Manila Condominium Price Recovery 2023

2023 has seen improvements in the prices of condos for sale and for rent in Metro Manila. One would recall that during the start of the pandemic, the demand for houses in the Philippines, luxury condo, and high end residential property went down, as people had to stay home and economy went down, among other reasons. 2020 may have been a depressing year for real estate, but it is a different story for 2023.

The presence of condos in Manila contributes significantly to the country’s economy and helps Filipinos lead more prosperous lives. This is evident considering the population density of Manila. People go to the city, hoping to get into good schools and find high-paying jobs. Given the competition in the condominium market, condos in Manila are expected to be affordable.

Students and young urban professionals make up most of the people who buy condos, so condo prices should not be unattainable. Condos are also a secure option when it comes to housing. For a low monthly rent, residents of a condo building get round the clock security and surveillance. A lot of investments also come from the real estate sector, driving economy forward. Real estate proves to be a pretty stable market, now that the country has reached a point wherein COVID 19 is no longer a medical emergency.

Now, real estate is stable again, due to demand primarily and market recovery post quarantine. Experts observed steady demand as more and more people have been going back to offices and schools again, and then there is also the offshoring of foreign workers. In the next section are the factors that affect the price recovery condo Manila and some business and consumer sentiments, in detail.

Manila Condominium Price Recovery 2023

Condominium Price Recovery in Manila

The ride in demand for condos in the Philippines are influenced by the following factors:

Economic Growth

Economic recovery typically leads to increased consumer confidence, higher incomes, and job stability. As people’s financial situations improve, they are more inclined to invest in real estate, including condos. A growing economy can boost demand for condos as people seek to upgrade their living arrangements.

Manila condominium price goes up as workers go back to the workplace again. Employees went back to their provinces at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing condos for sale to go down in prices. Now, in addition to everyone going back to the city, successful businesses even offshore employees from other nations, further bolstering the demand for condos and houses in the Philippines.


The Philippines has been experiencing rapid urbanization, with many people moving to urban centers for better job opportunities and amenities. Condos are often seen as a convenient and practical housing option in urban areas, which can drive price recovery condo Manila.

Not only do people move in to the city for better job opportunities, like logistics and manufacturing industries. Big cities also have more quality colleges and universities, which is why condos get sold year after year and new buildings with condos for sale get built regularly.

Foreign Investment

A recovering economy can attract foreign investors looking for real estate opportunities. Foreign buyers are interested in purchasing condos in the Philippines, particularly in popular tourist destinations or major business districts. A luxury condo in a beautiful location, such as Crosswinds Tagaytay, will always be a worth it investment. You can stay there anytime with your family or even rent it out to other people as a business.

Check out Brittany Corporation if you are looking for a high end residential property in a prime location as a business opportunity. Remember, the price of condos for sale is bound to rise as economy improves.

Low Interest Rates

Central banks may keep interest rates low during an economic recovery to stimulate borrowing and investment. Low interest rates make it more affordable for individuals to finance condo purchases, potentially increasing demand.

Condos for Sale Pricing

Tourism and Hospitality

The recovery of the tourism and hospitality sector can also condominium price recovery in Manila. Condos can serve as both residential and vacation properties, making them attractive to investors and tourists.

Lifestyle Changes

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted some lifestyle changes, with more people seeking larger living spaces or homes with outdoor areas. However, condos with innovative designs that cater to changing lifestyles (e.g., home offices, communal spaces, and recreational facilities) could remain attractive.

Condos for Sale Pricing

Now if you have decided to buy or invest in a condo, given the growing demand for them, here are some of the things that affect how much your condo should be. Also, these are the things you should consider depending on how you will use the condo unit:

1. Location Matters

Condo prices vary significantly depending on the location within the Philippines. Major urban centers like Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao typically have higher condo prices compared to suburban or rural areas outside of Metro Manila, because they are near good job opportunities and good schools, among others. Condos in the Makati Central Business District are high in prices, because they are in high end residential property and in a prime location.

2. Property Type

Condo prices can also vary based on the type of property, such as luxury condos, mid-range condos, or affordable housing. Luxury condos in prime locations tend to be more expensive, for obvious reasons.

3. Square Footage

Manila condominium price is often quoted per square meter. Larger condos with more square footage will naturally cost more than smaller units. Get your family a spacious condo from Brittany Corporation. They have condos in the most beautiful areas of the Philippines like in Crosswinds Tagaytay and Bern Baguio. The pre selling residential demand is going up, so better check out some units soon.

4. Amenities and Facilities

Condos with extensive amenities and facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms, security services, and parking, tend to have higher prices.

5. Market Demand

Market demand and economic conditions can also impact Manila condominium price. In a strong real estate market, prices may rise, while economic downturns can lead to price stagnation or even decreases. Better get a condo as soon as possible, because the pre selling demand is bound to go up in the following years.

6. Developer Reputation

Condos built by reputable developers may come at a premium compared to those from less-established companies due to factors like quality and reliability.

7. Market Trends

Property prices can be influenced by various market trends, including supply and demand dynamics, interest rates, and government policies related to real estate. As explain in this article, the demand for condos is going up, which is what drives price recovery condo Manila.



Manila condominium price is steadily going up this year and it is expected to increase in the following years, as the economy of the country recovers. Condominium price recovery in Manila is a good sign for real estate workers and should be an encouragement for those who can afford to invest in real estate. A more dynamic property sector should tell companies to launch more residential projects.

Are you interested in condos and houses in the Philippines in a high end residential property? Make sure to give Brittany Corporation a chance. They have a lot of premium units on offer for the privileged few. Reward your family with a home that you deserve while Manila condominium price still have not reached sky high levels.

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