Why Natural Light Makes a Home Happier

The number one feature a lot of buyers look for in their luxury real estate investment is access to ample amounts of sunlight. A mark of a luxurious high-end residential property is an abundance of natural light through windows, skylights, and strategic but beautiful light wells. No luxury living home design plan is complete without the addition of windows that let in gentle natural light. The effect of light filtering in from the sun is equally important in breathing life and happiness into your luxury house.

Houses in the Philippines are known to get beautiful sun all year. Make the most of it and insist on having a lot of natural light when planning your luxury living home design. Luxury real estate and high-end residential properties are sound investments, and you deserve the best in the Philippines. Brittany Corporation has been a titan in the luxury real estate industry for years, consistently delivering the best residential real estate, luxury communities, condominiums, and houses in the Philippines.

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Brittany is known as the premier developer of themed exclusive communities, with luxury properties available in Alabang, Santa Rosa, and Tagaytay. Vista Alabang is home to three Italian-inspired luxury enclaves: Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino.

Brittany Santa Rosa brings you the grandeur of the American South at Georgia Club and Augusta while it welcomes you to the feeling of the quaint English countryside at Promenade.

Brittany’s residential real estate properties in Tagaytay, on the other hand, give you a Swiss-inspired lifestyle, that is also conveniently located close to a commercial real estate strip with amazing restaurants and cafes. Its luxury developments in Tagaytay are lined with hundreds of pine trees, giving you a taste of idyllic Swiss towns with Swiss-inspired condominiums and chateaus at Alpine Villas Tagaytay and Grand Quartier Crosswinds. Design your dream luxury home in one of the lots for sale in  Lausanne at Crosswinds.

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Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

We’ve listed down some of the benefits of natural light to your home and your health:

  1. Good for mental health, productivity, and focus
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Align’s the body’s natural rhythm
  4. Make’s home’s energy efficient
  5. Prevents proliferation of mold

Good for Mental Health, Productivity, and Focus

Everyone loves a nice, sunny day. When the sun is out, people often feel better and readier to face the day ahead. Exposure to a good amount of sunlight can reduce stress and anxiety levels. It can also alleviate some of the effects of depression.

Natural lighting has also been known to improve focus and productivity. Having a good amount of sunlight streaming into your home office while you work can make you feel more focused and help you work more efficiently.

Vitamin D

Exposure to direct sunlight signals our body to produce vitamin D, which we need in order to absorb calcium and aid in bone growth and development. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to a host of other conditions, such as depression and obesity. While vitamin supplements are available, it is always best to get vitamin D the natural way through the sun.

Aligns the Body’s Natural Rhythm

Our body clock, also known as our circadian rhythm, runs close to the sun’s 24-hour rhythm. Our circadian rhythm dictates the cycles of our bodies, such as sleep, digestion, and cell regeneration.  Before the advent of artificial lighting, humans woke up with the sun and set their daily routines in time with the sun and natural light exposure.

Now that people stay indoors more, with less daylight exposure and more exposure to artificial light from cellphones, computers, and television screens, their circadian rhythms become less attuned to their natural state, which has negative effects on the body. Regular exposure to the natural rhythms of light and darkness can help realign the body clock.

Makes Homes Energy Efficient

Having a home filled with natural light can lower your energy consumption. This is also evident in commercial real estate buildings, office buildings, and shopping centers, as more sunlight streaming in throughout the day can lessen the need for electrical lighting. Take some of the burdens off of your power consumption and have a more energy-efficient home.

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Prevents Proliferation of Mold

Mold is unwelcome in a home, especially in a high-end residential property investment. Having adequate windows for lighting and ventilation can help prevent mold spores from developing and spreading all throughout your luxury house.

Design Inspirations for More Natural Light in Your Home

We’ve also listed down some design inspirations you can use to allow more natural light in your home:

  1. A Wall of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  2. Glass Walls in a Contemporary Home
  3. Double-Height Ceilings and Tall Windows
  4. High Windows for Maximum Light

A Wall of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

This luxury loft apartment in New York features a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in a lot of natural light into the main living areas. Large windows such as these also make the home feel bigger and much more spacious. And all these windows along a wall make it a grand statement feature when friends and loved ones come to visit. It makes this home feel bright and open, making these rooms a more inviting space to spend time in.

Aside from a good deal of natural light, this luxury living home design feature also affords the residents beautiful views of the New York cityscape, making them feel connected to the lively hub of the city.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows in this luxury condominium from Grand Quartier at Crosswinds bring in light. Experience the feel of a Swiss lifestyle with a lovely balcony opening to the view of numerous pine trees and the Tagaytay landscape. You can also find a similar floor-to-ceiling window feature at Alpine Villas Tagaytay.

Glass Walls in a Contemporary Home

Glass walls can line the outer walls of your home to bring more light in, but another way of inviting sunlight to your home is by adding glass walls inside. An inner courtyard at the center of your home can be a fun way to mix indoor and outdoor living spaces, but what this also does is create a light well.

Add windows or glass partitions adjacent to the inner courtyard to take advantage of the additional light and airflow created by the courtyard. The addition of interior glass partitions also connects the different areas of the home together. Parents sitting in one room can look through the glass and see their children playing in another area of the house.

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Achieve this design with the Antonello house, available in Vista Alabang. This luxury real estate property features a glass exterior wall, allowing sunlight to filter into the home. Or, if you prefer a home with an interior courtyard, you can purchase the Rafaello house, also at Vista Alabang.

Double-Height Ceilings and Tall Windows

Make the most out of the double-height ceilings in your luxury house and have tall windows installed. Double-height ceilings make a room feel grand and luxurious. To add to that feeling of extravagance, tall windows not only bring light in, they also give you sweeping views of the sky, the clouds, and the surrounding greenery.

Design a grand home such as this at Lausanne at Crosswinds, or take your pick from the gorgeous American-inspired houses available at Brittany Santa Rosa.

High Windows for Maximum Light

If your home does not have double-height ceilings, you can still maximize sunlight by having high windows in strategic areas in your home. Make these windows feel intentional by designing them in a way that feels true to your home.

In this high-end residential property that just sold in Los Angeles, California, the windows are cut following the slope of the ceiling and roofline. Having windows done this way becomes an integral feature of your home’s design while letting the beautiful natural light filter in. Your home becomes bright, airy, and cozy, a suitable place to relax at the end of a long work day and a beautiful environment for young children to grow up in.

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Invest in a Happy Home at Brittany

Natural light makes a home happier, but what makes the residents feel most at ease in their home is knowing that it is built and designed with luxury in mind. The luxury properties developed by Brittany Corporation have given Filipinos the best luxury houses in the Philippines, and real estate transactions with us are always a breeze.

Browse our website and choose from any of our properties at Vista Alabang, Brittany Santa Rosa, and Lausanne at Crosswinds. Find your dream luxury condo at Alpine Villas Tagaytay or at Grand Quartier at Crosswinds. Brittany is an expert at luxury and class, and you are sure to find your happy home real estate investments with us. Follow us on LinkedIn and Youtube for more updates.

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