The Meaning of Colors and Where to Use them in your Home

It is widely accepted that colors can affect one’s mood and emotions. Some colors inspire creativity, while others ignite passion. Knowing that colors play a significant role in influencing one’s sentiment, have you ever wondered what is the ideal color for the different rooms in your luxury home?

Listed here are the meanings of the different colors for your home, and the most suitable room for it.

Orange. Orange is a warm hue that gives off an optimistic and welcoming vibe. It brings out feelings of coziness and warmth and exudes youthfulness and energy. It is recommended for rooms where family and love are in abundance.

Best for Dining Area, Playroom, Children’s room

Green field | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Green. Green is a very calm and relaxing shade. It is the color of nature and can bring about inner peace and healing. It is recommended for rooms where one spends time to restore one’s energy.

Best for Bedroom, Living Room, Yoga Room

Purple. Purple inspires creativity and innovativeness. It is associated with royalty, courage, and even magic. It is seen as playful, quirky, and whimsical. It is best for rooms where imagination is encouraged.

Best for Crafts Room, Playroom, Game Room

Blue. Blue is also associated with nature since it represents the sky and the ocean. It brings to mind vacations by the beach, or leisurely afternoon walks. As such, it invokes feelings of peace and tranquility. It is recommended for rooms where one retreats to after a tiring day.

Best for Bedroom, Living Room, Toilet

Miniature ice cream figure and white color pencil on a flat maroon background | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Red. Red is a fiery hue that represents courage and fearlessness. It is bold and strong, powerful and passionate; and is usually used to symbolize an intense feeling. It is recommended for rooms that entail stimulation.

Best for Home Gym, Home Theater, Gallery

Yellow. Yellow is a sunny color that makes people smile. It reminds people of the sun. Therefore, it invokes feelings of optimism and joy. Though yellow is a stimulating shade, it is said to help increase focus and concentration, while sustaining a cheerful mood. It is recommended for rooms that require attentiveness.

Best for Study Room, Home Office, Kitchen

Pink. Pink is a color that is related to tenderness and love. It is soothing and comfortable and is commonly associated with innocence and romance. It is recommended for rooms that are intended to be warm and welcoming.

Best for Living Room, Bedroom

Different colors of cacti in white vases on a white background | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

White. White is a refreshing hue that gives the notion of clean and pure. It can bring about contrasting impressions such as cozy yet formal, cold yet welcoming, pure yet polished. It is recommended for areas where neatness is given importance.

Best for Dining Room, Kitchen, Toilet

Black. Black is mysterious, sophisticated, stunning, and powerful. It is often related to being expensive, and elegant. Though some view it as a masculine shade, it actually embodies neutrality. It is recommended for rooms that are meant to impress and intimidate.

Best for Home Office, Gallery

Though the psychology of the colors recommends a certain hue for each room of your home, it still boils down to your preference and lifestyle. You can choose to combine, highlight and accentuate. You can play around with different shades and hues in the multitude of rooms in your Brittany home in Portofino, Alabang. Enjoy!

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