Burn Calories With These Luxury Sports and Activity

Everyone loves to exercise! Maybe not everyone, but many people love to be active, play sports and games with family and friends, and be fit and healthy. The last point is a reason most people end up exercising. To be fit and healthy. To burn as many calories as they can.

Whether the goal is to improve health or to lose weight, there are various ways people can approach exercise. Most choose the calories burned per exercise; some choose the ease with which they can be squeezed into their busy schedule. Others stick with what makes them happy. But if you’re the type that needs the specificity, we’ve got a guide for you.

How Many Calories A Person Burns in 10000 Steps

Many go with walking as the first step for their calorie-burning and weight-loss journeys. But not all forms of walking are the same. Usually, you’ll burn 300 to 600 calories for achieving 10,000 steps on a flat plane while walking with moderate-vigorous intensity. Increasing the intensity of your walk or changing the terrain can increase the difficulty and calories you burn.

What Exercises Burn 3500 Calories?

Every exercise can burn 3500 calories, so it isn’t a question of what exercise will burn more calories than the other. The difference is time, intensity, difficulty, and feasibility. For example, taking a treadmill and thinking it will be enough to burn 3500 calories, or a pound of weight, in a single session might be doable. Until you learn that it takes up to 6 hours to do so. If you want to burn calories in a single session, you’ll be tough-pressed to find one that isn’t highly dangerous.

Instead, the best approach is to have a holistic mindset. Better eating habits, a normal sleep pattern, and regular exercise will contribute to better calorie burn and fat loss than a single type of exercise.

What are the Exercises I Can Do to Burn Calories Everyday

How Many Calories Should I Burn Everyday

Experts say that the normal human body can require 1,600 calories to 3000 calories for the basic body functions that keep us alive. That number may change depending on body type, height and size, the lifestyle you lead, the medical conditions you may or may not have etc. The calorie need of a bodybuilder is not the same as an office worker.

So determining the required fat loss for your body type may require some digging. For starters, try calorie calculators and list down how many calories your daily activities require versus what you consume. From there, you can begin to formulate workouts and exercises that are appropriate for what you want.

What are the Exercises I Can Do to Burn Calories Everyday?


Whether it’s indoor cycling, outdoor biking, or unicycling, pedaling is a sport that is effective in burning calories. The amount burned will depend on what type of cycling you do. Outdoor cycling is considered more effective since the unpredictability of the terrain will demand more muscle use. It’s going to take the whole body adapting to the bumpy road. Compare this to an indoor spin class where you only have the constant rhythm of your legs. However, this doesn’t negate indoor cycling since it can be an effective form of exercise for people without time to bike outdoors.

The different types of cycling and the calories burned at their most vigorous are summarized below:

Activity 130 lb 155 lb 180 lb 205 lb
Cycling, >20 mph, racing 944 1126 1308 1489
Unicycling 295 352 409 465
Stationary cycling, very vigorous 738 880 1022 1163

Resistance Training and Gym Machines

In the world of fitness, there’s always going to be a bit of contention on which exercise is best for weight loss and calorie burning. The most popular practice is cardiovascular exercises, which are any form of exercise that is considered an aerobic activity, or that promotes cardiovascular health. While it’s common practice to use aerobic exercises for weight loss, groups still hold the value of strength and resistance training as part of calorie burning since the effort required to build muscle also uses up a lot of energy. It’s still debated today which is more valuable since it will also depend on the needs of the person training. Regardless, all these exercises have some benefits, and it’s up to the person to choose which is best.

The different types of resistance training at their most vigorous and the calories burned are summarized below:

Activity 130 lb 155 lb 180 lb 205 lb
Calisthenics, vigorous, pushups, situps… 472 563 654 745
Circuit training, minimal rest 472 563 654 745
Weight lifting, body building, vigorous 354 422 490 558
Health club exercise 325 387 449 512
Stair machine 531 633 735 838
Rowing machine, very vigorous 708 844 981 1117
Ski machine 413 493 572 651

Dance and Aerobics

Dancing is probably one of the most popular forms of exercise and sports. An integral part of all cultures across different times, dancing is something that everyone can do to any form of music. Whether it’s the graceful classical dances found in the heart of culture or the more contemporary approaches based on popular trends, dancing is a great way of burning calories at your leisure. There are even more rigorous, systemic dance approaches, such as aerobics, a sport that provides even more extensive health benefits than your usual dance. And with the endless variations, you can create with dancing, the number of calories burned can also change.

