Top Universities And Colleges In Baguio

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

-Malcom X, American Muslim minister and human rights activist

Baguio is known for being a tourist destination here in the Philippines.

Cold weather, strawberries, and souvenirs are some of things that pop in your head when you hear “Baguio.” But did you know that Baguio is a city of academic excellence?

In Baguio, you will find schools and colleges that offers quality education.

There are even students who move to Baguio city for the sake of their education. They pick a college or school in Baguio, and reside in the city. Yes, they adjust for their education.

top universities and colleges in baguio

Here are some of the Best Colleges in Baguio:

1.) University of the Philippines Baguio

Rank: #1 in Baguio City, #31 in the Philippines, #2550 in Asia

Tuition fee: As the national university, UP is funded by the Philippine government. With this, the tuition fees of UP students are minimal. UP students can access other support services that would further defray the cost of their education.

“Unibersidad ng Pilipinas! Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!”

You probably heard of this iconic chant, haven’t you? I mean who wouldn’t, it is the chant of the top one university in the country.

When it comes to Social Sciences Instruction, Research and Extension, the University of the Philippines Baguio, known as UPB for short,  is no doubt the top university in Baguio City.

The university aspires to be a model of excellence when it comes to public service, research, and teaching.

Apart from the excellent programs available at University, there are numerous clubs organizations for the students.

The said student organizations are for the community involvement,  extracurricular activities, and academic development of the students.

University of the Philippines Baguio may be the smallest among the greatest institutions in Baguio, however its education is of remarkable quality.

Come on, it’s the University of the Philippines. Indeed, students would transfer to Baguio city just so they could fulfill their dream in learning from a top institution of the Philippines.

More students are willing to adjust their location just to be able to study in this school.

Since the country is slowly adjusting to the new normal, there is a high chance that students will be no longer be just facing their computer. Classes may not be purely online anymore.

With this said, more students are gathering information regarding where is the right location for them to live while studying in Baguio city.

Since there are many great colleges in Baguio, it is only natural to be surrounded by numerous condominiums.

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Saint Louise University Baguio

2.) Saint Louis University – Baguio City

Rank: #2 in Baguio City, #82 in the Philippines, #3720 in Asia

Tuition fee: PHP 40,000 to 60,000 (based from AY 2019-2020)

“We envision Saint Louis University as an excellent missionary and transformative educational institution zealous in developing locally responsive, globally competitive, and empowered human resources who are creative, competent, socially involved, and imbued with Christian spirit.”

-Mission statement of Saint Louis University.

Saint Louis University, which is located in Baguio City, is a private Catholic research university. It is popularly known as SLU.

The University was founded in the year 1911.

The school offers elementary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

Law, business, and social sciences are the predominant programs pursued by students at this school.

In order to boost its educational offerings, Saint Louis University, hopes to expand its collaboration with similar international universities and institutions.

You do not have to worry about your residence in Baguio, since you can simply look for a condominium in Baguio city, even a luxury condominium in Baguio if you please.

Foreign students tend to choose luxury in Baguio city, some says.

University of the Cordilleras Baguio

3.) University of the Cordilleras

Rank: #3 in Baguio City, #96 in the Philippines, #3979 in Asia)

Tuition fee:
Bachelor’s degree: PHP 45,000-165,000 per year
Master’s degree: PHP 31,000-68,000 per year

The University of the Cordilleras, known as UC, is a private, non-profit university in the Philippines.

The University was established in the year 1946.

Baguio Colleges, the name University of the Cordilleras was previously known, revolutionized tertiary education in the region of Cordillera’s mountain highlands in the aftermath of World Waw II catastrophe in, around, and of Baguio City.

The University of the Cordilleras has expanded over the years by adding new courses and having increased student enrollment.

The school continues to improve over time, as indicated by excellent performance in numerous sectors of discipline.

The University’s graduates have shined in national licensure examinations, such as the National Architect Licensure Examination.

The alumni of the school are doing great, let it be in public service, or private employment.

Being one of the top 80 universities in the country, the University of the Cordilleras has indeed gained a strong reputation when it comes to education.

The College of Law of the University is one of the top law schools in the country. The said college was able to produce two Bar Examination First Placers.

Did you know that in order to prepare for the Bar Examination, some takers isolate themselves in a condo in Baguio?

4.) University of Baguio

Rank: #4 in Baguio City, #110 in the Philippines, #4169 in Asia

Tuition fee:
Bachelor’s degree: PHP 34,000-47,000 per year
Master’s degree: PHP 22,000-31,000 per year

The mission of University of Baguio is to educate individuals to be empowered professional individuals in a global community.

Furthermore, the vision of the University is to pursue perfection.

University of Baguio may be able to attain this through being committed to provide balanced quality education by nurturing academic excellence, relevant social skills and ethical values in a fun learning environment.

The University of Baguio strongly believes that you must choose the right program that will help you set your future goals.

The right program will help you visualize where you want to be, the University says.

Since online learning has become prevalent because of the pandemic, the University of Baguio employs CANVAS as a learning management system.

According to the Rio Hondo, Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching.

Furthermore, It allows professors to post grades, information, and assignments online. It is being used by universities and colleges all over the world.

For sure, a lot of us can navigate CANVAS easily in our computer.

However since the country is slowly moving to hybrid classes, a mix of online learning and face-to-face classes, students should start looking for a condo for sale if they are residing far from Baguio city.

Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Indeed it does, that is why parents invest in the education of their children.

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