How Brittany Corporation Pave the Way for a Sustainable Real Estate Industry

With the looming environmental problems around us, practicing sustainability in our lives is needed more than ever since it is a concept that teaches us to develop goods, products, and services that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. However, in attaining and securing these needs, environmental protection has been compromised over the last few years. This is due to the fact that there are still services and goods that we avail that are not environmentally friendly.

Environmental Sustainability: what is it and why is it important?

When it comes to sustainable practices, we only think of those that are associated with the environment. However, environmental sustainability should be practiced in economic development and social responsibility as well. This is why the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) put together the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will serve as an urgent call for action by all countries. These Sustainable Development Goals are comprised of 17 goals meant to reduce inequality, improve education and health, and increase economic growth. One of the goals is to build sustainable communities and cities. Included in this goal is to build cities and communities to lessen air pollution. This is to encourage businesses to partake in a sustainable business strategy for addressing climate change. Furthermore, part of the goal is to ensure that these cities and communities have access to convenient public transportation and other public spaces but established and done on sustainability practices.


Social and environmental sustainability is considered to be a part of the mandatory corporate social responsibility for many businesses and industries. This is also taking part in practicing sustainable development and social development. This means that they are encouraged to partner with any registered organization in the country to give back and help an organization whose advocacy they also support. For the most part, businesses and industries are looking to partner with those that will extend the initial sustainable business practices they have started in the hopes of extending the impact and influence of the said efforts. By doing so, they are taking part in the country’s economic development and at the same time practicing economic sustainability for the benefit of the industry and its immediate benefactors. Hence, sustainability must be anchored in three pillars namely environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

This is why sustainability matters, especially for industries and businesses that have something to do with building communities and cities. If sustainability is not being practiced, especially for big industries whose services are essential to everyday living, natural resources will be depleted leading to a plethora of disadvantages for future generations. Sustainability refers to the concept of ensuring that we practice ethical choices to make the earth and its future liveable for everyone. For our personal living, this is ensuring that we practice habits that help reduce food waste, reduce pollution, and conserve resources. For businesses and industries, corporate sustainability happens when they use renewable energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adhere to sustainable consumption. For these big companies, sustainable economic growth is the way to go.

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Brittany Corporation: Sustainable Real Estate

In the real estate industry, developers are now more aware of building cities and communities with access to nature or greenery or at least with amenities or community policies that adhere to sustainable development. This is because many property buyers are looking for properties situated in communities that have sustainability features. This means that sustainable innovations are important for property buyers now. They want a local community that encourages its residents to practice environmental conservation. Adding to that is their demand to reside in a community with environmentally friendly amenities such as urban gardens, wide green spaces, open areas, and close proximity to nature or greenery. Moreover, property buyers are on the lookout for real estate developers who incorporate environmentally friendly technologies, design materials, and methodologies into the process of building the properties.

Here in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation, the premier name in luxury real estate development and the largest and most successful homebuilder is known for being a sustainable real estate. This means that as an organization and as a business, Brittany Corporation is measuring sustainability by adhering to sustainability objectives—one of which is being girded in the three main pillars of sustainability as mentioned earlier—environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability.

To further elaborate on this, here are the initiatives that Brittany Corporation does to as a sustainable real estate industry:

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Sustainability with Brittany Corporation

1. Environmental Sustainability & Sustainable Real Estate Industry

This pillar focuses on ensuring that the natural environment is being conserved and protected. This includes conserving resources and protecting natural habitats and biodiversities. It also focuses on minimizing pollution in the community, reducing waste, promoting the usage of renewable energy sources, and alleviating climate change and its effects. Given these objectives, Brittany Corporation aims to build eco-friendly homes without compromising the ability to give comfort and safety to its residents. For this initiative, Brittany Corporation manages, tracks, and monitors the power and gas use of its residential projects. In doing so, less carbon footprint is being expelled. This is important because greenhouse gas emissions are one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Furthermore, at Brittany Corporation, the preservation of energy is highly practiced. The electricity being supplied in the communities is taken care of by a trustworthy company that immediately restores the electricity during the onslaught of natural disasters. This is also important since energy security is necessary to sustain the environment.

