Philippines Real Estate Predictions This Year


The past two years have been a time of learning and adjustment for many business sectors. Many changes to the usual operations have been made to ensure that the next possible crisis will not cause as much damage as COVID-19 did. These changes will be seen more clearly as the economy worldwide starts to bounce back again this year. It’s time to look for the real estate predictions to check on where should we invest our money effectively and efficiently.

From below of contemporary towers located in office district of big city on Pasig river shore

Businesses are gearing up toward the expected economy ‘boom’ this year, and home prices will continue to rise in the luxury market, which would be perfect for investors


This 2022, despite the surge caused by the Omicron variant, many experts say that we can already see a glimpse of the pandemic’s end. Anticipating this, many businesses are gearing up toward the post-pandemic world and are grabbing the opportunity to get back in the game —including the real estate industry.


Real Estate Philippines has been one of the most lucrative and steady industries over the past decades. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate sector has proven its ability to adapt to the challenges. In the lack of demand for commercial spaces due to the implemented lockdowns, there was a steady demand for residential properties. Many found the need to have a more conducive space for a home office set-up and other activities that cannot be done outside during the heightened restrictions.


Image of Eliot within the luxury community of Brittany Sta Rosa

There is a steady demand for residential properties even during the pandemic


Many are waiting for the trends in the housing market for the post-pandemic future. In this article, we will share the real estate predictions this year.


Demand for Residential Real Estate Philippines


Many Filipinos dream of having their property, maybe even one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. But the reality is that it is not an easy feat to accomplish. However, the pandemic awakened many people to invest in real estate.

According to a recent study, more than half of millennials think of buying their property within the next three years. With this age group making up most of today’s labor force, Real Estate Philippines can continue to expect a steady demand with or without the pandemic.


Investing in Brittany Corporation


Brittany Corporation, the top developer in the Philippines, continues to offer various luxury real estate options for looking for their dream homes. Their lineup of luxury condos and luxury houses in the Philippines, with its world-class architecture and themed communities, are some of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.

The housing market is likely to be consistently stable till the end of this year, especially on the market of the luxury segment since they do have unlimited purchasing power, and they would love to invest in the industry with a high growth rate.

Investing in Brittany Corporations’ luxury real estate will provide its residents the luxury living they are always hoping for.


Image inside a luxury house model within the world-class community of Brittany

Having a home that is conducive and flexible for these ever-changing times is crucial nowadays


Tourism will help Real Estate in the Philippines


As the country progresses in its efforts to battle the pandemic, specifically regarding vaccination, tourism is seen to take up once the country’s borders are fully open.

Many people, both local and international investors, are more likely to buy properties to cater to the increase of tourists in the country’s travel hotspots.

In 2021, local tourism soared when travel restrictions loosened up inside the country. Many took the opportunity to have their long-awaited vacation trips to places like Boracay, Siargao, and Cebu.

However, it was short-lived because of the fear of the new variant and new heightened alert levels in the metro.

Today, with the continuous vaccination efforts and the availability of booster shots for the citizens, the tourism industry is expected to shoot up which will also cause a lot of other business sectors to ride with its wave.


Aerial View of an Island Beach With Clear Blue Waters

The tourism sector in the Philippines will help bring the economy recover


This, however, still remains in the balance as the pandemic is very much ongoing now and possibly will continue to rise due to new variants derailing the recovery of the tourism sector.

With real estate heavily affected by the decline of foreign investors over the last couple of years, the readiness of the country to open its borders will direct the performance of many industries.


Return to Offices Impact the Real Estate Predictions this Year

With the most anticipated post-pandemic world in sight, businesses are looking into the possible return to office set-up of their employees.

Once the surge has passed and the number of cases has become steady, commercial real estate properties are seeing an increase in demand as there are plenty of workers who are looking forward to going back to a more conducive work environment.


People Sitting on Chairs Beside their Desks in an office

The  in-office set-up will help increase the demand for commercial spaces

The sector that will make a huge impact with the resumption of in-office operations is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business.

They will not just cause the need for commercial spaces to rise once again, they will also attract foreign investors and drive overseas investments to help the economy recover.


Real Estate Properties Outside of the Metro

aerial view of city buildings during daytime

While there are many workers who are excited for the return of in-office set-up, many have also made the switch to the permanent work-from-home arrangements.

There are many families who have bought properties in the suburbs to leave their city life in the past two years. These are mainly because of the many COVID-19 cases in crowded urban areas and lack of enough space that will be conducive for a home office set-up.

Real estate properties in provinces around NCR, some of which are the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, are seen to experience price growth.

With the many infrastructure projects to connect these areas to the metro, this trend will be a game-changer in the real estate market as more and more opportunities can arise in new locations.


Conclusion – Real Estate Predictions

Investing in real estate has always been a good idea as seen by its performance over the years since it is predicted that the housing market in the luxury segment will continue to rise and have a home price growth.

Making the right decision of owning the very place you call home, or even acquiring a luxury real estate you can lease will most likely exceed your investment in due time.

Image of a luxury home within the world-class community of Portofino Alabang

There are lots of property investment consultants and real estate agents that your might want to consult to if you are planning to invest in the real estate.

As you make the investment for your own home, you have to consider the ease and comfort it can provide you and your family. With Brittany Corporation’s luxury condos and luxury houses in the Philippines, you can experience luxury living without going the extra mile.