Welcoming the Holiday Season: Villar City Heritage Tree Lighting

‘Tis the season to be jolly as the holiday season in Villar City was opened differently compared to the previous Christmas opening ceremonies in various Vista Land’s real estate properties. Known for their grandiose Christmas tree lighting and Christmas display launches to welcome the yuletide season in the past years like that from Valenza, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, this year’s greeting to everyone includes a symbolic tree.

Not a grand Christmas tree to welcome December, nor the usual Christmas tree you see during the Christmas season yet a simpler but more meaningful creation of nature- the Villar City Heritage Tree.

Villar City Heritage Tree Lighting

This Heritage Tree is no longer just an ordinary thriving tree situated in the vicinity of Villar City. This year’s remarkable Christmas opening in the Villar group centers on this heritage tree lighting.

Many see this as the Villar City Christmas tree but to the Villar group specifically to Manny Villar- this is his legacy.

Last November 15, with the whole family represented by Manny Villars’ children – Mark Villar, Camille Villar, and Paolo Villar together with his grandchildren Emma and Cara, stood in front of a 40-year-old gigantic tree who stood the test of time and season. This Villar City Heritage Tree is not just a Villar City Christmas tree but now stands as a representation of Manny Villar’s strength, resilience, ambitious legacy, and vision for the future. Through this Heritage Tree lighting, Villar hopes that his works today, and visions for tomorrow will be passed down to the generations to come.

Villar City Heritage Tree Lighting

What does Villar City’s Heritage Tree symbolize?

During the event, Manny Villar stood in front of hundreds of people and shared portions of his heart. With confidence and passion, he delivered the deeper meaning behind the Heritage Tree lighting.

A short video showing how they restored the Villar city Heritage Tree was also shared with the public.

“Revitalizing this Heritage Tree is more than just a symbol of our commitment to safeguard, preserve, and care for our environment. It’s also a reminder for all of us that exquisite things require time, patience, and resilience- exactly what we can also expect here in the 3,500-ha Villar City, a promising masterpiece in progress. It’s just a vast expanse now but it’s all set to become the new center of gravity of Metro” Villar said.

If you visit the Villar city Heritage Tree you can also see its significance already attached to it.

A living testament

From construction to community. Manny Villar’s heart is to provide the best for every Filipino and their families by providing quality houses in every town and location in the Philippines.

The Villar city Heritage Tree is a living testament that once you are deeply rooted in the ground, focused on your goal to grow, and able to acquire the things you need, there is no way that you will not thrive like this acacia tree.

A symbol of resilience

Not storm-free but already become storm-proof. Manny Villar’s path to achieving all his missions and visions is not storm-free but because of his perseverance, and resilience, he was able to withstand challenges and adversities. Like this acacia tree that stood its ground for over 40 years, Manny Villar already showed not only the whole country but the whole world that he’s the type that will not back down even if there are hurdles on his way.

The pandemic was a shock to the whole world, but Manny Villar and his team in real estate development are all unstoppable. They were able to not just survive but thrive.

Villar City Welcomes the Holiday Season

A witness to an ambitious vision and legacy

The Villar City Heritage Tree is now a witness to Manny Villar’s vision and legacy for the future. As it continues to live, Villar declares that this 40-year-old acacia tree will be able to witness the vision he hopes for and the legacy he wants to build.

Manny Villar’s vision is clear. His eyes are fixed, and his heart is committed to fulfilling it with the help of his family, and the team he has. Challenges will arise, and opponents can never be avoided, but one thing is sure, he who has a vision will stand stronger than anyone else.

Why consider Villar City?

Set to be Metro Manila’s “New Center of Gravity”

The goal is to attract people to come to Villar City so that whenever they want to go out with friends and family, Villar City will be on top of it. And when the need to purchase a lot for sale in Villar City arises, Villar City will be second to none. This is quite a big dream but it is achievable and workable.

Easy Access to Roads

Villar City seamlessly connect Las Pinas to the towns in Cavite like Bacoor and Dasmarinas. If you are able to acquire a lot for sale in Daang Hari, traveling for you is safer, more convenient, and more efficient.