Adding to Brittany Corporation’s efforts to lessen the carbon footprints is the close monitoring of water consumption in their residential communities. This is part of ensuring that the resources they provide to the communities they have built are being used efficiently and effectively. This means that Brittany Corporation heavily relies on a trustworthy water distributor that consistently meets the water consumption requirements of the communities. Moreover, all of their real estate developments include elevated water storage tanks.

These initiatives that Brittany Corporation is doing are leaving influential environmental impacts by lessening the environmental damage. We still have a long way to go when it comes to mitigating climate change but these efforts that a premier company like Brittany Corporation is practicing will take environmental sustainability to different heights in the real estate industry. As a matter of fact, Brittany Corporation’s home features have LEED Certificate that certifies its efficacy and service in providing properties with the investor’s future and family in mind.

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2. Economic Sustainability & Sustainable Real Estate Industry

When it comes to being economically sustainable in the real estate industry maintaining a robust economy for the long-term benefits of the society is the top priority. However, there should be an emphasis on doing this healthily because that’s what makes it sustainable. Economic sustainability means promoting equitable economic growth, ensuring fair trade practices, strengthening technological advancements, and creating more job opportunities to decrease extreme poverty. All of the aforementioned becomes sustainable when using the economic resources of the country efficiently. For this particular aspect of sustainable development, Brittany Corporation’s Board of Trustees makes business choices according to the available alternatives. They also ensure that the business risks are seen through the lenses of the three main pillars of sustainable development. As a matter of fact, Brittany Corporation has set up an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to reduce financial risks. Moreover, the Board of Trustees takes a strong stance against unethical behaviors and forms of corruption by approving anti-corruption company measures such as Whistleblowing and Anti-Bribery Policy. The guidelines included in the said anti-corruption company measures are developed based on Brittany Corporation’s Company’s Manual on Corporate Management. These regulations and efforts are also discussed in the company’s yearly corporate values session and job orientations for reiteration purposes. Brittany Corporation ensures that all its workers understand the company’s goals in maintaining its reputation to adhere to the objectives of economic sustainability in the real estate industry.

Adding to the sustainable economic development Brittany Corporation has done is advancing Vista Land’s digital transformation in response to the threat of the recent worldwide pandemic. By fostering creativity, Brittany Corporation’s efforts to advance its digital transformation have thrived and continue to thrive in the face of the new economic climate.

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3. Social Sustainability & Sustainable Real Estate Industry

Practicing social sustainability means improving the quality of life and well-being of the current and future generations. This includes promoting social equity, securing access to quality education, healthcare, and housing amidst population growth, upholding human rights, creating inclusive communities, and advocating cultural diversity. At Brittany Corporation, developing luxury communities and properties that are socially sustainable is at the top of their game. All of Brittany Corporation’s luxury real estate developments are designed and built with its prospective homebuyers’ social needs upheld. Each community promotes improvement of quality of life since they are situated in premier locations in the country equipped with amenities designed to give the residents convenience, safety, and comfort. Furthermore, since the communities are situated in prime locations in the country, they are also near the major expressways in the country, making major cities and provinces very accessible. Brittany Corporation’s luxury real estate developments also excel in giving access to quality education, healthcare, and housing. All of the properties—from luxury lots, and luxury condominiums to luxury houses—have great access to the premier universities and schools in the country, ensuring that your children are getting the education they deserve. Moreover, hospitals with quality healthcare services are also nearby to ensure that you and your loved ones’ medical needs are addressed immediately. And of course, quality housing is provided. Each community is designed and patterned after various cultural themes to embody the standard of living that you prefer.

