Explore Villar City’s Sustainable Properties in Daang Hari

Living in the thriving hub of Metro Manila can sometimes feel like too much. The busy streets and loud city life can become overwhelming to the point where you would want to find a home that will give you a much-needed peaceful haven. You will find the serene dream luxury home you are looking for right in the heart of Villar City.

Villar City is a flagship real estate development created with luxury and sustainability at the forefront. This will also serve as a legacy project for the Villar Group, ensuring their success for generations to come. Sustainability in Villar City is designed to integrate beautifully with a world-class luxury lifestyle, giving residents a neighborhood that is green, vibrant, and forward-thinking.

What is Villar City?

Villar City is a flagship luxury development that encompasses a 3,500-hectare estate that covers areas of Alabang, Las Piñas, and Cavite. Villar City luxury properties are master-planned to include luxury residence communities, a thriving central business district, a university town, and ample green spaces and outdoor leisure facilities for residents.

Located in a prime location in Metro Manila, Villar City is set to be a premier lifestyle hub and new center of gravity for thriving communities in the south. With verdant landscapes, luxury lifestyle hubs, modern amenities, and various family entertainment centers, the Villar Group has created a welcoming home for growing families and a thriving nexus for business expansion.

Villar City Sustainable Properties

Sustainability and a commitment to a greener future are at the forefront of Villar’s vision for Villar City and its different luxury residential estates. This new center of gravity of Metro Manila marks the newest landmark venture of Vista Land’s developments together with Brittany Corp., Vista Land’s luxury real estate arm. Their goal with these new developments is to elevate lifestyles, foster socialization, and create a world-class urban development for more Filipinos and their families.

Portofino Alabang and Forresta are the two luxury estates nestled within the lush landscapes of Villar City. Each estate has its own unique charm, but both offer residents a home in modern cities that embraces open spaces, lush greenery, and family leisure activities. A luxury home in either of these prime locations will guarantee a lifestyle that gives you only the best things in life.

Forresta Luxury Lots

Villar City Sustainable Properties #1: Portofino Alabang

Portofino Alabang is the primary luxury estate in Villar City. Located just south of Metro Manila, Portofino transports you to the shores of Italy with the estate’s Italian-themed architecture and design. Live out your dream Italian lifestyle with a luxury home located in Portofino Alabang.

Portofino takes inspiration from the stunning landscapes and architecture of Italy, bringing an old-world classical charm to modern Filipino families. As a whole, Portofino provides an Italian escape right in the heart of Metro Manila’s south.

This luxury neighborhood is perfect for young and growing families as it prioritizes spaces and recreational amenities that foster family connection and deep relationships. This exclusive community features world-class amenities like swimming pools, fitness gyms, a clubhouse, tennis courts, basketball courts, and several parks, playgrounds, and green walkways.

Aside from the estate’s verdant landscape, Portofino also has easy access to commercial complexes like Evia Lifestyle Center, Alabang Town Center, and Molito Lifestyle Center. Access from Portofino to other areas in and out of Metro Manila is also facilitated by the Manila-Cavite Expressway, Villar Avenue, and Daang Hari Road.

Villar City Sustainable Properties #2: Forresta Villar City

Located in the heart of the Villar City project is the ultra-luxury residential development of Forresta. Surrounded by a million trees, Forresta is dubbed by the Villar Group as a city in the forest, a green oasis of colorful blooms and abundant plant life.

Forresta is a modern residential community that maximizes green, sustainable, and tranquil surroundings with the promise of a sophisticated modern lifestyle. This 119-hectare luxury community will give you the space you need to prioritize your physical and mental well-being and provide you with a safe and nurturing environment to raise your children.

Forresta also features carefully designed eco and smart homes that are perfect for families who want to live more sustainable lifestyles in the city. Aside from energy-saving and smart solutions, this community is also set up to seamlessly connect to the best internet fiber connection, making it a future-ready community.

For individuals who want to experience eco-luxury living while practicing sustainability in Villar City, a home in Forresta is the perfect sustainable property for you.

Sustainable Business Opportunities in Villar City

Villar City is more than Metro Manila’s new center of sustainable living. It is also envisioned to be a center for economic growth through a planned tech valley and modern CBD that fosters multifunctional development in Alabang, Las Piñas, and some areas of Cavite province.

Vista Land and Villar City aim to support development in the business sector, creating a new center of gravity for businesses focused on expansion and growth.

This proposed modern CBD will make Villar City a highly desirable address, raising property values and introducing high-class living and enterprises to Filipinos of discerning tastes. With a strong sense of the future, Villar Group, Vista Land, and Brittany Corporation are setting the tone for the future direction of luxury sustainability in the country.

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How to Access Villar City?

Villar City is a premier estate, and as expected of a world-class location, road access to this luxury city is also well-planned.

With Villar Group’s purchase of the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway from Ayala Corporation, driving to and from Villar City can be done with ease. This ultra-luxury development can also be easily accessed through Villar Avenue, Daang Hari Road, and Daang Reyna Road.

Why Live in Luxury and Sustainability in Villar City?

When you have a taste of the luxury lifestyle, you only want the best for you and your family. And you will find the best only at Villar City’s Portofino and Forresta luxury estates. Living and doing business in the city can take a toll on your health. It can lead to stress, exhaustion, and even burn out. The best salve for that is a luxury home that is lovingly nestled in a quiet green oasis that can shelter you from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

With Portofino Alabang’s tree-lined streets, you get the serenity and calm that only nature can provide. Your luxury home in this exclusive community is your safe haven where you can fully relax, unwind, and let go of the stresses of the day. A grand and spacious home inspired by the very best of Italian architecture gives you a beautifully timeless home that you will love for years into the future.

If you want a forest experience without leaving the city, then an ultra-luxury residence in Forresta is perfect for you. Feel calm and grounded by the one million trees scattered all around the estate, giving residents a rare green pocket in a suburban setting. Aside from the newest smart houses and sustainable luxury homes, Forresta will also encourage you to spend active hours outdoors. This estate is designed with several parks, green spaces, biking trails, and walking routes to ensure you can fully appreciate your leisure time outdoors.

Make a sustainable and luxurious choice for your future. Invest in a sustainable property in Villar City with Brittany Corporation! Browse our luxury listings for Portofino and Forresta and find your dream sustainable home today.

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