Luxury Real Estate and Summer Activities: What to Look for When Choosing Your Dream Home

The summer season is a time when people are freer to indulge and relax. Summer is also the perfect time to dream up some big goals, like choosing your dream home and investing in your next high end residential property.

Luxury Real Estate And Summer Acitivities Consideration: How Do I Choose My Dream Home?

Choosing your dream home is such an achievement and a special milestone that it deserves all the thought and effort put into this big decision. While any home can be special for you and your family, especially when it fulfills everything you need, a dream home is a step above that.

When asking yourself “How do I choose my dream home?” remember that your dream home should check several boxes on your wishlist. A high end residential property, like luxury homes real estate can be your new forever home. This type of luxury home will have everything you need as well as everything you wanted. Do you and your family want a home theater? Design one in your new home. Or create a separate playroom for the children so they have an inviting space where they can create beautiful childhood memories.

Choosing your dream high end residential property is not merely about picking a luxury house. It is also building a future, creating spaces for your family, making new memories, and finding your haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Luxury Real Estate and Summer Activities

Choose a dream home that can help you build the lifestyle that you want for you and your family. This is doubly important in the summer season, as this is the time of year when you and your family spend the most time at home. Summer break commences and the kids are home more, which means that your dream home should have the amenities and space to keep your children entertained throughout the summer season.

Moving into your new home during the summer can also be a good move. Luxury real estate and summer activities go hand in hand, as moving in and out of a home during summer is not as disruptive to your family’s daily routine. Finding your new home during the summer season also gives you and your family time to settle in and get comfortable before the routine of school and extra-curricular activities fill up your calendar.

Luxury Real Estate And Summer Acitivities Consideration: What To Consider When Choosing Your Luxury Home

Before you begin your journey of finding your next luxury dream home, here are the different factors to consider when house hunting. The most important thing, though, is to find a home that can give you the best value for your money and that you can see yourself happily living in for years to come.

Home Features

Your dream luxury homes real estate should have the luxury features that you wish for. This can be something like having a lanai or outdoor kitchen, space for a private pool or jacuzzi, or balconies for all the bedrooms.

You may also want to live in a home that gives you majestic views of the countryside of the Philippines, or of the impressive cityscape. Maybe a house that is smart home-ready is more to your liking. Whatever features you want in your dream home, it is important to list them down so you have something to reference when you are out looking at different luxury homes for sale.

Lot Size

The size of your lot is the one thing in your luxury homes real estate that you cannot alter. Unless you are able to buy an adjacent lot, then the one you have is all that you get to work with for your dream home.

Be sure that the lot you purchase is suitable for your needs and your lifestyle. Consider the size of the home you want to build. Or the number of cars you need to fit in your garage If you want a garden or a yard for your children or pets to play in during the summer season, then you also have to factor that in. All these different features require space, and if the lot is too small, you either have to find a compromise, or find a different luxury lot for sale altogether.

The Neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood is just as important as choosing your dream high end residential property. A home does not exist on its own. You may have a beautiful home, but of it is located in a busy area, it may not provide you with the peace and calm you desire after a long day’s work.

Your neighborhood would be like an extension of your dream home. Think about how you can maximize luxury real estate and summer activities. Is your neighborhood in a good location to connect you to some of the best vacation spots in the Philippines? Think about living in a neighborhood where you can go for daily morning walks in nature. Or can you see this neighborhood as a safe place where your kids can go out and play during the summer season?

Maybe you want a more laid-back vacation luxury lifestyle. If so, pick a home in a place like Baguio, Tagaytay, or Boracay. If you want a home that provides serenity and luxury while remaining near the hub of the city, then choose to live in a neighborhood like Alabang or Santa Rosa.

Ideal Architectural Style

Your dream home can feel like an extension and expression of your personality and your taste. As such, picking the right architectural style should also be a consideration for your dream home. American-style homes are grand and beautiful, and Mediterranean-inspired homes bring a classic charm.

Make sure that the style of home you choose suits your taste and personality. Doing so will ensure that you will enjoy coming home every day. And in the summer, you will love spending time in your beautiful home and neighborhood.

Community Amenities

Amenities are the cherries on top of your dream home. If you want to live in a dream home with a welcoming community that fosters connection, then look for a place where there are world-class amenities available for residents.

These amenities can include a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, fitness gym, function halls, clubhouse, playgrounds, and biking trails. These are especially wonderful to have during the summer, so your children can spend time outside and develop friendships with others in the community.

Find Your Dream Home This Summer with Brittany

Safety and Security

Of course, your dream home should be safe and secure. Look for security features in the home, as well as in the neighborhood where it is located. Luxury real estate and summer activities can mean that your home may be sitting empty while you vacation around the Philippines. For peace of mind, choose a home that can easily be protected by security measures.

It is also best if you choose to live in an exclusive luxury community with top-notch security features and protocols like CCTV, roving guards, and strict entry protocols for non-residents. Doing this preliminary security check will give you peace of mind as you continue to live in your dream luxury home.

Luxury Real Estate And Summer Acitivities Consideration: Find Your Dream Home This Summer with Brittany

Make the most out of the summer season and begin the search for the perfect luxury real estate for you and your family. Luxury real estate and summer activities go well together, as the entire family can be available to view different high end residential property and luxury lots for sale. This summer season, choose your new luxury home from the many properties available at Brittany Corporation.

Your Italian-inspired home and community is awaiting you at Portofino Alabang. With three luxury enclaves, Portofino Alabang brings world-class Italian living to you right at the heart of Alabang. While located in the city, your dream home in Portofino is tucked away in a luxury estate that will transport you to an Italian summer.

If a home close to nature is more to your liking, then the luxury homes at Brittany Santa Rosa are for you. Expect lots of greenery, trees, and migratory birds in your Brittany Santa Rosa community. And feel refreshed every time you wake up to the majestic views of Mt. Makiling. But being close to nature does not mean letting go of luxury. Here, you will find grand homes inspired by grand American architecture and quaint English cottage living. Forresta Villar Land can also be your home. This forest estate will soon rise in an upcoming central business district, so you get the perfect blend of city and nature right at your doorstep.

If you want to feel like being on summer vacation all year round, then a home in Crosswinds Tagaytay would be perfect for you. Let the cool climate of Tagaytay shelter you from the busy city. Baguio can be your next home too, with Bern Baguio by Brittany in the works.

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