Top 5 Universities in Santa Rosa, Laguna


Education is considered to be one of the most valuable gifts a parent can give to a child. Because the world is changing at such a rapid pace, it is more important than ever to instill a love of learning in your children – whether through home-based learning or traditional classroom instruction.

As a result, in this day and age, teaching your children to seek out reputable sources of information on a variety of topics is essential. This will aid in the prevention of the spread of incorrect information.

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There are numerous excellent educational institutions to choose from within the city of Manila. The city’s southern half, particularly Santa Rosa, Laguna, contains several excellent schools, including the most expensive school in the Philippines.

As a result of the current situation, schools have been closed, and children are now enrolled in home-based learning programs. Things, on the other hand, are starting to look up in the sky. Soon after receiving their vaccinations, the children will be able to return to their regular classrooms.

However, regardless of the fact that there is no set date for when students will be allowed back in, the return on investment for a Santa Rosa Laguna house and lot for sale is excellent, despite the fact that there is no set date for when students will be allowed back in.

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The decision to invest in your children’s education is a wise one, but remember that there are graduate schools where you can put your money to good use as well. The question is, where exactly are these institutions located?

Here is a list of the top 5 schools and universities situated in Santa Rosa, Laguna. You may find the most expensive school in the Philippines. Aside from that, universities in Santa Rosa Laguna are easy to reach if you have a home in this piece of haven. So why not visit Brittany Santa Rosa and find your ideal Brittany house for sale Near Nuvali?

Top 5 Schools And Universities in Santa Rosa, Laguna:

  1. The University Of Santo Tomas
  2. Ateneo Graduate School Of Business – Santa Rosa, Laguna
  3. University Of The East – Santa Rosa Campus
  4. Dominican College Of Santa Rosa, Laguna
  5. New Sinai School And Colleges Sta. Rosa, Inc. 

1. The University of Santo Tomas

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Upon completion, it will house 20,000 Thomasians and sit on 40 hectares of land, more than doubling the area of the current UST Manila campus. The Dr. Tony Tan Caktiong Innovation Center’s first structure to be built is set to open in 2022’s first quarter. More Brittany Santa Rosa projects nearby, including the Promenade, Georgia Club, Augusta, and Belle Reve communities in the immediate area.

UST’s distinctiveness and high quality of education demonstrate why it is considered one of the best universities in Santa Rosa Laguna. University of St. Thomas Sta. Rosa is expected to have about 20,000 Thomasians come in when it opens its doors for the first time.

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2. Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Santa Rosa, Laguna

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The Ateneo Graduate School of Business, abbreviated AGSB, is the business graduate school of Ateneo de Manila University, a private Roman Catholic university founded by the Society of Jesus. The main campus is in Rockwell Center in Mak

ati, but there are also campuses in Sta. Rosa, Clark, Cebu, and Iloilo. AGSB provides a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Business Administration in Health, a Master of Entrepreneurship, and a Master of Business Administration in Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Ateneo Graduate School of Business, located in Sta. Rosa Laguna‘s Paseo mall provides a world-class education in entrepreneurship. They provide a range of courses, including a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Business Administration in Health, a Master of Entrepreneurship, and a Master of Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from this experience. When it comes to helping business professionals become certified, AGSB is at the forefront. However, despite its satellite nature, AGSB delivers an outstanding education in the fashion of an Ateneo institution.

The satellite school in Santa Rosa is within reach of Brittany Corporation’s Promenade, Georgia Club, Augusta, and Belle Reve communities.

3. University of the East-Santa Rosa Campus

The University of the East-Laguna is undoubtedly an essential and lively addition to Santa Rosa’s premier colleges and universities list. It is also the largest UE campus to date.

From pre-school to tertiary level education, the Santa Rosa campus can house thousands of students and generations of future leaders, businesspersons, and world-class players able to leave an impact not only locally but also beyond.

4. Dominican College of Santa Rosa, Laguna

To meet the contemporary demands and difficulties, Dominican College of Sta. Rosa, one of the prestigious universities in Santa Rosa Laguna, is constantly broadening its horizons through relevant, innovative, integrative quality education that produces globally competitive and locally responsive graduates.

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Academic quality and leadership fostered a perfect environment for disciplined study, beneficial interaction, and prayerful thought, facilitated by facilities and amenities. Dominican College of Sta. Rosa has an unwavering commitment to provide a high-quality education infused with religious experiences.

And today, with its wings fully stretched, it has partnered with educational institutions to give the nation’s citizens a holistic development plan centered on religion. It envisions Christ-centered graduates, Mary-lovers, truth-tellers, and responsible citizens.

Dominican College Sta. Rosa is located in Balibago, Santa Rosa, Laguna.

5. New Sinai School and Colleges Sta. Rosa, Inc.

New Sinai School and Colleges Sta. Rosa, Inc. aspires to be a world-class educational institution committed to the holistic development of its graduates for them to be internationally competitive.

The mission of New Sinai School and Colleges Sta. Rosa, Inc. is to create professional people and to foster educational achievement among faculty and students by providing high-quality education initiatives that encourage personal, social, spiritual, psychological, cultural, and physical maturity irrespective of race, age, gender, religion, political affiliation, or socially constructed state.

The school provides education at the preschool, elementary, junior high, senior high, and college levels.

Final thoughts

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Living in a community close to the academic system, especially recognized ones – just like those mentioned universities in Santa Rosa Laguna – can only be beneficial. Even in our current situation, where students are required for home-based learning, it makes it easier for everyone to get a good education, which is absolutely essential in today’s society.

5 Top schools and universities in Santa Rosa, Laguna

Brittany Corporation’s house and lot for sale are master-planned themed communities situated in great locations near major academic institutions. What else is there to say? Build-in your family’s future now with Brittany Santa Rosa.


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