Luxury Home Automation You Should Have 

The continuous progress of modern technology and its integration in various aspects of life has brought many benefits. It certainly made everyday life easier and more convenient. According to a research conducted by Lenovo, around 83% of working parents in US felt more confident about their children’s safety and security while they are working due to technology.

This can also be contributed to the growing use of world class home automation systems at home. When looking for the perfect luxury real estate for you and your family, you should not only consider the extravagance of the interior design or uniqueness of the architectural style especially if you want to experience Brittany living.

Luxury home automation improves quality of life.

Nowadays, it is more important to take into account the advanced features of a house that allows you to live easily and safely. This is where home automation comes in. Most real estate brokers emphasize luxury home automation features when touring through the property.

This is because luxury home automation systems allow you to have a comfortable and convenient everyday life especially if you have children. These modern features simplify your tasks and make everyday life more enjoyable as well.

There are many benefits in having these modern features for your home and Brittany Salesforce can help you find the one that fits your preference best. But first, you should understand what a home automation system is.

What Are Home Automations?

Home automation is an advanced technological system installed at your home that allows you to control your appliances and other objects through specific communication networks. There are home automation systems that use the internet by connecting to the wi-fi and others that don’t.

Objects and appliances referred to as devices, in home automation, are embedded with software, hardware, sensors, and other modern features that respond to commands through an exchange of data.

Devices or appliances that use the internet are called Internet of Things or IoT. IoT are connected to the internet and executes a command through applications or a software. These objects can be controlled with just a few taps, or even better, through speech.

Home automation objects can be controlled through simple actions, software, applications, or even through speech.

A house that has home automation installed in most rooms is called a smart home. Having these appliances and objects at your smart home can improve the quality of your life. Real estate brokers put emphasis on the features of a smart luxury home since it can be attractive to interesting buyers, knowing that it makes tasks and household chores easier.

There are a lot of benefits in installing luxury home automation since they are designed for convenience, replacing most of your physical interactions with objects with commands instead.

Automation system is a huge advantage for your family home especially if you have children. Another notable benefit of home automation is that parents can monitor their house even when they’re away from home, improving security. It allows homeowners to manage and watch their house remotely through a security system.

Best Home Automations

Pioneer builders of luxury real estate such as Brittany Corporation are now building homes that can improve your quality of life. With luxury home automation and other modern features installed, these upscale properties are some of the best that you can purchase in the market.

You can also choose to install and set up other luxury home automation features that are popular today. Experience the convenience of home automation with Brittany living and see how it can improve your life. Here are some of the best home automation for you.

Automated Door Locks

Improve security at your smart home with automated door locks that make you and your family feel safe. Door locks are now modernized, making it more secure. This modern feature allows you to lock and unlock your door with just one tap.

Some smart locks also come with other features such as tamper alarms, push notifications, and even voice commands. With home automation system, the locks can be controlled through taps, fingerprints, an application, and even through speech. You can also set up some world class door locks to recognize only certain family members.

Home automation allows you to control and customize your lights at home.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are popular nowadays because they are not only convenient, they offer customization as well. Automated lights include those that come with sensors, capable of detecting movement. Some lights automatically turn on when they detect movement in a specified area while others come with switches that have built-in sensors.

There are also lights that can you can turn on and off or change the color through applications or just simple taps. Modern luxury home automation system allows you to control lights remotely as well. This is a great feature that can spice up your bedroom or a master suite.

Security Systems

Security systems are the most popular home automation available. There are different types of luxury home security systems aside from smart locks. You can install security cameras, sensors, and alarms. Security cameras can be accessed through an application and can even store footage.

On the other hand, there are various types of sensors that detect movement including light sensors, motion sensors, and entry sensors. What’s great about these security systems is that you can monitor your luxury home remotely and get notified if there have been changes detected.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are essential for luxury houses as well. They prevent accidents through early detection of rising levels, alerting you if the air is unsafe to breathe and preventing possible accidents that could occur. If you are interested which security system to use in your home, you can ask Brittany Salesforce, the experts in upscale living.

Install advanced security systems to prevent accidents and improve the protection of your family.

Advanced Entertainment Controls

Indoor activities with your family can be enhanced through home automation system. Entertainment control objects can elevate your experience by allowing you to customize certain features such as light and sound. Some advanced entertainment features include projectors, customizable lights, and sound control.

Playing music is now easier with smart speakers that you can control wherever you are in the house. Smart speakers are great for luxury homes that have home theaters and other entertainment features. You can play different song simultaneously across your home and even customize the music according to your preference or activities. Try playing Brittany’s luxury playlist with a smart speaker!

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are not necessarily considered as home automation, instead, they are the remote control component of the system. You can execute commands to control devices or objects through them. However, voice assistants offer various services other than the home automation features mentioned above. With voice assistants, you can look for information, set schedules and reminders, control temperature, and customize lights and sound through speech.

Brittany Luxury Homes

Brittany Corporation is the pioneer builder of world class real estate properties in the Philippines. They offer a line of sophisticated luxury homes in prime locations all over the country. As the number one luxury homebuilder, they have adapted advanced home automation systems when building their real estate property, allowing you to experience Brittany living.

Improve your everyday life with Brittany Corporation luxury real estate properties.

Luxury real estate offered by Brittany Corporation are installed with automated light systems that are very convenient. The switch has sensor integration, which can be used to turn the lights on and off with just a single touch. There are also luxury houses that come with automated door locks for convenience and improved security.

Elite real estate brokers are now joining Brittany Salesforce because of the homebuilder’s reputation of providing world class real estate properties to their affluent clients. You can also be a part of their team.