Major Business Industries In Baguio

Baguio has a number of businesses that caters to the locals and tourists. And with the Baguio’s status as the country’s summer capital, there are a lot of businesses that you can find across the city.

What about Baguio?

Baguio generates for both international and domestic traveler, Baguio is also a highland in Grand Cordillera and in Northern Luzon, with pine trees, low verdant knolls and hillocks, and crisp cold breezes.

Baguio made a mark as a premiere tourist destination in the northern part of the Philippines because of its foggy hills, beautiful surroundings with lovely flowers and panoramic views, and its cool climate that will surely make you smile and give you hope. Baguio is an escape from the city. And Baguio is also the melting pot of different cultures and people, and has boosted its ability to provide a center for education for its neighbors. And its rich culture and countless resources have lured numerous investments and business opportunities to the city.

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What is the Industry of Baguio City?

Baguio is not just about its amazing views, Baguio also has a number of business sector and business industry that caters to the locals and tourists. Business industries play an important role inthe city. And with the Baguio’s status as the country’s summer capital, there are a lot of business sector that you can find across the city.

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hospitality industry in baguio

Business Industries In Baguio: Tourism and Pasalubong Industry

The major sector in business industry, one of the largest industries, and the integral part that fills the country’s economy and coffers of the city is the tourism. There is a lot of popular tourist attractions such as botanical garden and location contacts that are owned and maintained by the city but you might need to pay a relevant fees or reasonable entrance fee. There are also a lot of private attractions that is also popular to the locals and even to the tourists. But your payment will be worth the memories and photos you will have, review, and cherish not only in your device but also in your hearts.

No one leaves Baguio without a pasalubong. and Baguio is also known for ube or strawberry jam, choco flakes, peanut brittle, fresh vegetables, and other food items, and a whisk broom and other raw materials that tourists could not resist bringing a piece from baguio to their homes. You can find these at the business center or at the pasalubong center or at the department stores.

You will also find a wide range of souvenir and pasalubong items, and other consumer goods to buy across the city. And a lot of items in food industry and other industries of the city offers the tourists of what baguio is really is.

Rich in heritage and culture, The ethnic groups in Baguio are one of the best weavers in the Philippines. You can find handwoven items such as textiles, bags, clothes, and various items with ethnic designs.

There are also a lot of sculptures and wood carvings that are sold as pasalubong in different shops in the city. You can also find some erotic art sculptures and a lot of ethnic inspirations but modern sculptures.

here are the 10 Best Pasalubong from Baguio and Baguio Souvenir Items to Bring Back Home

Business Industries In Baguio: Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry still continue to be the chief industry in Baguio despite its economy that leans more towards in tourism. Farmers cultivate coffee, rice, flowers, and different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

you can purchase items of agriculture industry in the market, or even in other venues across the city.

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Business Industries In Baguio: Hospitality Industry

Baguio caters the needs of the tourists by offering a huge range of choices to fit their budget. Tourists and travelers need affordable transient houses or rooms to stay ahead. But there are also pension houses, hotels, boarding houses, apartments, and resorts that you can book that depends on your budget and needs.

There are also a lot of dining options that will delight your palate with a huge range of food from your national favorites to international cuisines, and local delicacies. The foods they serve are really tasty especially because the main ingredients are in its best and freshest quality, and it is locally cultivated. There are also pastry shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries and several major fast-food chains available in the city. You can also check out the foods at the night market.

What is the best business in Baguio City?

Because a lot of visitors and tourists come to Baguio and keep it busy, the city has multiple businesses and it grown to be the commercial and economic hub of the Northern Luzon. And Baguio has a lot of business opportunities for you to explore.

Businesses to Venture in if you live in Baguio City

Food Service Industry

With food industry, you can never go wrong. Wherever you put a food business, it will surely do well as long as it is appetizing to your customer’s taste buds and even in their wallet. But, you should also know that there are a lot of competitors in food industry. But the city wont run out of hungry people, most especially the tourists who had a long day exploring the city.

Transient Housing

Because of baguio’s breathtaking views and nature destinations and its cold weather, it attracts the tourists all year-round. And because most tourists and travelers seek accommodations that are budget-friendly, they tend to look and stay in at transient houses or rooms that has function rooms and still offer room amenities, rooms with clean bathrooms, parking, bell service, and other services that offers the guests.

