Why Forresta Has The Best Green Spaces

Want to live a life of luxury surrounded by nature?

The search is over. There’s an emerging buzz in the growing urban south about a luxury village with a harmonious combination of architecture, nature, and technology. It’s a lush forest of green spaces with luxury lots and apartments that provide the tranquility of having your home surrounded by nature.

This property development in Villar City contains 25 ultra-luxury residential lots, allowing future residents to build their dream modern houses and settle privately. Whether you’re going for a posh neighborhood of natural England style or Italian-themed communities, this luxury residential arm claims to give an exceptional and distinct luxury living experience with green spaces all around.

Enough with the suspense, here’s what you need to know about the “Forest City” of the south and why it has the best green space out there.

Discover the City in the Forest

Real estate tycoon Manuel B. Villar Jr. is the owner of a developing real estate space called Villar Land. Containing a whopping 2,500 hectares of raw luxury lots in Daang Hari, Villar City has four major real estate properties. Most of these mixed-use property developments are nature-inspired when it comes to construction. It’s envisioned to reconnect man with the environment through green spaces while keeping the bustling central business of contemporary life.

Relax in the Comfort of Nature

Situated in Villar City in the urban south of Alabang is Forresta, a vast 118-hectare mixed-use property known to be the city in the forest. Forresta’s best green spaces have high-rise office towers, luxury condominiums, and scattered ultra-luxury residential lots that have been incorporated into lush forestry.

Forresta and its refreshing and remarkable luxury lots in Daang Hari have caught the attention of many, particularly the young population. But a lot of people have yet to discover Forresta’s best green space.

Luxury at its Finest

Forresta luxury lots definitely embody the naturalistic yet elegant exclusivity of luxury lots in Villar Land. With the goal of becoming a recognizable green luxury community in the urban south, Forresta Villar Land is designed with wellness and convenience in mind for its future residents.

There’s luxury in convenience and Forresta’s best green spaces are all about that. Being accessible to those who use major road networks such as Manila-Cavite Expressway, Daang Hari Road, and Daang Reyna Road, Forresta has luxury at its finest. These luxury lots in Daang Hari are even connected to thoroughfares like Palazzo Avenue, Villar City-Dasmarinas Avenue, Villar City-Amore Avenue, and Villar Avenue itself.

This connectivity also grants Forresta Villar Land residents access to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, retail stores, and leisure centers like Evia Leisure Center. Aside from that, it also surrounds Forresta in luxury communities like Amore, Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Coffee Project’s Glass House, an aesthetic place with cozy interiors, blooming gardens, and quality healthy food.

With an urban green space like Forresta having these convenient road networks, access to both public and private facilities, and close proximity to other upscale neighborhoods, residents savor a tranquil and dynamic living.

A Taste of Nature and Technology

Future residents of Forresta at Villar Land can expect a meaningful living experience through eco-smart houses with energy-efficient lighting and leading cutting-edge technology. Living in this modern green space is having a seamless internet fiber connection at home while being protected by a fully electric perimeter fence in a forest city secured with RFID. You get the best out of both worlds.

50% of this urban wildlife will be allotted to green communities like Forresta Park and Forresta Fields. These parks and natural spaces are for future residents to enjoy as they live a serene yet modern luxury life in sophisticated spaces ensuring comfort with a taste of nature and technology.

Experience Luxury Living at Forresta

More than just a Property

Forresta’s best green spaces are more than just luxury properties. This urban green space in Villar City has a commitment to develop a verdant future. Growing its community gardens by planting a million trees is one of its plans to create more green space. Having urban forestry like this in Villar City not only helps the environment but also brings benefits to its future residents.

Villar Land is committed to creating more green infrastructures and landscapes embrace development through street trees to boost well-being benefits. At least three trees will surround Forresta’s residential buildings. With a green space like this, Villar City will create a favorable neighborhood with upscale residential condominiums and a vibrant central business district that coexist with a luscious environment. Providing a natural leisure lifestyle for affluent families across many generations.

Experience Luxury Living at Forresta

Forresta’s best green spaces allow future residents to get the most out of their luxury living because of these advantages:

Enjoy the elegance of privacy

Premiere-themed communities with beautiful natural surroundings satisfy future residents by letting them enjoy the elegance of exclusivity and privacy.

Access exclusive amenities

Affluent families also get to enjoy a verdant future committed to providing exclusive amenities like private pools and security systems with cutting-edge technology, increasing the value of the luxury property.

Expand your investments

Investing in an ultra-luxury residential estate can help grow your investment portfolio by expanding your reach in the real estate market.

Relax in the Comfort of Nature

Choosing to live in a forest city like Forresta comes with multiple benefits that you can only get when you relax in the comfort of nature.

Diverse ecosystem

Firstly, Forresta luxury lots allow a diverse ecosystem to thrive. It brings in a wide variety of birds and other small animals as well as plants that boosts the biodiversity of the place.

Discover the City in the Forest 

Less flooding

With more plants and trees comes less flooding. Forresta’s best green spaces help prevent flooding in metro areas by absorbing runoff from heavy rain.

Better air quality

Aside from less flooding, trees also contribute to better air quality. This is a benefit that Forresta luxury lots can guarantee.

Eco-friendly cooling system

Having better air quality also means having a natural cooling system because of the green spaces, like in Villar City. This results in a decrease in energy expenses and greenhouse gas emissions.

Access to outdoor recreational activities

Luxury lots in Villar Land also provide the chance to enjoy hiking, riding, and other common outdoor recreational activities. Forest cities like Forresta promote an active and healthy lifestyle for future residents.

Safe space for mental health

Last but still one of the health benefits of living at Forresta’s best green spaces is getting a safe space for your mental health. With all the aforementioned benefits combined, being in  green environments has been scientifically proven to have mental health benefits like lowered stress levels and reduced anxiety. If this is what you need, then Forresta luxury lots have the parks and green spaces for you.

Forresta’s best green spaces may have already caught your heart by now with their charm. It’s only natural to feel the urge to escape to a modern yet environmentally-pleasing sanctuary that you can call home like Forresta Villar Land.

Besides Forresta, Brittany also offers a variety of house and lot for sale, condo for sale, and pre-selling lots for sale. You will want to check out more of their luxury properties at Bern Baguio, Georgia Club at Sta. Rosa, and Lausanne in Tagaytay.

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