10 World-Class Sports to Experience

A luxury lifestyle does not only mean living in luxury homes or a luxury condo. To truly experience world-class lifestyles, one must also have hobbies that reflect the upscale lifestyle. Some may think of collecting art as a high-class hobby or buying vintage cars. But for some with a more active lifestyle, world-class sports is their hobby of choice.

There are many sports that are familiar to most people, such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and swimming. But there are certain world-class sports that feel more exclusive. This may be because of the athletic skill required, the resources needed to fund training and equipment or the need to go to a certain destination to play the sport.

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Whatever the reason may be, these world-class sports are a staple in a luxury lifestyle.

  1. Golf
  2. Car Racing
  3. Horse Racing
  4. English Riding
  5. Polo
  6. Snow Skiing And Snowboarding
  7. Water Skiing
  8. Sailing
  9. Fencing
  10. Tennis


Golf originated in Scotland and is often referred to as “the Gentleman’s sport” due to the emphasis on etiquette in the game. It is characterized by an elegant movement when striking the ball with a club. What sets golf apart from most other world-class sports is the lack of a fixed playing surface. Golf courses can have different terrains such as hills of varying inclines, sandy areas, or holes with varying distances. Part of the challenge of golf is getting past these terrain challenges and getting the golf ball to the hole with the least strokes possible.

Experience world-class hobbies like golf when you live in Augusta Sta Rosa, Promenade, or Belle Reve. Luxury homes by Brittany in these developments are only a quick drive away from prime golf courses and country clubs like Sta Elena Golf and Country Club and Alabang Country Club.

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Car Racing

Who doesn’t enjoy watching cars speeding past each other in a race to the finish line? Car racing is extremely competitive and can get expensive, especially when it comes to the upkeep of the racecars used in the sport. This thrilling sport has many well-known events, happening in different parts of the world and different kinds of automobiles. Fans of the sport may watch Formula1, IndyCar, Nascar, or the Grand Prix.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport involving horses ridden by jockeys in a race over a set distance. One of the oldest world-class sports, horse racing dates back to some of the first Greek Olympic events.

Modern-day horse racing is highly correlated to sports betting, with spectators placing huge bids on their favorite horses or riders.

English Riding

English riding refers to a style of horse riding that is used in several equestrian sporting events. Common events include: 1.) show jumping, where horse and rider have to jump over a series of obstacles set at varying heights, 2.) dressage, where horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements from memory, and 3.) equestrian vaulting, dancing or gymnastics while on horseback.

Training and maintaining a horse takes a lot of time and resources. But if you want a horse riding experience for you and your family, stay for a weekend at Crosswinds Tagaytay or buy a luxury condo at Alpine Villas, where horseback activities are close by.


Another equestrian sport, but this time a team sport. World-class sports come in different forms, and polo is another ancient sport that traces its origins to Persia. Players ride on horseback, and the goal of the game is to strike the ball into the goal with the use of a wooden mallet. Deemed the “sport of Kings,” Polo has been the sport of choice by the aristocratic class since it grew in popularity in the West.

Snow Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow skiing and snowboarding are both world-class sports that require you to travel to snowcapped mountains. The most popular destination for skiing and snowboarding is of course the Swiss Alps. Going to your favorite ski resorts in the winter may be the perfect way to celebrate the outdoors during the colder climate.

While the Philippines is a tropical country, you can still experience world-class Swiss lifestyle at Crosswinds Tagaytay. The Swiss-themed resort and community will remind you of the Swiss chalets that dot the countryside of Switzerland, and the cool weather of Tagaytay is refreshingly different from our usual tropical climate.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is an exciting sport played in a body of water such as a lake. Usually, it requires the use of a boat to get water skiers to the required speed, but most water sports facilities nowadays also have cable systems set up to pull the skiers along the water.

Invest in a luxury condo at Alpine Villas and live close enough to Taal Lake to experience the water sports available in the area.


A competitive sailing event is called a regatta, a race of skill on a sailboat. There are three main types of races in the world of competitive sailing: coastal inshore races, offshore races, and short course races. Competition can happen between single sailing boats or fleet races.


World-class sports are refined and developed over time, which is what happened with fencing. This sport originated in Europe and was refined by the Italian school. The Italian style was then further refined by the French school. To the aristocracy, fencing was the fashionable art of swordsmanship with set rules of posture and footwork. Today, fencing is one of the five world-class sports that have been permanent events at the Olympics since 1896.


The history of tennis dates back to France in the 16th century. When the sport gained popularity in England, it became known as “lawn tennis.” Today, tennis is played on a variety of surfaces, which include grass, clay, and hard surfaces such as concrete, wood, or Astroturf.

Tennis opens are some of the most well-attended sporting events in the world, and you can be expected to see many high profile figures and even royalty on the stands watching the match. If you or your family want to learn how to play tennis, then you are in luck. When you invest in a home at Portofino Heights Alabang, you can play tennis without straying too far from your luxury homes. The clubhouse at Portofino includes a tennis court that residents can use to brush up on their tennis skills.

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