NYC SCOPE Art Fair: Emerging Artists and Galleries

Scupltures on display at NYC SCOPE Art Fair.

When asked about art, most of us would immediately think about the masterpieces of Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Michelangelo, Artemisia Gentileschi, or Pablo Picasso. And there is no doubt that these great artists have captivated millions of people from all over the world for generations.

SCOPE Art Fair: The Platform for Exciting New Contemporary Art

But art is not static, it is always evolving. Artists create new pieces regularly, and with the advent of social media, these contemporary artists have a convenient tool to share their creations with the rest of the world. Contemporary art is a new and exciting type of art that is made in the modern-day by living artists. As such, contemporary art often reflects the culture, societal constructs and norms, and issues of this day and age.

Because contemporary art is moving at the pace of the modern-day, it may be difficult to keep up with these new contemporary artists and their bodies of work. SCOPE Art Fair has shined a spotlight on contemporary artists for the past 20 years with over 85 exhibitions to date. The show takes place in Miami, New York, and Switzerland, the last country being the inspiration for Crosswinds Tagaytay, the Swiss-themed luxury community developed by Brittany Corporation.

SCOPE Art Fair is the premier showcase that merges the latest multi-disciplinary creative programs and contemporary art from artists all over the world. This show sets the stage for the latest creative trends that are always well-received and appreciated by buyers and exhibition attendees.

Buying art is a great investment culturally and financially, but it is also a great way to fill your home with interesting art pieces that you love. Adding art to your luxury homes is also a great way to express your personality and taste in art. Brittany homes at Georgia Club, Augusta, or Portofino Heights have spacious walls and high ceilings, making them a perfect home gallery for your art collection. These luxury houses in the Philippines also have ample space and light to beautifully display your favorite sculptures and paintings, maximizing the world-class quality of Brittany living.

Emerging Artists and Galleries Introduced at SCOPE Art Fair

SCOPE New York is known for presenting cutting-edge contemporary work and has hosted international exhibitors. It provides a platform for emerging contemporary artists and galleries to share their collections with a wider audience. Many spectators walk out of the fair with a new favorite artist to support. And as a visionary in the contemporary art sphere, SCOPE Art Fair has been instrumental in introducing innovative artists and refreshing new galleries to the rest of the world. Here are some of the galleries and artists they have partnered with recently.

11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery featuring Marco Guglielmi

Established in 2016, 11 [HH] Art Gallery specializes in avant-garde contemporary art. This gallery welcomed mid-career and established artists as they create a hub for avant-garde creators and enthusiasts. It has two locations, one in Miami and in Rome.

Megagong “Orbita” by Marco Guglielmi

At SCOPE New York, 11 [HH] Art Gallery displayed work by artist Marco Guglielmi. Marco Guglielmi is a sound designer, visual artist and performer. He has over 35 years of experience in experimental sound and vision research. At SCOPE Art Fair, he joined the exhibition with his collection, Megagong. The Megagongs are digitally enhanced instruments inspired by traditional gongs but enhanced with electro-acoustic elements to create new tonal experiences. Although visually pleasing with its sleek design, it is also an interactive art piece. When hit with a mallet, it will produce a resonant sound, similar to Tibetan singing bowls but with a more unique sound quality.

A piece like this would feel at home in a spacious luxury real estate property. Luxury houses in the Philippines located in more serene environments, such as Belle Reve in Brittany Sta Rosa, will feel even more like a zen escape when you have an art piece that mixes ancient artistry with modern technology. Brittany homes are designed to be your relaxing and luxurious haven, and adding art to your walls makes it even more so.

Agora Gallery featuring Mateusz von Motz

Agora Gallery, located in New York, was established in 1984 by artist Miki Stiles. It is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to providing artists with a platform on the international market.

Prima Materia Energy Stone, Orange by Mateusz von Motz

The artist featured by Agora at SCOPE is Polish artist Mateusz von Motz. His collection is called The Crystals of Bling Brutalism. Lumps of concrete are covered in a shiny reflective film. The juxtaposition of raw concrete edges with the smooth film makes for an interesting art piece. When displayed in your luxury condo at Alpine Villas, the colored film catches light and reflections, giving the effect that it is a dynamic art installation.

Galerie l’Atelier featuring Jehsong Baak

At Galeri l’Ateleir, they work with both emerging and established artists, showcasing paintings, photographs, and other media. They welcome artists who have a very tangible relationship with the medium they choose, whether that is through special methods of printing or other innovative methodology or medium.

Woman Pressed Against Glass by Jehsong Baak

They showcased photographs by Jehsong Baak at the recent SCOPE Art Fair in New York. As a photographer, Baak is known for his black and white photos that capture melancholy and movement, usually along the streets or countryside of Paris.

A photograph like Baak’s work will add moodiness to your modern luxury condo or any of your luxury homes. Brittany living means world-class experiences, and that extends to the artwork you fill your home with as well. Take a piece of Paris with you and use it to adorn your Italian-inspired home at Portofino Heights or Portofino South.

Blockprojects featuring Marc Freeman

This Melbourne-based art gallery has been a haven for emerging, mid-career, and established artists since 2007. They cater to artists whose work is more on the abstract and conceptual side.

Cloudbuster #13 by Marc Freeman

Their exhibit at SCOPE Art Fair featured works by Marc Freeman, an abstract artist who produces vibrant two and three-dimensional work, the patterns and colors of which are repeated to great artistic effect. He describes his work as “timeless, transcendental, and contemplative.”

A vibrant abstract work of art is a perfect accessory to your luxury real estate investment. Create a gallery wall in your luxury homes or luxury condo and turn it into a great conversation piece for friends who come over.

Invest in Luxury Real Estate to House your Art Collection

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