How Sustainability Concerns Influence Property Buyers

2022 is a year of challenges for everyone. The pandemic has not yet ended. Several countries around the world are experiencing high inflation rates. Different nations have bad political climates. Perhaps the most alarming challenge, though, is that scientists have been warning people that the world can end in a few years if humans do not change their ways of living. This led to sustainability becoming a top priority for everyone in almost any aspect of living.

Small individual efforts at sustainability are not enough anymore.| Photo from

It seems that small individual actions like deleting emails, eliminating the use of plastic straws, and unplugging unused appliances are not enough to help save Mother Earth. Huge companies, communities, different groups, and individuals have to take their efforts up a notch. This is why property buyers and investors consider sustainability when it comes to real estate transactions.

Real estate investments and purchases should take into account sustainability, because different types of real estate, when done right, can actually help in sustainable practices. Businesses such as selling houses can use up a lot of resources and be very energy inefficient, so having a home that is smartly designed is a must. Having a beautiful home means nothing if the future generations cannot enjoy the world the way people do right now.

The Location

One thing property buyers consider would be the location of the property. The sustainability of the housing starts with its placement, since a sustainable development would mean that its construction did not disrupt the ecosystem around it.

The trees and animals were there first. Take care not to disrupt them. | Photo by Clara Ott via ArchDaily

People enjoy living in a luxury house that is in touch with nature, but this should not be at the expense of the environment. Forests should not be denuded and animals should not be deprived of their homes just so humans can have their space instead. Construction workers should also take care not to pollute the building’s surroundings.

Another reason to consider the location when choosing condos for sale and luxury houses for sale is the climate in the area. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to minimize the use of air conditioners and heating systems, so try not to get houses in the Philippines that are unfortunately placed in very hot regions, where opening the air conditioner round the clock is a must. Go with luxury real estate in beautiful communities with a lot of greenery, like in Brittany Sta. Rosa.


Another consideration would be the fixtures that come with the house. These things may not be permanently attached to the buildings, but they are of huge value to the property buyers nonetheless.

Avoid old models as they consume huge amounts of energy. | Photo by Antony Dickson via AFP

Some new homes and office buildings are eco friendly enough to have insulated doors and windows to help maintain ideal temperatures inside the house. Insulated doors are also much more durable than other options and they are energy efficient.

Some new residential properties already come with appliances that match the interior of the individual unit, and they better be energy efficient as well, because otherwise, they will just have to be replaced. Some air conditioning units are already proven to consume a lot of energy, so real estate professionals selling houses would want to stay away from these.

Some houses also have huge strategically placed windows in common rooms, to lessen the need for artificial lighting. They let in natural light during the daytime and give the family a beautiful view. Also consider energy-efficient lighting for when you really have to open the lights.

If you have the budget for it, think of a way to take advantage of renewable resources, like having solar panels in your home, which have significantly dropped in price. Another thing you can tell the construction workers is to use eco paints, which are made of naturally derived materials, because paints are hazardous to the environment even long after they are applied due to their chemical composition.

The Size

The size of the building is another important thing to keep in mind. Buyers used to think that the bigger the land, the better, but nobody really needed a lot as big as townhouses, especially people who are just looking for single family homes.

Believe it or not, micro homes are spacious inside. | Photo from Yanko Design

Each family member has his own needs, but there is no need for a huge vacant land around the house in residential real estate. One thing families can do is to purchase real property that has just enough space for everyone.

Micro homes are getting more and more popular lately, not just to minimalists, but also to people who are conscious about the environment. Small homes do not require a lot of resources to be built. Living in a small home can also help the family use only a small amount of resources, like water and electricity.

If you have some extra space in your home, you can use it for low-water landscaping, which is basically taking care of plants which do not require a lot of water for sustenance. People have been into indoor plants, not considering the amount of water needed to maintain their gardens. Go with the options that can purify the air in your home with very little cost.

You may be very hesitant to get a small home, because of the space, but these houses are actually very smartly designed to accommodate more with less space. Living in a micro home may not be for everyone, but the next time you are looking for condos for sale and luxury houses for sale, consider a personal property that is just enough for your needs.

A beautiful luxury house does not have to be humongous to be impressive. When looking into the luxury real estate industry, consider Brittany Corporation as they offer the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.

The Community

Another essential thing to keep in mind when looking for houses in the Philippines is the community where they are in. You may be primarily concerned about the aesthetics and the exclusivity of the neighborhood, and even the general attitude of the people in the area, but you should also check out community efforts regarding sustainability.

More and more communities should get into clean and green projects. | Photo from Seedbed

Not only are community programs a great way to socialize and bond, but they also make sure that initiative are done in the community level. Having your own initiatives is great, but doing so on an individual level can only achieve so much. This also improves quality of life for everyone in the community.

Inquire about things like recycling programs and compost pits in the neighborhood. Moving in, you may also want to make friends with the neighbors, so you can do carpool to save on gas.

Also observe the following things: the walkability of the area, bike lanes, the forms of public transportation, and the greenery all around. A luxury house should be placed in a neighborhood where people can walk to the places they frequent and where the neighbors think progressively.


When looking for luxury houses for sale and condos for sale, buyers have more and more been considering the sustainability of the properties they are going to get. This has a lot of benefits, including cost-cutting, an improved way of living, and most importantly, a smaller carbon footprint.

The talk about natural resources and pollution is not something to be overlooked in our daily lives. In a world wherein sustainability is now more than just a fad, it should be considered in a lot of aspects, including luxury real estate.