Your Condo Safety and Security Checklist

For young professionals, independent-minded millennials, who are either thriving in their corporate jobs or their forward-thinking businesses, living in a condo is an option they cannot resist. Condo living spells independence and it can definitely keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle young people are now leaning into. One of the factors home buyer consider is the condo safety and security.

Your Condo Safety and Security Checklist

Condo living also spells affordability as all major expenses are shared, access to multiple amenities, capacity to live in a prime location, and acquiring a solid investment. Additionally, a condominium is not as high maintenance as a usual house.

But a condo for sale is not just appealing to the younger generation, people of all ages may consider buying a unit all because living in one can easily feel like being constantly on vacation especiallyif you’re in Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Looking at a condo for sale is more than just looking at how accessible it is and how aesthetically pleasing it is, because a condominium can also be an ideal option for a family home.

Alpine Villas at Crosswinds | Luxury Condominium For Sale

Therefore, safety and security are now two of the main concerns when deciding to buy a luxury condo in Tagaytay or any other local city.

At Crosswinds Tagaytay, whether we’re talking about houses or condo for sale, we make sure that we’re building with high quality materials and we’re designing not just buildings that can stand the test of time, but also timeless communities that are safe to be residing in.

Having said that, we made a summary of your condo safety and security checklist.

Instead of a long list you might have a difficult time remembering, we made a compact one consisting of 5 Cs that you can keep in mind while searching for a condo for sale like the Alpine Villas at Crosswinds.

We know you are into details, so let’s dig deep what these 5 Cs are.


When we say Construction, we mean the literal building construction and the location where it is constructed.

Check how well the building has been constructed and if the location is a safe and secure place to be.

Your Condo Safety and Security Checklist

Only trust developers with high reputation for building strong and enduring condominiums and houses.

Your Condo Safety and Security Checklist

When walking into a unit, check if the space is well-conceived with future homeowner in mind. The finishes of the condo must be of high quality. There needs to adequate lighting and ventilation in the condo unit. This does not only make it safe as a space, it also safe for your health.

The unit should not have safety hazards such as dangling wiring, raised tiles or ill-fitted cabinets or moldings that people can hit or trip on. If the unit has a balcony, the railings or balustrades should be of adequate height.

The location of the condo is not just about the name of the city, it also is about its closeness to central business districts, government agencies, a well-developed area, and a community with lots of amenities, such as good schools, offices, and a wide array of leisure areas like parks, museums, and shopping malls. In places like this, there should be no shortage of security provided by the local city or municipality officers.

While there are several great cities in the Philippines to invest in, there are good reasons to invest in a luxury condo in Tagaytay.

Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation

Why invest in Tagaytay? Condominiums are strategically constructed. Hence, they are not just beautifully designed, they are also durable.

Investing in Tagaytay, like in a Alpine Villas at Crosswinds, is getting all the value for your money for the building and for what surrounds the building. It is a safe place to be.

Current Owners

Of course, the best way to know if a product is good, is to read feedback. According to, you can get reviews or feedbacks from current homeowners about their experience in living in the building of that condo for sale you might be eyeing.

Happy Neighborhood at Alpine Villas

You may observe how they are enjoying all the things their condominium is offering. The people already living in there are your best resources. From them, you can check how well the building is being maintained and how safe and secure it actually is to live there.

Other than the current owners, one can easily get news about a property when they are made by known developers. Say, for example, the luxury condo in Tagaytay at Alpine Villas at Crosswinds.

People choose to live in places like this for a reason. It’s a high place with impeccable drainage system—a city that never needs to worry about flooding or landslides during a bad weather. Also, contrary to what one might think, Tagaytay City became a safe haven for the people of Batangas during the Taal volcano eruption in 2020.

Truly, the residents here can sleep soundly during these disasters knowing that they are safe. You can experience the same when you live in a Crosswinds condominium.

Woman in Gray Tank Top Lying on Bed | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from


When we say Community for that condo for sale you’ve been meaning to buy, we do not just mean the places that you and your family can explore, we mean the people you are going to be there in the same place you are. The Community that we’re talking about are the front desk and security staff of the condo you will be living in.

Check the front desk log-in and log-out system. Our friends and relatives will absolutely come to pay a visit at least once to our condo, especially if that is a luxury condo in Tagaytay. Who can resist getting a little taste of Europe at Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort.

Windmill at Lausanne

Of course, we are going to feel safe if we know who are coming in and out of the place we’re living in. Having a consistent and strictly implemented log-in and log-out system ensures that there is a record of the people who have been there which will be helpful in case an incident happens.

However, we know what you’re thinking now. In case an incident really happens, what or who do you look for first? A security officer. Yes, check the security officers of the condominium building.

From, there are seven important qualities of a security officer, and those are observation skills, honesty and integrity, ability to lead and work in a team, communication skills and empathy, conciliatory attitude, being hardworking and flexible, and physical fitness.

While it might be difficult to detect some of the characteristics, especially intangible ones, you might be able to assess the physical fitness of the security guard. You may also inquire if they are able to regularly rove around the property or you may observe their attentiveness and how they conduct themselves when assisting homeowners. You can also ask about their schedule and how long they are on duty.

Security Guard standing on the Gray Floor | Photo by Collin Armstrong from

Photo by Collin Armstrong from


Another thing to look for when deciding to live in a condominium like the Alpine Villas at Crosswinds, is if enough visible CCTVs are installed and working.

Check the positions of the CCTVs and inquire if there is an appointed and knowledgeable staff who is actively monitoring the live feed. Security equipment at properties like Crosswinds Swiss Luxury resort also needs to be placed at common areas like parks, jogging paths, swimming pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, and basketball courts. This is to ensure that homeowners are not just being protected from break-ins or invasion, they are also being protected from possible physical assault or mistreatment.

White and Black Camera | Photo by Michał Jakubowski from

White and Black Camera | Photo by Michał Jakubowski from unsplash.comCommunication

Finally, to check safety and security in a building like Crosswinds condominium, inquire of their Communication systems.

The Communication system relevant to safety and security includes their alarm systems because this is how the management is being alerted of the incidents as it happens. Check if the condo has alarms for fire and earthquake incidents and you may also ask of their security protocols when these alarms are activated.

Fire Alarm in the Garden | Photo by Scott Webb from

Photo by Scott Webb from

You may also check the condo intercom system. Condo units wherein intercom devices are installed provide better security because you can personally check who is about to visit you even if you’re not at home. That’s if this has a feature which can be accessed from an application.

Ultimately, when it comes to communication, you need to know if there is proper reporting of incidents in a property. You may observe of inquire as to how the management handles incident reports or if they are highly encouraging it.

Your Condo Safety and Security Checklist

Next time you visit a condominium, keep this 5 Cs in mind and keep checking your safety and security checklist as you roam around a property. But, at Alpine Villas at Crosswinds, we assure you that you’re not only living in a beautiful space, but you’re also protected as you are surrounded by a community that genuinely cares for you.

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