Extravagant Christmas Tree Inspirations for Houses in Alabang

Christmas Tree Inspirations for Real Estate in the Philippines

When it comes to the ultimate Christmas decoration for homes, as well as for other establishments and basically everywhere else, the Christmas tree undoubtedly holds the crown, not just here in our country but all around the world. Tracing its popularity back to the 1800s, ever since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Britain first put up a decorated tree at Windsor castle for their holiday celebrations, the Christmas tree has been a staple decoration in every household and a common sight everywhere during the holidays. Beautifully-decorated trees are surely a sight to behold, and inside the luxurious houses in Alabang, one can be sure to find Christmas trees that are nothing short of breathtaking.

Since you only get to put up your Christmas tree at this time of the year and will have to remove it once the holiday season ends, why not make the most of the time it’s up and on display by going all-out in decorating it? Aside from giving you the opportunity to bring out your creative juices and showcase your amazing talent in decorating, it also makes for a great family tradition or bonding time with your loved ones to decorate the tree together every time the Christmas season comes around. While you’re at it, why not try to experiment and try something nonconventional this year for a change? And to help you out and give you some inspiration as you decorate your tree in your real estate in the Philippines, here are some of the most creative and lavish Christmas trees of 2015 which can be found in different parts of the world.

This LED tree only happens to be 118 feet high and is the largest Christmas tree in Taiwan. Imagine seeing it all lit up, which people can witness every half hour after sundown in the month leading up to Christmas. It’s definitely a light show to remember!

This extraordinary Christmas tree stands in the middle of Piazza Castello in Turin, Italy. One will definitely stand in awe of its bright and gigantic presence with its exquisite colors and design.

Last November 6, SM North, which is the fifth largest mall in the world, located in Quezon City here in the Philippines, held the unveiling of its 50-foot Christmas tree. Being one of the largest malls in the country definitely makes it a suitable home for what also seems to be the largest tree in the country. Make sure that the size of your tree is also proportional to the size of your home. For one of the luxurious houses in Alabang made up of wide and grand spaces, a large and luxurious tree is definitely fitting.

In the middle of Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris, France stands this giant Christmas tree which is decorated simply yet tastefully with balls of black, white, silver and gold. Its simple concept still makes a grand statement, which goes to show that grandeur is not exactly achieved only by extravagance, but also by style, class and sophistication, all of which this tree exudes.

On this giant Disney-themed Christmas tree displayed in the middle of London’s St. Pancras International Station hangs about 2,000 stuffed toys. For your tree at home, it would also be a great idea to use your children’s old cute stuffed toys, or any of their other toys, as decoration. You could use a specific theme such as “Frozen”, “Marvel Superheroes” or “Star Wars” and display all your favorite characters on your tree.

Putting Up Your Tree in Your Real Estate In The Philippines

As you pass by the houses in Alabang and catch a glimpse of the lavish Christmas trees inside through the glass windows, may you realize that beyond being amazing and extraordinary decorations, Christmas trees are also a display of love, joy and hope, which this season is all about, and are reminders that life is meant to be celebrated, enjoyed and lived merrily.

Have a very Merry Christmas!