The different types of activities and the calories burned are summarized below:

Activity 130 lb 155 lb 180 lb 205 lb
Aerobics, high impact 413 493 572 651
Aerobics, general 384 457 531 605
Jazzercise 354 422 490 558
Stretching, hatha yoga 236 281 327 372
Water aerobics 236 281 327 372
Ballet, twist, jazz, tap 266 317 368 419
Fast ballroom dancing 325 387 449 512

Resistance Training and Gym Machines

Running and walking

Running, jogging, and walking are common forms of exercise. Some even go so far as commit to the sport of running, like track and field or cross country. This is also incredibly accessible since anyone who can run can do it. With dedication, time, and effort, even running can be an effective calorie burner. The amount burned will depend on the intensity of your run and the length at which you do it. Any running form will burn calories, but sports and intense activities will burn them even more.

The different types of running and the calories burned are summarized below:

Activity 130 lb 155 lb 180 lb 205 lb
Running, 5 mph (12 minute mile) 472 563 654 745
Running, 8 mph (7.5 min mile) 797 950 1103 1256
Running, 8.6 mph (7 min mile) 826 985 1144 1303
Running, 9 mph (6.5 min mile) 885 1056 1226 1396
Running, 10 mph (6 min mile) 944 1126 1308 1489
Running, cross country 531 633 735 838
Running, general 472 563 654 745
Running, stairs, up 885 1056 1226 1396
Track and field (shot, discus) 236 281 327 372
Track and field (high jump, pole vault) 354 422 490 558
Track and field (hurdles) 590 704 817 931


There are hundreds of sports in the world. Basketball, football, tennis, badminton, etc. All sports are the basic hallmarks of physical education and health. We’re all encouraged to do our best to find a sport meant for us to buix`ld a healthy lifestyle. With the number of sports available, there’s probably a sport meant just for you. And with the popularity of sports, the number of resources you can choose from can help your calorie burning. 

The different types of sports and the calories burned are summarized below:

Activity 130 lb 155 lb 180 lb 205 lb
Badminton 266 317 368 419
Playing basketball 354 422 490 558
Billiards 148 176 204 233
Bowling 177 211 245 279
Boxing, sparring 531 633 735 838
Football or baseball, playing catch 148 176 204 233
Frisbee playing, general 177 211 245 279
Golf, general 266 317 368 419
Rock climbing, ascending rock 649 774 899 1024
Jumping rope, fast 708 844 981 1117
Swimming laps, freestyle, fast 590 704 817 931
Skateboarding 295 352 409 465
Roller skating 413 493 572 651
Playing soccer 413 493 572 651
Softball or baseball 295 352 409 465
Tai chi 236 281 327 372
Playing tennis 413 493 572 651
Beach volleyball 472 563 654 745
Wrestling 354 422 490 558

Dance and Aerobics 

Martial Arts

Everyone loves a good martial art movie. Anyone who’s ever watched one will probably have fantasized about learning martial arts themselves. Luckily, there’s a sport for everyone. Including martial arts. If you’re also interested in boosting your calorie burning, you’ll be glad to know that any martial art will be a great source of exercise. Just find one that’s appropriate for you.

The different types of martial arts and the calories burned are summarized below:

Activity 130 lb 155 lb 180 lb 205 lb
Jai alai 708 844 981 1117
Martial arts, judo, karate, jujitsu 590 704 817 931
Kick boxing 590 704 817 931
Tae kwan do 590 704 817 931
Krav maga training 590 704 817 931

Normal Activities

Of course, if you have no time for any sport, you can be comforted by the idea that even simple daily activities have their benefit. Whether running, cleaning, walking, or even playing, each has its benefit. With normal activities, you don’t have to sacrifice time to find a suitable sport or exercise since you can burn calories while just doing your daily routine.

The different types of activities and the calories burned are summarized below:

Activity 130 lb 155 lb 180 lb 205 lb
Carrying infant, level ground 207 246 286 326
Walk/run, playing with children, vigorous 295 352 409 465
Carrying small children 177 211 245 279
Loading, unloading car 177 211 245 279
Climbing hills, carrying 10 to 20 lb 443 528 613 698
Walking the dog 177 211 245 279
General housework 207 246 286 326

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