How To Jazz Up Your Plain White Walls

Plain white walls, especially when they’re newly painted, look great in the beginning. They make the rooms in your house and lot in Laguna for sale look fresh, airy, and more spacious. But after a while, they can get pretty boring, especially when you’re in need of more inspiration in your house. Only having your plain white walls to stare at surely won’t cut it, and unless you have large windows giving you an amazing view of the outdoors, or lovely, colorful and interesting furniture that go well against a white backdrop, you better start doing something about them before they start making you go insane.

Here are some ways you can make those plain white walls come alive, and at the same time give life to your inspiration-starved soul:


We’re not just talking about any painting here, though. The goal is to create a livelier and more inspiring environment, so make sure the painting/s you choose will be able to do just that. There are paintings that evoke sadness or portray suffering, and there are also those that are quite disturbing, or confusing, wherein you’re not sure what they really mean. Veer away from those and choose ones that portray happiness, hope, love, the beauty of nature, and other positive things. You can put up several small ones, or a single large one. Even just one large painting is enough to liven up the whole wall and even the whole room, if it’s gorgeous enough.


Unlike paintings, which you will have to invest a lot of money for, this one’s pretty easy. You’ll just need to have some pictures developed, and you won’t even need to use frames for them. You can arrange them in a collage (may it be rectangular, heart-shaped, or circular), or hang them using strings or clothespins, or whatever other creative idea you can think of. You can also use frames, even make ones yourself, and fill up the whole wall with them. Or just choose your favorite family photo and have it blown up to cover the whole wall, like a painting.


Imagine your plain white wall to be a canvass which you can paint directly on. After you’re done working your magic on it, what do you get? A mural! Actually, a mural is a large picture painted or applied directly to a wall. If you’ve always wanted to have a breathtaking view of, let’s say, the beach, from your bedroom window, which just happens to be impossible considering the fact that you live in the city, you can actually make it come true by coming up with the next best thing – yes, a mural of it!

These are just some of the ways you can get rid of the blah-ness in your home, and as you continue working carefully on your home’s interior design, eventually, there would be no need to look elsewhere for the inspiration and motivation you need as you go about your everyday routine.

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