8 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

For many individuals, a glass of wine is the perfect way to start a relaxing evening after a long day of work. These kinds of people drink wine casually, and maybe they break out the more extravagant bottles of red purchased for certain special occasions such as an anniversary, a birthday, or economic growth on their personal property.

Some wine lovers, though, take their interest in wine up a notch by taking the time to learn about different kinds of wine, the flavor profiles to be expected with each bottle, wine value, and even the best food to pair with a glass of red. They may even have a growing wine collection of tier favorite bottles and hard-to-find vintage.

Another event worth celebrating is the purchase of a new home. Wine lovers know a thing or two about luxury living, and what better way to celebrate it than with a bottle of red in your new luxury house or luxury condominium developed by Brittany Corporation?

With a long history in luxury real estate, Brittany has built some of the best luxury houses in the Philippines. Their residential real estate developments in Alabang, Santa Rosa, and Tagaytay are known as one of the best in the country.

Brittany living offers an elevated luxury lifestyle for buyers, with exclusive communities designed and inspired by the beautiful locations and architecture of Italy, America, England, and Switzerland. When you purchase a high-end residential property or vacant land with Brittany Corporation, your real estate investments are worth celebrating with a good glass of wine.

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A Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

If you have loved ones who value wine and champagne as an essential part of their life, you may want to give them wine-related gifts for their birthday or to celebrate their life milestones. While a bottle of red wine is always a stable option, you may want to give them something more special and unique. There are several luxury items that make perfect gifts for your favorite wine lover.

This article will list eight gift ideas for wine lovers for you to choose from.

  1. A wine carrier
  2. A wine aerator
  3. An elegant decanter
  4. Personalized Wine Bottle Opener
  5. Bottle stopper
  6. Chilling wand
  7. Wine charms
  8. A book about wine

A Wine Carrier

Some wine lovers also love picnics, but what picnic would be complete without a bottle of wine? By giving them a luxury wine carrier, you give them a safe and stylish way to transport their wines without fear of it breaking.

You can choose from several styles, like a backpack, a tote, or a single-bottle carrier. You can even choose premium materials like leather. Or, for a more rustic vibe at lower costs, you can pick a wine carrier designed like a wicker picnic basket.

Have an elegant picnic in the many open park spaces in Brittany communities. Aside from providing residents with world-class house and lot properties for sale, Brittany living also gives an emphasis on amenities and connection to nature. Brittany homes are built in communities with lush greenery and ample open spaces for residents to enjoy the outdoors. You don’t even need to rent a sport to enjoy the grounds. Even if you don’t stray too far from your luxury house, you can always enjoy a glass of wine in your garden or private courtyard.

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A Wine Aerator

Wine lovers will know that good wines need time to breathe. Uncorking wine and exposing it to air gives the wine time to oxidize, changing the flavor profiles and highlighting some of the more subtle taste notes. Aeration can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

To help speed up this process, give the wine lovers in your life an aerator. Aerators are one of the best gift ideas because it’s a very useful tool to have. It attaches to the mouth of the bottle and aerates the wine as you pour it into a glass, significantly cutting down total aeration time.

Convenience also has its value in luxury living, which is why Brittany’s luxury condominium developments and luxury real estate communities are located close to shopping centers and other commercial real estate property and establishments. The best houses in the Philippines have everything you can ever want, and you can have everything you need just a short distance away when you live a Brittany lifestyle.

An Elegant Decanter

During the time when butlers were still a fixture in upscale homes, part of his duties would be to decant the wine before serving it with dinner. A decanter is not only a great way to aerate the wine and develop its flavor, but it can also function as a beautiful art piece owing to the intricacies and artistry of its designs.

Giving wine lovers a glass or crystal decanter can make their bottle of red feel even more extravagant. Anyone who owns a beautifully designed decanter adds a flair of drama and elegance to any evening celebration.

Elegance and sophistication are hallmarks of a luxury lifestyle and exquisite taste. Showcase that with your high-end residential property investment at Brittany Corporation. Take your pick from any of our beautiful luxury houses for sale in Alabang and Santa Rosa. Or if you want to invest in another type of real estate property, check out a luxury condominium in Tagaytay at Alpine Villas or Grand Quartier.

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Personalized Wine Bottle Opener

A wine bottle opener is one of the more simple and more thoughtful gift ideas you can give to the wine lovers in your life. Choose one that is sturdy and easy to use, so you save your friends the hassle of needing to use too much force to uncork a bottle.

Make this perfect gift even more special by having the bottle opener engraved with their name or initials. Stamp your personality into your Brittany homes as well by decorating and furnishing your luxury house with items that display your interests, identity, and taste. House and lot properties for sale are waiting for you to take ownership and start your luxury lifestyle with your new high-end residential property. Invest in Brittany luxury houses for sale and experience the trademark world-class Brittany living.

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Bottle Stopper

Exposing wine to the air for too long can negatively affect how it tastes. To stop that from happening, give your favorite wine lovers their very own set of wine stoppers. Wine stoppers provide an airtight seal to already uncorked bottles, making them keep fresh for a little longer.

What’s even better about this particular gift idea is that it can easily be personalized. There are many designs and styles to choose from. For example, a nature-loving wine lover will enjoy this leaf-themed pair, while a more eccentric individual might get a kick out of a pineapple-inspired stopper.

Houses in the Philippines should reflect the tastes and values of their residents. Much like choosing the perfect style of wine stopper, you should invest in luxury real estate that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Brittany homes can give that to you, especially with the different styles of luxury houses for sale on our website. Choose from Italian, Swiss, American, or English-style homes and live the life of your dreams.

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Chilling Wand

Wine has to be served at the optimum temperature for maximum enjoyment. Adding ice to a glass of wine is a huge faux pas as it will water down the wine and affect its natural flavors. To get that perfectly chilled glass of wine, invest in a pair of chilling wands.

Chilling wands are awesome gift ideas for your wine-loving friends who enjoy having a glass of perfectly chilled wine. These wands sit in your glass of wine, or you can gift your friend a wine stopper with a built-in chilling wand to keep an entire bottle of wine at the perfect temperature. Take advantage of sales prices when buying this kind of gift.

Wine Charms

Wine charms are great gift ideas for wine lovers who also love to entertain at home. Wine charms hook to the stem of a wine glass, and each charm in the set is unique, making it easy to identify which person is using which glass for their wine.

Wine charms make great party favors as well if you get ones with engraved names on them. Buting a little something for friends who enjoy drinking a glass of wine can go a long way toward forming deeper friendships.

A Book About Wine

Of course, a lot of wine lovers also love to read about wine, or at the very least, they would love to own a beautiful coffee table book that highlights wine. Whatever type of wine book they may prefer, wine books are thoughtful gift ideas.

Choose a wine book that talks about the history of their favorite bottle. Or you can gift your friends a wine cookbook, giving them a useful set of recipes for cooking with wine.

Beautiful books like these can also be used to decorate a home, particularly a shelf near the bar or the kitchen. New homes can always need books.

Unwind With a Bottle of Wine in Your Luxury Brittany Home

Live a life of pleasure and elegance with Brittany, where a glass of wine is always welcome after a long day. Browse our website and listings for house and lot properties for sale and find your dream luxury house.

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