Mountain hiking Activities in Davao

“Mountains are where heaven meets earth.” 

– Anita Diament, American author

Hiking the Philippines’ most famous mountains is the perfect way to enjoy the country’s natural beauty.

Mountaineering in the Philippines has been a part of Filipino culture since ancient times. In fact, some of the world’s most famous mountaineers have come from this island nation.

The first known mountain climb was done by a group of hunters who went up Mount Makiling in Laguna province and then down again to find water for their village. This happened over 2,000 years ago!

Since then, Filipinos have continued to enjoy hiking mountains for recreation and exercise. Today, there are many different kinds of outdoor activities available for people who want to get out into nature and enjoy its beauty.

Mountain hiking is a famous outdoor activity in the Philippines. With its diverse landscape and wide open spaces, you can hike your way to a new adventure every time.

There are many mountains that are famous for their beauty and popularity among hikers: Mount Pulag, Mount Pinatubo, Mount Arayat, Mount Pulag National Park, Mount Apo and the Seven Lakes of San Pablo.

Here we’ve listed down all the mountain hiking activities you can in one of the most famous mountains in  Davao!

Mountain Hiking Activities in Davao #1: Climbing Mt. Apo

Known as the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo stands proudly at 2,692 feet above sea level. It is a huge dormant stratovolcano and mountain in Mindanao island.

mountain hiking activities: Mt. Apo

Former president Manuel L. Quezon declared  Mt. Apo a national park on May 9, 1936.

Where Is Mount Apo Located?

Mt. Apo is located between Davao del Sur province and Davao City. The mountain has vents that emit sulfurous fumes.

Moreover, Mt. Apo has several hot springs! Wonderful, is it now?

Surrounded by mountain ranges, Mount Apo is a protected area and is the top climbing destination in the country and one of the best mountains in the world.

Having an adventure in Mount Apo is both challenging and amazing, for you will be able to go to the highest point in Mindanao.

For sure, your visit in Mindanao would not be complete if you do not have a trip to the mountain that has the highest peak.

What Else Is There About Mt. Apo?

Mt. Apo is a protected area, which is encircled by mountain ranges.

In order to climb the said mountain, it is a must to organize the climb with a licensed mountaineering tour group. The reason for this is that the local government wants to assure that you will be safe, and ofcourse enjoy the climb.

Through this, you will be assisted by porters and good guides in your trek.

Do not worry, it is very easy to look for a  licensed mountaineering tour group, a simple search on the internet will greatly help you.

Mt. Apo is indeed the top climbing destination in the Philippines.

How Long Does It Take To Climb Mt. Apo?

In order to climb Mt. Apo the mountain, it will take days, usually 3 or 4, they say.

Take note that these days apply to those who are indeed mountain climbers.

But if you do not feel like climbing, or you are simply not a mountain climber, worry no more, for there are other locations where you can enjoy the things Mt. Apo has to offer. Here are some of the destinations you may opt to go to:

Mountain Hiking Activities in Davao #2: Take A Trip To Lake Agco

Mountain hiking activities: Lake Agco

Lake Agco is a steaming hot lake where sulfuric mud is being utilized for the mud spa that is applied by the Manobos on the tourists who would like to experience it.

Most of the visitors try it along with the relaxing hot bath and natural steam. Lake Agco is actually known as the “Garden of Eden” of Kidapawan City.

Did you know that Lake Agco is one of the most visited tourist spots at the foot of Mount Apo?

What Can We Experience In Lake Agco?

Here Lake Agco, there are hot and cold swimming pools, as well as mud springs.

One may freely relax by mudpack bath, facial or full body; and in return, you have to give a small donation. Indeed, it is a good exfoliant for your skin.

After the mud facial mask, you may opt to rinse away in the cold spring which is nearby.

You may also bring food and bottled drinks inside, but there are minimal corkage fees. There are rooms and cottages that you may rent in Lake Agco.

Shop for pasalubongs, that you may bring home to your loved ones, in the souvenir shop located in the parking area.

Mountain Hiking Activities in Davao #3: Spend Time In Lake Venado

Life is full of mysteries, and one of them is the mystery that surround Mt. Apo is the Lake Venado.

Why Is It Called Lake Venado?

The name of Lake Venado is taken from the Spanish word “Venado,” which means dear, because the lake has a shape similar to a deer.

Lake Venado is an endorheic lake, meaning the water here is cold, stagnant, and clean. The water lingers in the same place, since there is no outflow from the said lake. The time the water goes is when there is evaporation.

Myths And Stories Surrounding Lake Venado

According to various urban legends, the peaceful location is ruled by a dangerous fairy who takes the life of people who attempt to climb Mt. Apo.

A party of climbers decided to take a bath in this magical lake in 2007. Unfortunately, one of them did not make it out alive.

He was heard yelling for assistance. His comrades went to the location where they had heard the sound, but he was nowhere to be seen.

His lifeless body was discovered floating in the lake days after the incident was reported to local officials.

As a result, urban legends about fairies, gods, and ghosts evolved. The area’s chieftain claimed he was kidnapped as a sacrifice by their god “Apo Sandawa.”

Climbers are urged to perform a rite known as “Pamaas” before ascending Mt. Apo to avert such incidents.

The village elders of the village undertake this rite to placate the mountain god “Apo Sandawa.”

The elders believe that spirits as well as other entities have been disturbed from their serenity, and that a ritual should be done to remind villagers and visitors to respect the paranormal spirits who live there.

They say that death awaits those people who dare swim Lake Venado.

In the midst of this spine-chilling story, the mountain offers many wonderful attractions and scenery to people who understand how to appreciate and value nature and the mystical things who live there.

If its mystique perplexes you, a good hike to the peak might just satisfy your interest.

Furthermore, the beautiful expanse of Lake Venado’s water vividly reflects the exalted mountain as it is located beneath the summit.

Fatally beautiful is indeed what Lake Venado is.

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Most Famous Mountain Spots in Davao

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