How much will it cost to build a house in the Philippines?

Despite the classic charms that vintage items have, it is still a common sentiment for people to like new things. Getting the latest items on the market almost always connotes that the quality is better. This consumer behavior is commonly observed with the latest mobile devices and gadgets because if not, the entire industry would have already gone under.

Although, this does not only apply to the technology sector. Even in real property, real estate professionals can attest to how many inquiries come from homebuyers who are looking into newly built developments and properties. Simply put, moving to a new home or making new real estate investments is an exciting endeavor for most people—an expensive one at that. This is why many aspiring homeowners are exploring ways of getting a new property without purchasing from a developer. One of the options they can try is to build a house on their own.

Aspiring homeowners can try to build a house on their own | Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

Factors to consider in building a house

First and foremost, it will be difficult to come up with an exact amount that it will cost to build a house without the complete details of the actual property to be built. There are many factors that will affect the final price of the property. Unlike purchasing a ready-for-occupancy home from a developer, there are details that the homeowners needed to determine themselves. This includes the size of the property, the type of house to be built, how many rooms, up to the nitty-gritty details like the exact price of the materials to be used.

To get a close cost estimate for the home construction, these are the big-ticket items that needed to be factored in that will take a huge chunk from the budget.

Location of the Property

The lot location is the first item on the list because it will drive the final cost of the entire house. This is good news for those who already have a vacant land as a personal property because that is one priority items off the list. Securing an undeveloped property will be a first big step towards the construction.

Looking for a lot is the first task to build a house | Photo by David McBee from Pexels

For those who will have to choose and purchase a lot, it is important to take note that the farther the location is from major transportation routes, the higher the construction cost will be because transport fees for the materials and the construction workers will be much more expensive later on. Although, there is an upside in constructing a property in rural areas as the materials are usually cheaper than the ones in the metro especially areas surrounded by commercial real estate such as multi story detached buildings.

Structure of the House

Basically, the bigger the house, the bigger the cost will be. As the size gets bigger, the more structural elements, materials, and finishes will be required to complete it. This will be a major factor to consider in setting the budget for the construction cost.

The same goes for the number of rooms, toilets, and baths in the house. As these items increase on the floor plan, more materials and manpower will add up to the expenses.

Finishes and Fixtures

When building a house, there are several options available for the sort of finish that is applied. For an average Filipino home, the basic finish is used which usually ranges from Php 20,000 to Php 25,000 per square meter. As for the rest of the materials, more people opt for branded materials as they are known to have better quality and will last longer. Of course, it is expected to be more expensive compared to the regular ones.

Deciding on the type of finish is part of the construction planning | Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

Labor Cost

Last but not the least, constructing a house will entail personal visits with professionals such as an architect, engineer, and construction workers. A residential real estate agent might also be involved when looking for a lot to purchase. Depending on the building site, skill level, and type of construction work, the salary of laborers varies and can be either an hourly or daily rate. The construction schedule will also affect the rate of these professionals. if it is a rushed project, the rate will definitely be higher than usual.

The total labor costs should be up to 40% of the total construction cost of the property. The rest will be allocated to the cost of the lot, construction materials, and other requirements.


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Skip the hassle! Buy a luxury ready home with Brittany

There are pros and cons to house construction. Building a personal property gives clients plenty of room to customize and achieve their actual dream house design. However, if the goal is to save money, house construction might end up to be more expensive than buying a ready-for-occupancy home from a developer. Besides, not everyone has the time to build a house—from the preparation, planning, and the construction of the building project.

Brittany Corporation is the leading luxury real estate developer in the Philippines

When it comes to the houses in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation has the best lineup of the luxury houses for sale located in prime locations in the country. Aside from the world-class house designs and masterplanned communities, here are some of the advantages of buying a ready-for-occupancy property from Brittany:

Great Locations

Brittany’s luxury real estate developments have been built in suburban areas where residents can enjoy the peace and quiet in their own resort-like community, but also close enough to the metro with just a short drive away. The luxury themed communities of Brittany are all located in the finest cities in south—Tagaytay, Santa Rosa, Alabang, and Sucat.

First Class Amenities

Brittany Corporation’s communities are considered luxury real estate for a reason. One of its main selling points is the amenities available and perfectly maintained in each community. Some of these world-class communities include swimming pools, fitness gyms, banquet halls, playgrounds, and more.

Brittany's luxury communities have amazing amenities

Investment Potential

The investment potential of Brittany Corporation’s ready-for-occupancy homes are through the roof, being built by one of the leading luxury real estate developers in the country. Aside from selling the property, it can also be used as a rental property for staycations that are becoming more popular especially in the time of pandemic. By having rental income to subsidize the payments, investing in a Brittany luxury house is something to consider.

Sense of Community

Unlike a newly constructed house in an unfamiliar location, moving to a Brittany home will bring the family to a community with similar experiences and interests. The community was also built to support the resident’s healthy lifestyle, individually and with other residents.

Assistance from Professionals

Real estate transactions are serious business. Most property developers have an in-house team of professionals that can assist during the entire sales process.

Brittany Salesforce is a team of top-notch real estate professionals that are experts in the field, ready and trained to assist the homebuyers on their way to owning their luxury house. Reach our to Brittany Salesforce today, send a sales inquiry using this link.


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