The Elements of Feng Shui


There are some things in our lives that we never really notice when we’re around it all the time. With many people still working at home, we might have stopped noticing how our luxury homes affect our well-being as much as the food we consume. The Elements of Feng Shui affect the energy of our environment. It is that energy that affects us.


What is Good Feng Shui?

Good feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that seeks to find a balance between the elements of nature. This philosophy goes beyond comfort and style. Although aesthetics play a part in feng shui, it is not its main goal. It rather focuses on the elements of health, success, and relationships.

Good feng shui believes that with the right balance, positive chi energy or flow can be achieved. This positive chi energy flow will affect your health, success, and relationships.

Feng shui brings focus to the placement of items within a room. Different positions have different chi energy. When changing the position of our items, we can optimize the energy of the space to suit our needs.

The principles of feng shui affect many different aspects of our life in general. The origin of the word being Feng, wind, and Shui, water. Two of the five elements of feng shui are the fundamentals of life. It is for that reason that interior designers would sometimes incorporate the five elements of feng shui into their design.


What are the five elements of Feng Shui?

The five elements of feng shui draw on the balance between the elements, it is important to know and understand what the elements of feng shui are and how they affect the space that surrounds it. The elements of feng shui are:


Wood Element

In the five feng shui elements, wood element represents growth, vitality, kindness, and creativity. Adding wood element furniture in your space promotes personal growth. Wood element chi energy can also bring forth versatility and flexibility. If you want more wood element chi energy in your life, you may want to consider plants or wooden furniture in your home. Earth tones also strengthen the five elements in a room.

Wood style Feng Shui is perfect for your luxury home | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Wood is known to add the energy of growth, kindness, and creativity in a space. | Photo by Catherine Augustin from Pexels


You may also add items that coincide with the wooden energy like the colors green and blue. Green and blue are the color of nature and can put you at ease. They are also colors associated with a serenity that we experience in nature. The vast blue sky and the dense foliage of a thick green rainforest are images that we can remember from when we could freely go outside. 

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Adding plants to your space can also bring great chi energy and balance to your luxury home. They also add life energy to your home. It is best to choose plants with rounded leaves compared to plants with pointy edges like cacti or roses.


Earth Element

The chi energy of the earth element symbolizes stability and balance in the five feng shui elements. It also invites the energy of nourishment and protection in your home. Groundedness and peace are the main effects of earth energy in the home. 

Earth element as elemental energy is best for people that lead a fast-paced and hectic life. Because earth element energy is grounding, earth energy decor and interior design would balance out the negative energy from the tiredness of work and bring stability to the household. 

The bedroom is where earth element energies are best suited. Because the earth element is known for grounding and centering, it would be best to add earth chi energy feng shui elements in a place where you can decompress. 

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Earth and Wood feng shui for luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Strongly related to Mother Earth, earth feng shui is known to be very nurturing, strong, and protective feminine energy. | Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels


Strongly related to Mother Earth, earth feng shui is known to be very nurturing, strong, and protective feminine energy. | Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

Beige, taupe, and sand are the colors associated with the earth element in feng shui. The best accents that would bring earth energy to space are pottery, rocks (like a Himalayan salt lamp), crystals, and clay figures.


Fire Element

Fire represents passion and energy in the five feng shui elements. It is also associated with love and romance. Since it’s an element related to passion, it is also the energy for inspiration and expression. The element of fire is best for places where you want to revitalize your relationship, work, or even your personal projects.

Italian-inspired luxury homes in Portofino scream passion and is the perfect luxury community for people that are looking for fire elemental feng shui elements energy. 

It is also said that the fire element is perfect for those that find difficulty in expressing themselves. Since it is all about expression, emotions may be easier to express when there is fire elemental feng shui within your space. 

As one would think, the color associated with fire is red. Red is the color of good luck in East Asia. It is the most popular color in China. Red is also one of the top favorite colors of people all over the world.

red luxury home kitchen | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Maybe you’ve lost your passion for cooking. Add a splash of red in your kitchen. | Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels


The beauty with the fire element is that because it is associated with the color red, finding items that would match this is easier since red is a globally recognized color anywhere. There are also different shades of red. 

Fire is best introduced with the triangle shape. Patterns with triangular shapes also work well if you want fire energy in a room.

Other than the patterns associated with fire in feng shui, we can also add the fire element by adding candles or lighting. Good feng shui elements are in well-lit rooms. These are best for the productivity that the fire element brings to a space. 

Another tip when wanting to imbibe the fire energy in your home is to make sure that your stove tops are always clean. Who would have known that the flames from the stove are related to the feng shui element of fire?

