RFO vs Pre-Selling Condo: Which is Better For You?

Owning a condo unit is becoming popular again, now that people have been going back to schools and offices all over the country. A parent might look at condos for sale for his kid who is going to a university in the city. Young professionals might have to move out of their homes and move in to a progressive city like Taguig City for a face to face job opportunity. A businessman might think of a owning a condo a great investment and then rent it out.

Owning a condo unit in a prime location is a stable investment.

People have different reasons to get a condo, so there is no one-size-fits-all principle that buyers should follow when considering a condo for sale. There are a lot of considerations, and one of them is the RFO vs pre selling condo consideration.

RFO vs pre selling condo is what the buyer should consider after establishing things like what type of condo unit will suit the usage and the location of the condo, among others. There are a lot of cases wherein getting a unit in the pre selling stage is wiser than getting an ready for occupancy RFO unit. There are also times when RFO properties are the more practical option.

There are a lot of considerations when deciding between RFO vs pre selling condo. These will be discussed in this article, but first, pre selling condos and RFO units will be defined.

Pre Selling Unit

A pre selling property is simply a unit that does not exist just yet. A buyer will have to make the purchase before the property is completed. The pre selling phase can start as early as the planning of the building until before the property is finished.

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In simple words, buyers reserve properties even before they are finished. The payment made for pre selling condos for sale may be used to help in the development of the pre selling project. Buying pre selling properties is done directly between the buyer and the project developer.

RFO Unit

An RFO condo unit is a finished unit and as soon as all the paperwork are done, the owners can move in and use the unit. Getting an RFO property can be done between the buyer and the developer or the individual unit owner, if it was already bought.

A buyer can get an RFO unit from the developers or from the unit owner.

RFO units are available when the building is finished and ready for occupancy. In short, the key difference between RFO vs pre selling condo units is the time when the purchase is made. Basically buying a pre selling condo is done before the construction is finished, while buying an RFO condo for sale is done after it.

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Now that the basic difference between RFO vs pre selling condo units is established, it is time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each in every aspect.

Moving In

If you are getting a condo unit that is going to be used soon, then you should definitely go with an RFO condo unit, because the turnover can be done as soon as the payment is done. RFO units are for the most part better than pre selling units for people who just want a space for personal use, because they eliminate the waiting time and the doubts about the finished unit.

Getting an RFO condo unit is a good decision for people who have to move in soon.

Pre selling condos for sale are not for people who have to use the space soon, because they would have to wait for the construction to be finished and there are a lot of instances wherein the time frame provided by the luxury real estate developers is not followed, as the construction time may be extended. When the time comes that the unit is ready for moving in, the people who initially planned to live there may have already thought of other plans, like living somewhere else.

The Pricing

Pre selling condo units are sold at lower prices than ready for occupancy RFO condo units, because real estate developers want to close deals with clients, so they can offer discounts and promotions.

The money they generate from pre selling condo units can be used to build the units and the facilities in the condominium. Once the units are done, you can expect the prices of the units to go up and also, there can be inflexible payment terms. If all the units in a condominium building are already owned by individual unit owners, then you will have to pay even more if you are going to buy it from them.

Condos for Business

If you are planning on getting condo units that are going to be used for business, then you should consider pre selling condos first. Condo units are generally cheaper in the pre selling phase and payment terms can even be negotiable. This would mean that you can save more money than if you get RFO units.

The market value of a pre selling condo unit can go up when the construction is done.

This would also mean that you can make profit faster than if you bought an RFO condo unit. Luxury property Philippines can be very pricey, so it would be wise to get pre selling ones.

One advantage that RFO units have over pre selling ones is that you get to see the finished result before paying. You do not have to worry about the quality of the condo, because you can check and inspect it yourself. With pre selling units, you only have the plans to rely on. RFO units may be sold at a higher price, but at least you are sure where your hard earned money is going.

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Another thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind is that the market value of pre selling condos can go up once it is already done, so investing in one can pay off. One can simple buy a pre selling unit and then sell it or have it rented at a high price. For this, the buyer should consider the community the condominium building is in, the demand for condos in the area, and other things. You will not go wrong with a real estate investment.

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The Units

Choosing an RFO condo unit is simple, because the units are already finished and ready for occupancy. You just have to choose which unit seems comfortable enough to you without having to think of much else.

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With pre selling condo units, though, a buyer can build his dream home, or his dream condo. Since the unit is not constructed yet, the buyer can have the freedom to choose things like which floor he wants the condo unit to be in, which side it is going to face, and what type of condo (studio type, bedroom unit, loft, penthouse), among other things.

With pre selling units, the owner can basically plan his dream house, because the architectural plans are still open to customization, according to the client’s preferences. This is perfect for starting families who want to have beautiful condo homes in prime locations.

Crosswinds Tagaytay: The Perfect Location for Condos

Now that the RFO vs pre selling condo debate is cleared up, you may already have an idea about which one you are going to get. Whether it’s an RFO or a pre selling condo unit, consider getting one in Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is a prime location for condos, because of the scenic terrain, the cool temperature, the great food, the locals, you name it. Everyone likes going to Tagaytay every now and then, so a condo in an exclusive high end residential property in Tagaytay will definitely be worth it.

Crosswinds is a Swiss-themed community that is known for thousands of pine trees, giving off an idyllic vibe and a piney scent to the atmosphere. You can relax in Crosswinds, because it is a quiet community meant for the privileged few.

If you are looking for a pre selling condo unit, then consider Alpine Villas. If you are considering getting an RFO condo unit, then The Grand Quartier is there for you. It is a complex of three buildings, where every unit is lavish and has a balcony, so you can enjoy the view every single day. The amenities, such as a swimming pool and a fitness gym, are in the third building.


There is no simple answer to the RFO vs pre selling condo question. It really depends on your need and how you are looking at it.

Pre selling condos are more affordable, can be customized, and are good options for people who are going to use them for business. RFO condo units are already built so you know what you are getting. They are ready for occupancy and are a good choice for personal use.

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