Milestones for Brienz and Blanc at Alpine Villas


Alpine Villas by Brittany Corporation breaks ground for its second tower, Blanc at Alpine Villas on June 7, 2021. It has been a tradition in the construction field to hold a groundbreaking ceremony to kick start or mark the beginning of the construction of a new building or a new project.

As part of the tradition, exclusive guests from Brittany Corporation and MGS Construction Inc. participated in the burying of the time capsule that includes the plan of the tower and other important documents to ensure the “firm foundation” of the building.

Set to be turned over by the second quarter of 2022, Blanc at Alpine Villas is one of the buildings included in Alpine Villas’ first phase and will soon deliver the exclusive luxury condominium living experience to its homeowners. Alpine Villas’ first building, Bernese, is set to be turned over in the fourth quarter of this year.

This momentous groundbreaking event included a wine toasting ceremony in which guests from different departments shared their inspiring toasts for the success of Alpine Villas by Brittany Corporation.

The success of Alpine Villas’ first building, Bernese, led to identifying the success factors of the project and with this, Brittany Corporation is on to the construction of Alpine Villas’s second building, which is another milestone for the company.

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The Groundbreaking of the Brienz

Brittany Corporation, together with MGS Construction, is delighted to take the lead and showcase another successful project for Crosswinds. The year 2021 has been another year of new milestones for Brittany Corporation’s Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Alpine Villas at Crosswinds Tagaytay Groundbreaking of Blanc at Alpine Villas - Luxury Condo in Tagaytay - Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation breaks the ground for its newest vertical project Aplpine Villas’ second building – Blanc.


Inspired by beautiful Swiss chalets, Alpine Villas offers three buildings for the first phase namely Bernese, Blanc, and Brienz. As Brittany Corporation breaks ground for Alpine Villas’ second tower, its third building Blanc at Alpine Villas is opened as the project’s latest offering.

Named after Lake Brienz in the Brienz village in the Swiss-German alps, The Brienz at Alpine Villas is an ideal investment for any real estate enthusiast or homeowner. It is the perfect place with panoramic views of the beautiful mountain vistas of Tagaytay. Located in Iruhin Central, this Lake Brienz-inspired real estate condo will surely be the sale you are looking for.

Blanc at Alpine Villas will be turned over during the first quarter of 2023, offering both studio units as well as one-bedroom units for sale.  Brittany’s Alpine Villas is the newest vertical residences development of the company that offers luxury condominium units for sale across Crosswinds’ prominent and exquisite commercial strip.

Carefully master-planned to make everything within an arm’s reach, Alpine Villas showcases a modern and exclusive Swiss luxury living just a few steps away from high-end restaurants and cafes such as Coffee Project, Ruined Project, Café Voila, and Napa at Crosswinds.

While you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee and cakes at Coffee Project and Ruined Project, Café Voila and NAPA at Crosswinds offer exquisite dishes to satisfy our cravings for Asian and American cuisine. These exciting foods make living atop the popular tourist destination and tourists’ vacation favorite as convenient as living in the busy city of Metro Manila.

Offering the best views of the city, Alpine Villas’ condominium units for sale come with balconies for the appreciation of the beauty of Crosswinds’ lush greenery and Swiss-inspired homes. Investing in a luxury condominium property in Tagaytay City gives you the luxury of everyday exclusive Swiss-living and that will make your stay worthwhile.

The calming 35,000 pine trees surrounding Crosswinds give Alpine Villas the true feeling of living in an exclusive pine tree forest and Swiss Enclave. Brittany Corporation aims to give its investors the best Swiss luxury community in the country’s favorite weekend destination.

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Lot-only properties in residential communities like Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation

Alpine Villas’ breathtaking view of Crosswinds Swiss-themed homes offers a luxurious escape away from the metro.


As breathtaking as it may look, Alpine Villas offers the best views of the lush greenery, Swiss-inspired homes, or even the lively commercial strip of Crosswinds Tagaytay. Taking luxury living to the next level is what Alpine Villas has to offer and Brittany Corporation sets the bar high in developing an exclusive themed community development.

Investing in a luxury condominium away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded metro gives you ease and comfort in terms of booking a hotel for a weekend or a holiday staycation. Tagaytay City is considered as the country’s favorite weekend getaway offering breezy weather all year round, making people from north and south delighted to have a glimpse and experience the city.

The city’s accessibility and stunning views make it the top location for buying an investment property outside the metro. With close proximity to essential establishments and outstanding tourist attractions, Tagaytay is an ideal location for a vacation or retirement home.

Aside from the pre-selling luxury condominium units for sale at Alpine Villas, Crosswinds Tagaytay offers luxury ready lots. Crosswinds is also offering pre-selling lot packages with Lausanne at Crosswinds, as well as ready homes or luxury house and lots for sale. These horizontal properties inside Crosswinds residential area are surrounded by lush greenery and a captivating display of the metro skyline, Laguna Bay, and the lush hills of the city.

On the other hand, Crosswinds also offers ready for occupancy luxury condominium units for sale with the Grand Quartier 3. Grand Quartier or Crosswinds’ Swiss luxury resort suites are composed of three buildings, with two buildings fully operational for hotel accommodations purposes. These ready-for occupancy units offer stunning and picturesque views at Crosswinds’ breathtaking vantage point.

Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation aims to let its investors indulge in high-end amenities, savor exciting eats, embrace the lush greenery surrounding its community, and live at their very own Swiss sanctuary in the South. These luxury homes for sale by Brittany Corporation redefine living luxuriously and comfortably in one’s very own space.

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