All jokes aside, fireplaces are also perfect for fire elemental energies assuming that the place you live in is colder like in Crosswinds Tagaytay where the temperature sometimes drops and gives that nice cool breeze and the scent of 35,000 pine trees to greet you.


Water Element

Known to be one of the more powerful flowing elements in the five feng shui elements. Water element feng shui energy brings wisdom and serenity in a space.

Apart from the calming effects of flowing water, it is also a symbol of abundance. It is often used in the philosophy of feng shui for money and wealth. The abundance of water does not only end in money and wealth. Water in feng shui is also used if you want an increase in sociability and connections. 

Water element good feng shui energy is said to be perfect for workspaces or  in offices. It is also perfect for people that want serenity and abundance in their lives. Wisdom comes easier with water as well as fluidity.

Water can be both destructive or constructive. That is why when handling the water element in feng shui, it is best to decide what kind of water energy you want to invite.

You may invite the yang or male water energy that invites intelligence and entrepreneurship. Yin or female water energy invites nurturing and peaceful energy.

Yang water is when the water flow is harsh or strong just like in waterfalls or rivers that are fast and the current is strong. Yin water is when it is stable like an idyllic pond or an aquarium where the fish swim gently and beautifully.

The color associated with water is black. Its shape should be flowy or curvy. Water holds a container’s shape, but ultimately cannot be contained. It is best to invite this energy through flowy materials or through colors.

blue office | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Water energy is used in offices to bring forth good luck with wealth and prosperity. | Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels


Other than shapes and colors, you can invite feng shui elemental energy by adding water fountains, aquariums or fishponds, or even mirrors in the office. These items are known to be high in water energy and are used as such. You can even add decorative items that depict water imagery.


Metal Element

Last, but not least in five feng shui elements is the element of metal. Metal is structured and efficient. It is disciplined and productive. It symbolizes logic and intelligence as well as calmness and lightness in the five elements.

It is also simple and clear. Brittany Santa Rosa’s luxury properties are perfect for those that are searching for metal energy. Electronic items are the best when it comes to metal energy. They have electronically supported smart modern homes like Eliot that bring AI Alexa to life. 

Metal is generally used to balance out spaces that are overly warm. It is one of the five elements that must really be balanced because overuse of the metal elemental energy in feng shui would mean a lack of life. The space may seem instantly cold and devoid of life. 

Like everything else in feng shui, metal needs to be balanced with the other elements. Metalworks well with the elements of water and earth. The balance of earth partnered by the clarity of metal and the abundance of water seems like a match made in heaven.

luxury home interior design | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Avoid making your space overly warm by adding the cool element of metal. | Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels


The metal element is perpetuated by the colors gray and white in the five elements. It prefers circular shapes and for material, it likes mirrors and metals decor in your spaces. Most of the time, metal feng shui energy is used on walls and lighting apparatus. You can add more metal to your home by adding wind chimes, bells, or even round mirrors.


Conclusion on Feng Shui Elements

Although we may read about the elements of feng shui and we may learn about it on our own. It is still best to consult with professional feng shui practitioners to maximize and optimize the energies already present in your home.

Just like the way Brittany Corporation is the luxury real estate developer that introduced master-planned, themed communities in the luxury market, it is best to consult with people that are the most informative about the subject.

Brittany offers luxury houses and lots and luxury condominiums that are ready-for-occupancy. This means that there is already furniture and decor within the space.

What is beautiful about Brittany Corporation’s ready-for-occupancy luxury homes is that before turnover you may bring in your own feng shui practitioners to have the interior done with the five elements of feng shui. 

You get to decide how you want your luxury house to be.

From the five elements, do you want a more metal home? Or maybe you want passion and romance to be at the forefront of your life. Your own feng shui master will be able to make those changes for you.

We offer different luxury houses and lots and luxury condominiums in different parts of the metro. They are master-planned, themed communities that are sure to check all the boxes in your dream luxury home checklist. These homes are curated and created with our discerning clientele in mind. 

Brittany does not end with design because these master-planned communities come with amenities fitting any kind of luxury. Properties are always near a mall or a store where you can find all the necessary items that you might need. They also have swimming pools, gyms, and events places where you can practice and unwind. 

Learn more about the choices that you can make when purchasing your luxury home by Brittany Corporation by contacting us at +63917 883 8103. For more information, we also have a hotline for Inquiries: 55-8BRITT | LOC 0335-36. You may also reach us at [email protected].

Decide on what type of energy you want to focus on. Feng shui may be able to balance out the energies of your home, but nothing will ever compare to having a home that can be made especially for you and your own tastes.

Make sure that you get what you want because luxury is a state of mind. It is something that you can define. We at Brittany make sure that your version of luxury will be brought to life because only you get to define what luxury means to you. 


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