For instance, Crosswinds Tagaytay is a luxury Swiss resort with various luxury properties such as lots, houses, and condominiums designed to give you a slice of luxury, peace, and relaxation you can always come home to. This exclusive community ave Swiss-inspired homes and residential buildings situated near beautiful views of Tagaytay City, recreational spots, top-notch facilities, and savory restaurants to cater to your needs. Premier malls, country clubs, and leisure spots are also in the vicinity to make your stay more pleasurable for you and your family.

The Grand Quartier at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Since Brittany Corporation is building luxury thematic developments, cultural diversity is highly promoted. This is to expose the prospective buyers to various cultural-inspired lifestyles and give them a wide selection to choose from. It is important to take note that promoting cultural diversity does not mean forgetting one’s own culture but removing negative prejudices and biases about different cultures we are not familiar with. This is important for social sustainability since being able to cultivate and promote cultural diversity means elevating trust, respect, and understanding across cultures. At Brittany Corporation, the residential communities are equipped with amenities where group meetings and gatherings can be done so that residents can host social events for the benefit of the community. Fostering an inclusive community is vital for every person belonging to a community since this is where trust and understanding begin. After all, no one wants to live in a community where one feels that he or she is discriminated against.

Furthermore, if the community is practicing social sustainability, it will be easy to promote the other pillars of sustainable development. After all, the greatest asset to maintaining sustainable development is the human resource. Good thing, Brittany Corporation uses effectively and efficiently its manpower to promote all the pillars of sustainable development. From its corporate employees and distributors to property buyers, these pillars are emphasized to take part in mitigating various global challenges when it comes to economic and environmental risks.

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, it is difficult to determine and ensure whether or not the products and services we avail are adhering to the principles of sustainable development. This means that there is a growing trend among buyers of all kinds of goods and services to go for the brand first. Examining whether the brand is sustainable or not does not come as a top priority right away. For instance, there are still luxury brands out there that are testing on animals and emitting harmful products to the environment in the process of creating their products and services. Despite these horrible realities, many buyers are not educated enough regarding this so they continue to promote and support the said goods and services.

In the real estate industry, Brittany Corporation is part of a few that promotes sustainable development so property buyers are assured that they are getting the quality they are looking for in a luxury property. Moreover, the real estate professionals of Brittany Corporation are knowledgeable enough to help you with other sustainable practices you want to incorporate into your home. This can be done through arrangements. Brittany Corporation understands that there are property buyers who are advocating for the reduction of the production of a home’s carbon footprint and so, Brittany Corporation’s real estate professionals are willing to help and assist you on this.

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For instance, if want to renovate the property and retrofit it with green real estate development features, Brittany Corporation can help you with that. Let’s say you want to install solar panels to make your home sustainable and eco-friendly, this can be done as well. If you are considering using other natural renewable resources, this can also be arranged properly.

The point of the matter is Brittany Corporation is serious about taking action to give you a greener place to reside because this is the same advocacy that Brittany Corporation has. Doing so not only secures the needs of the present generation but the world that will be inherited by the future generation. At the end of the day, there’s only so much that Brittany Corporation as a sustainable real estate industry can do. The greater work should also be financed and supported by the local governments. This means that they are accountable for promoting the same pillars of sustainable development to the communities and cities they have jurisdiction. Good thing that Brittany Corporation also works closely with the local governments, adhering to their policies and regulations when it comes to building their residential properties. This is not only sustainably important but taking responsibility as an organization as well.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a property buyer who is looking for a luxury real estate development that promotes sustainable development and is eco-friendly, consider investing in one of Brittany Corporation’s exclusive communities. To set an appointment so that you will be able to check and see the properties that Brittany Corporation offers, go here. If you wish to know more about Brittany Corporation’s sustainable efforts or you are thinking of incorporating more sustainable practices into your existing luxury property at Brittany, you can talk to one of our real estate professionals here.

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