There are a lot of places, room, and houses, and hotel that you can stay that offers promos packages, so you have to check and access their world wide web or in their facebook page once in awhile. And always have in mind that guests should always have a room reservation and connect with them ahead of time before travelling. And always check the review of other guests.

Car Rentals

In transportation industry and in this particular business, you can try to target the foreign tourists who will be needing car rental services in different parts of the country and not just in Baguio.


Tour guide service

For filipino and local tourists, it is really easy for them to tour around Baguio on their own, but foreign tourists, especially those who doesnt speak filipino or english would definitely will need help from the locals to make the most of their trip. Always remember to check the reviews on their page and contact them to book a date for reservations before hand.

Thrift clothes (Ukay-Ukay)

Baguio city is known as the “ukay center” of Northern Luzon. A lot of “ukay-ukay” business owners have affirmed to a great profit, And to be able to sold a thrift clothes at a good price and for it to look brand new, you just need a good presentation and have it wash.


since the weather in Baguio is cold and cloudy, it is not really prominent to wash your own clothes, and hanging your clothes to dry will take days. So a lot of boarders, especially students, keep the laundromats always book and busy.

Real Estate

As the tourism in Baguio continues to grow, a lot of entrepreneurs decided to invest in real estate in Baguio city, And because compared to other urban places, the pricing of real estate in Baguio is way more cheaper. A lot of investors also noted that the designs and structures of the real estate properties in the city are remarkable.

Other Industries

The City government of Baguio has still a lot of various sectors and different industries in businesses sector such as transportation equipment industry, transport industry, news media industry, entertainment industry, renewable energy industry, digital music industry, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace industry, aviation industry, mining industry, electronics industry, petroleum industry, telecommunication industry, construction industry, computer industry, paper industry, education industry and a whole lot more.

Are you inspired to start a business but doesnt have an idea where to start? Here are the Helpful tips in Owning a business in Baguio City

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What is the Main Product of Baguio?

The popularity of Baguio as a top destination of the country has driven and create the production of a huge variety of handicrafts, souvenir items, and edibles familiar to filipino all over the world.

Here are the Baguio Top Products that you can buy.


The manufacturing industries and the Easter weaving room has trained young women and kept these traditions alive for decades and decades now in manufacturing sector. handwoven products and jewelry making can be found in all souvenir stalls and pasalubong center at major tourist spot.

Benguet Coffee

The Arabica was introduced by the spaniards, and its variety produced in the area and also called as Benguet coffee which is the favorite beverage of the Cordilleras. It is available at the city market, and it is roasted coffee beans that are sold by kilo and is ground while you wait.

Edible Goodies (Pasalubong items)

Ube halaya, Strawberry jam, Peanut and cashew brittle, lengua de Gato, Choco flakes, Sundot kulangot (coco jelly), and a lot of delicious products that you can buy everywhere – at the souvenir stores, market, and bus terminals or along the baguio country club road.

Fresh Fruit

Of course, the strawberry tops the list that also includes large and seedless sagada oranges, bananas, pineapple, mangoes, chicos, rambutan, lanzones, santol, and guava.


There are also vegetables – cheap, crisp, fresh, and sweet! the cordillera region supplies the country’s daily need for highland vegetables. Carrots, cabbage, lettuce, bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, brocoli, mushroom, chinese eggplant, cauliflower, zuchini, and a whole lot more. And these are all available in Baguio and La trinidad.

Wood Carvings

In wood industry, it comes in all forms of shapes and sizes. From 5 ft. rosaries to larger-than-life statues of the igorot warrior to the naked woman back scratcher. These are also souvenirs that is popular in foreign tourists.

Baguio Brooms or “Walis Tambo”

The most popular product of Baguio that everyone buys and takes home is the walis tambo. It comes with wooven or wooden handles that usually has the name of the city. This product are sold by the road-side but you can also find it at the market.

You can find more Baguio Local Products here

Do you miss your favorite Baguio goodies? It is till possible to enjoy these products that you can still purchase on digital platform and online platforms because of the travel restrictions.

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