Revenge Travel Boosts Hospitality Real Estate

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It has been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hits the whole world. The pandemic deeply affected the world’s economy, especially the hotel industry and hospitality real estate including hotels, water parks, resorts, amusement facilities, golf courses, cruise ships, and restaurants.

As the world returns to its normal state again, the impact of the reopening of hotel and retail sectors is incredible. The hospitality industry and hospitality real estate development will become popular again as most people stayed in the leisure of their homes and home office.

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In the Philippines, there are many hospitality real estate development. Some of the most beautiful hospitality real estate development and luxury condo in Tagaytay are condo for sale in Crosswinds Tagaytay, Alpine Villas Tagaytay, and Grand Quartier Crosswinds.

However, the threat of the COVID-19 virus is still in hospitality sectors and industries and the one thing that hotel owners can count on is revenge travel.

Importance of Revenge Travel for Hotels and Hospitality Sector

Revenge travel is a phenomenon where there is a significant growth of travelers as things open back to normal life.

As the country and the world eases restrictions, there is an increased demand for hotel property and hospitality real estate development spending, according to Colliers’ recent report. Moreover, this travel surge data is good for the economy as well as for the hospitality real estate development hotels owner and investors around the world.

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Revenge travel is the engine of growth and one of the key drivers of the tourism industry and food sector. It is encouraging news for companies in the hospitality real estate development as it increases the value of investment opportunities, land buyers, building, and budget-friendly accommodation sites in the Asia Pacific and the world.

On the other hand, revenge travel can also bring a lot of complications if there is no proper hotel management. The surge in occupancy rates combined with many guests booking is chaos if property management will not be updated on the current trends on mobile devices, software management, and technology.

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Understanding the importance of revenge travel for the right management of hotels, resorts, and properties lessens the strain concern related to reservations and cancellations which directly impact the equity of investors and can even damage companies’ brands.

Hotel market industry business models are expected to have excellent service management, leading building solutions, and hotel market ownership that focus on good service to the customers.

Brittany properties are always focused on giving its customers and partners excellent buildings and facilities management whether during the revenge travel, normal season, and in the future. Its excellent asset is shown in the condo for sale, a luxury condo in Tagaytay, Crosswinds Tagaytay, Alpine Villas Tagaytay, and Grand Quartier Crosswinds.

Rising Hotel Markets Figures

Based on Colliers’ recent report, hotel markets continue to have a major rise in the year 2022. Occupancies of resorts and hospitality buildings in the National Capital Region in the first half of 2022 reached 47 percent which is an increase of three percentage points from the 2021 second quarter.

Market demands continue to increase in resort properties and companies offering hospitality services. As such, capital finance and investment for hospitality real estate project and the hospitality sector continues to soar due to the various factors contributed to this growth.

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Such factors include the resumption of leisure and business travel, competitive marketing strategy and marketing courses for various students and companies, enhancement of the importance of property assets especially by conducting due diligence to the investors, and as well as the huge volume of markets in the foreign arrivals.

Colliers’ recent report also cited that the Department of Tourism (DOT)’s data showed that as of the first quarter of 2022, international travelers reached 814,144 from the 58,177 international tourists that were recorded last year. It is a 1,299 percent increase in the market services sector. Department of Tourism also projects that at the end of this year 2022, the total foreign arrivals in the country will hit two million.

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Additionally, the data given in Colliers’ recent report revealed that investment sectors of real estate hospitality and hotels are fueled by local and foreign travelers’ finance on leisure properties, hotels, staycation facilities, and resorts, and will be at the hospitality industry forefront.

Business World reported that the rising figures of hotel markets and services will reach the pre-pandemic level of the hotel business and real estate hospitality sector by 2024 due to high inflation, other health challenges, and overseas political conflicts..

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While the hospitality real estate business is still not back in the pre-level pandemic stage, it is better to have an investment and asset in a reliable real estate company as early as now as it will give a better profit to you, your company, and your partners.

Brittany has condo for sale, a luxury condo in Tagaytay, Crosswinds Tagaytay, Alpine Villas Tagaytay, and Grand Quartier Crosswinds are worthy to be part of your asset and investments. Register your Brittany property assets in a software company for staycations and hotels like Air BnB, Wyndham Hotels, and Extended Stay America Inc.

This will give you and your partners additional income in the hospitality industry.

Increase in Average Daily Rate 

In the past few months, some of the hospitality markets such as Hyatt Hotels Corp., Extended Stay America Inc., Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc., started to increase their company stock value.

Many are excited to travel further than the leisure of home and local supermarket as the vaccine-aided herd immunity becomes reality. The resurgence in travel marketing and offering, students’ courses in the business sector, and fully operational real estate hospitality opportunities for investors are also becoming more and more tangible.

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Colliers’ recent report data that showed the average daily rates (ADRs) soar to 5.4 percent in the 2022 first half of the year compared to 4-percent growth in the second half of the last year 2021. As foreign and local demand in hospitality real estate bounces back, Colliers estimates that the average daily rate of the hospitality sector will grow by 8 percent at the end of 2022.

This data helps the hospitality sector and company to also build a business model that can introduce flexible pricing to entice leisure travelers and business investors. Moreover, Colliers recommends that hospitality real estate companies start offering flexibility in terms of upgrade policies, discounts for students, and free cancellation.

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Build your Relaxation Destination at Brittany

Tagaytay is one of the most accessible spots and the perfect location for investing in hotels and hospitality real estate. It is a quick getaway for any kind of traveler as it offers various staycation courses and activities.

Tagaytay is more than a tourist spot. It is now developed and it continues to grow with the community. All you need is here which makes it the sought-after investment for people. It also offers staycations filled with activities.

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In an almost over the pandemic season, staying inside is almost a requirement, but days can quickly turn stagnant. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, the Brittany property is the perfect real estate investment.

Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation is a hidden course paradise. This place is your go-to during weekend getaways and even calling it home. Within its vicinity are Alpine Villas Tagaytay and Grand Quartier Crosswinds which offers condo for sale and luxury condo in Tagaytay.

These condominiums are like hotels that give a beautiful living space, convenience in just a few steps, and a peaceful environment.

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Owning a luxury condo is an amazing experience and investment. It is now in your hands how you want it to look. Now is your time to make that incredible decision of owning real estate property turning it into your permanent home, or staycation home, or making it as an Airbnb for rent as part of your income-generating investment.

As you choose your next property, make sure to check Crosswinds Tagaytay as it offers one of the greatest investment opportunities.