Several Options for Shopping and Leisure

The well-known Evia Lifestyle Center is located in the area, and it offers the ultimate shopping experience. This already provided people in the villages, and nearby the best of the best when it comes to shopping and leisure. Providing different types of brands, activities for families, and restaurant options, people choose to come. If you are looking for a lot in Metro Manila, a good option is to check with Brittany properties especially if shopping is life for you.

Safe and Secured Environment

Properties in Villar City will provide you with not just a safe and secure environment but a peaceful neighborhood. Those who are looking for a lot in Metro Manila surely include safety in their factors of considering a property. Lot for sale under Brittany Corporation offers this and is already proven and tested in its different properties.

Villar City Heritage Tree

Promotes Green Advocacy

“Unfolding into a beautiful green city of the future”

This is the dream, this is the vision. To see this 3,500-ha not only providing quality shelters to families but also promoting green advocacy.

This year, 2023, Villar himself together with the Villar group (700 of his employees) planted seeds to contribute to his one million trees vision for Villar City.

“You should all be proud to have taken part in building Villar City. This tree-planting activity we have now is just one of the many that we will undertake here in the coming years, as we seek to have at least one million lush trees lining the beautiful natural terrain of this city,” Villar said. “Having one million trees is possible—and it can be done with all of us taking part in helping create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Villar City. Together, we can make this vision a reality, fostering a healthier environment for generations to come.” 

Good Investment

If you are looking for a lot in Metro Manila, and are now trying to set up your investments, Brittany Corporation has lot for sale in Daang Hari, one of the best-known roads in the Metro. Having said this, a lot for sale in Villar City is a good choice and a good investmentbecause its market value is sure to spike up when businesses start to arise in the area.

Not only that it’s going to be a good investment financially, but also a good investment healthwise for you and your family. The lot for sale in Villar City is set to be surrounded by one million trees that will provide the best quality of air.

Properties to explore in Villar City

Are you now wondering what properties to explore in Villar City? Are you now thinking about what to do next? Here’s a brief list of the properties in Villar City.

Portofino Heights in Vista Alabang Philippines

Portofino Heights

If you are dreaming of living in a stunning luxury house, Portofino Heights is perfect for you. This 75-ha land has spacious lots and is inspired by the chic style of cosmopolitan Italian with a touch of classic old-world charm. And if you happen to be in love with gardening, this features beautifully landscaped gardens. A lot for sale in Daang Hari is always a good choice!

Portofino South Luxury House and Lot in Daang Hari Brittany

Portofino South

The beautiful houses you will see along Daang Reyna Road are the second phase of Portofino Alabang. It is Portofino South. Same with Portofino Heights, it is Italian-inspired with modern and first-class property details.

Apart from the extravagant houses, it has features that you will love like having a grand clubhouse, large garden area, and events halls within the vicinity. A lot for sale in Villar City is such grandiose as this is irresistible.

Leandro model at Amore Photo by Brittany

Amore at Portofino

Another Italian-inspired house in Villar City is Amore at Portofino. It is the newest of all Portofino houses which is why it is now combined with the rustic appeal of Tuscany. Fortunately, despite being new in real estate development, it was recognized in 2015 as the Best Housing Development in Manila and the Best Housing Development in the Philippines at the Philippines Property Awards. This only shows that a lot for sale in Daang Hari is indeed a worthy investment.

Discover Forresta Villar Land Ultra Luxury Lots for sale


Many people now don’t just look for a house but a home and a refreshing community. This is what Forresta offers- “A home with nature, and in nature”.

This gives people space to breathe and a place to start living a healthier lifestyle.

With a blend of nature and excellent architecture, you will surely don’t want to miss purchasing a lot for sale in Daang Hari.


This year’s welcome for the yuletide season of Villar and his group is remarkable as it introduced to the public its Heritage Tree representing his works today, and visions for the future. Everything Villar is doing in the now is meant to be a part of the beautiful picture he is building for his future legacy.

And today, you have the choice to build a legacy of good investment. Pass down not only the property you will acquire in Brittany Corporation to your children, and grandchildren but also pass down the ability to make good choices in life such as investing in Brittany Corporation’s properties.

If you are interested, feel free to visit Brittany Corporation’s social media channels for property lists and details on how to purchase your next investment. Hurry! Make this a gift for you and your family this Christmas season. What a good legacy it is to provide your family with the best house and lot property!

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