How To Create The Perfect Reading Nook In Your Home

Finding the perfect place to enjoy a good book is a constant struggle for avid bibliophiles and casual readers alike. Sometimes the relaxing aroma of your favorite brew could get you deep into the pages of a novel, but the noise at your favorite coffee shop might just pluck you right back out. And sometimes, fresh air is the way to go, but this time around, it’s simply too hot to get to the next chapter.

Here’s the good news: You only need faith and trust and a little pixie dust to fly yourself to the perfect land of reading, all without leaving the comforts of your for sale house and lot Sta Rosa.

So what is a reading nook?

Well, a nook is any part of the room that is divided from the rest of the space. But this one’s more special because it’s for reading.

Where should my reading nook be?

By definition, it has to be in a room – but the location of that room is entirely up to you. Still stuck? Worry not, here are some great places to start your adventure:

1) The Library

If you’re a massive literature nerd, you’d likely have a whole space dedicated to your precious volumes. However, most of the time that beautiful area is covered with mere shelves – and, oh no! – nowhere to read. Throw in a few comfortable seating areas and some lighting, and you’ve got yourself a nook! If it’s got the ambience and the books, you might want to do the obvious and start there.

2) In Your Room

Bedrooms are sanctuaries to those who adore the peace and quiet, and you already probably do most of your light reading there. But why not bunk it up a notch and turn your simple bedroom into a magical land of stories?

3) By the Window

“You should get out more,” is something you likely get all the time when your nose is always in between the pages of your favorite novels. We get it: real adventures are the ones found out there, beyond the four walls we live in. Build your nook by the window and you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy the view while you dive into your book.

4) Under the Stairs

This is a great idea for space savers out there. Are you frugal with square footage? Do you want a creative place for your nook? Do you have that huge staircase taking up all the floor space in your home? Put those all together, and you might get a comfortable little nook like this:

5) Beyond the Wardrobe

“It is very silly to shut oneself into a wardrobe,” thought Lucy Pevensie as she stepped into the wardrobe to Narnia, not daring to close the door behind her. Obviously, it is quite silly. But it definitely makes sense if that closet door leads you right into your own metaphorical Narnia.

What should be in my nook?

Before anything else, books! If you aren’t in the shelf-ish game and aren’t looking to build a collection of all the editions of A Song of Ice and Fire, then a few books will do. However, you do need them. What are you going to read?

Shelves are another thing. Some people choose to build their nooks around shelves, or their shelves around their nooks. It’s all in how you plan it out. Either way, the end product will look amazing.

Seating is important. Someone ought to remind you that reading while standing upright isn’t the most comfortable thing in this universe. Window seats seem to be a popular pick:

Next, pillows! Make your space as comfortable as possible. The less time you spend fixing your sitting posture, scratching your back, or stretching your legs, the more pages you’ll conquer in one sitting.

Finally, lights. No one can read in the dark, of course. This can be done in a series of ways. From simple standing lamps to extravagant chandeliers, it can be done – so long as it’s there to give your nook some appropriate brightness and style.

Want to go more creative with this? Try some Christmas lights!

I’m not creative enough to do this, what do I do?

You’re a reader! If anything, you’ve lived a thousand more lives, and have had a million more experiences than most around you. So, keep your head up, read these tips, and build your reading nook. (Wishing upon a star won’t work). If Harry can be a wizard, then you can do anything!

Happy reading!

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