even though Portofino Heights in Alabang, Philippines, is adequately ventilated and has trees around, smoking tobacco will not be a good choice.

3. Eat enough before drinking wine

The wine-tasting event is a luxury event that not everyone could experience. Thus, preparing for this kind of event is essential. One of the preparation ones could do is to eat something before the wine tasting. Wine tasting is still alcohol and undergoes a fermentation process, especially fortified wines that undergo two fermentation processes.

Food pairings have become more famous right now. People experiment with different foods and even drinks. There are wine varieties in the market that people could go and experiment with for innovation. And pairing a good meal and a glass of wine is also good. A meal that is not so heavy but will suffice the need will be enough for the body to facilitate wine. Fine dining restaurants in Alabang, Philippines, offer the best food and wine in the country.

Eating on an empty stomach is unhealthy and will also make you more intoxicated. Those red wines, fortified wines, dessert wines, sweet wines, and sparkling wines are all so good that a hangover strikes you at your bed in Portofino Heights, Vista Alabang.

4. Start with less acidic wine to high acid wines

The order of the wine is also something you should prepare. Aside from tasting notes in your house in Daang Hari Subdivisions, which types of wine you should start and end will also be a question. If you don’t know or understand your wine palate yet, starting with less acidic wines and ending with high acidity wines is better. In doing this, you will be able not to tire out your wine palate quicker.

If you are wondering which of the types of wine has the lowest acidity, white wines contain one of the lowest acid content. Compared to red wine, white wines

are not usually created with grapes and are from warmer countries. It is said that warmer countries tend to produce lower acid types of wine. 

The white wines will definitely complement the chill vibe of your luxury house in Portofino Heights in Vista Alabang. A bottle of red wine or white wine and a dream luxury home in Alabang, Philippines, make you live the best life possible.

5. Make sure you don’t have a cold

Ever since the pandemic strikes the whole world, people have become more vigilant about the health conditions of people coming to a specific event. If you are invited to attend a wine-tasting event, ensure you don’t have a cold. A cold will impair your sense of smell and prevent you from carefully critiquing the wine because you can’t smell the wine’s aroma properly.

A wine tasting is a great experience, but it is better not to go if one has a cold. Alcohol intake may worsen the cold symptoms. Wines in your house in Amore at Portofino in Daang Hari Subdivisions will be enough to suffice the craving for a wine taste.

Pinot Grigio Wine

Pinot grigio is a wine variety that is usually from Italy. This wine is high in acidity and is a bottle of delicate white wine. The flavors this one has are green apples, lemons, limes, and honeysuckle. Many people go to different countries to buy and add this wine to their wine collection.

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Pinot Grigio wine was created because of a mutation with red wine (which is everyone’s favorite). There have been critics in some wine regions saying that pinot grigio wine is. It was said that this wine does not deserve the hype because it’s uninteresting and too “simple.” This is because pinot grigio has become popular and distributed among wine regions. Thus, it requires mass production that leads pinot grigio to compromise its taste.

A bottle of good wine is part of every excellent dining experience with the family. Amore at Portofino in Daang Hari Subdivisions and Portofino Heights in Vista Alabang will be a good intimate place for a house dinner. Pinot grigio wine is good to pair with fried foods. And the idea is wine should be more acidic than food. And an essential tip for food pairings still depends on your wine palate.

Wine Palate

In a nutshell, a palate is when you use the four senses: smell, sight, feel, and taste. Thus, your experience during wine tasting or drinking will determine your wine palate. Wine palate is more than just a concept in the wine community. It is an experience or a process that every wine taster should try and develop.

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Developing your wine palate is essential for you to find the best wine within your preference. You should try stone fruit, black fruits, red grape, black cherry, and other flavors within several wines to develop and understand your wine palate.

Italy is the world’s largest wine producer. And an Italian wine from here would fit the Italian luxury home Amore at Portofino, Daang Hari Subdivisions give. You don’t need to go to Italy to experience what it is like living in an Italian house because Amore at Portofino, Daang Hari Subdivisions already give you what you asked for. Visit the website of Brittany Corporation to get to know this real estate property.

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