‘Homeqube’ Launched: Blockchain and AI-Powered Homebuilding Platform

In our effort to modernize the world, artificial intelligence (AI) has been an integral part of various industries in order to advance technologies and methods that will implement industry professionals’ capabilities into daily tasks. From manufacturing, education, transportation, e-commerce, media, and telecommunication, the application of artificial intelligence whether on a massive scale or in day-to-day tasks has been considerably helpful. For the most part, artificial intelligence helps reduce human error in complex processes and tedious sets of responsibilities or duties. By applying a particular set of algorithms based on previously gathered information, artificial intelligence helps in reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision for complex tasks and processes.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence helps in repetitive jobs. Most jobs right now have to perform repetitive tasks. Although the said repetitive tasks can be menial and mundane in nature, they can be time-consuming when overwhelmed with other jobs. With the help of artificial intelligence, these seemingly mundane and repetitive tasks can be productively and creatively done. Adding to the perk is lessening the boredom that the employees feel when doing these repetitive tasks.

Homeqube for interior construction: introducing the new AI-powered homebuilding platform

The homebuilding industry is not foreign to the benefits and application of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Recently, Jose Paolo “JP” Calma, former CEO of Multi-Development and Construction Corporation (MDCC) launched Homeqube known as the blockchain and AI-powered platform that aims to reduce and solve the persistent problems in homebuilding industry prompted by overreliance on human labor and traditional design process.

According to Palma, Homeqube is a decentralized online platform that will make homebuilding efficient and accessible to Filipino families, especially for architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers that are working and dealing with the intricacies and roundabouts of homebuilding. In addition to this, the said platform has an expansive catalog of leasable properties for all types of property buyers. From luxurious vacation homes to cozy apartments, Homeqube has them all. According to Palma, this is their way to revolutionize and reimagined property leasing in the country.

Homeqube for interior construction

Palma also furthered that Homeqube uses user-centric controls or “knobs” where users can explore cost, lifestyle, and mobility metrics by adjusting the knobs. By doing so, the said platform will help the users to make smart and informed decisions about the design process and other necessary decisions on homebuilding.

According to Palma, these user-centric controls are based on a deconstruction philosophy where combinations of designs can be produced out of the basic system parts. With such a smart and informed function, Palma drew the principles from strategic information architecture that will revolutionize the industry.

This means that using this platform meant interested buyers or guests can negotiate their terms and add flexibility to their pricing and purchase processes. On the other hand, property sellers can enter the platform’s Buyer Initiated Game (BIG) lobbies to introduce their offers based on the expressed needs of interested property buyers.

Efficient system architecture and interior construction through Homeqube

While nothing compares to manual and human labor, one of the things that Homeqube will also address as a homebuilding platform is the commonly encountered problems in the industry that complicates the work of the constructors and prolong the anxiety brought by client stressors such as unsustainable raw materials, inefficiencies in the design process, and the huge gap between e-commerce and the sector.

With systems like Homeqube built on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, clients are assured that they will get the best out of the home building without compromising the efficiency of human labor and replacing the engaging and interactive experiences between the constructor and the client. After all, the team behind Homeqube is after delivering high commercial satisfaction by implementing an innovative approach to using Homeqube. This can also be achieved by what they call seamless fiat ramping.

Adding to the perks, according to Palma, is that through Homeqube, the industry professionals including interior designers, manufacturers, and engineers have a hub where they can kickstart and grow their businesses. This is great news for the said professionals considering the competition in the industry. Moreover, these industry professionals can also earn tokens by participating in Homeqube’s design game challenges.

Adding to the accumulation of the token is when the said design is accepted and recognized by the system of Homeqube. Moreover, industry professionals can eventually sell their designs as non-fungible tokens once they become community members. Exclusive features and rewards also await the users for other challenges and bidding they will participate in. This design game challenge is based on Homeqube’s token and gamification approach.

Furthermore, Homeqube is known as the first NFT marketplace that receives a wide array of 3D printing files since the said platform also features the so-called Solana-based launchpad and NFT marketplace for every home building need. For those who are inclined to traditional e-commerce, the platform is efficient so the clients and industry professionals don’t have to worry about using it.

'Homeqube' Launched

Are homebuilding platforms like this considered the next big thing?

We cannot know for sure if this will be effective and popular among industry professionals but considering the necessity to adapt to the modernity and advancement in technology as well as the challenge to modernize and make the mundane tasks of the industry more creative and innovative, we can conclude that emerging platforms like this, with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, will be the next in-demand platform in the industry.

After all, systems with artificial intelligence are making their way to innovate the industry as well as decrease human activities in homebuilding, especially if they can be done by efficient systems. This does not mean that human labor is no longer needed, but with the help of these platforms, industry professionals can automate and promote smart home technology for typical Filipino families.

Indeed, this is an exciting development considering the potential to enable solutions and methods that will lessen the complexity of excessive human labor and traditional e-commerce. Moreover, with the implementation of such a platform, the continuous evolution will help with the anticipation of the homeowners’ needs as well as the execution of them. As a matter of fact, there is an increasing trend among homeowners to integrate smart-home technologies into the properties they purchase, and with platforms like Homeqube, this can be done easily and efficiently.

As for growing and developing the businesses of industry professionals, the competition is expected to increase as it keeps them to be knowledgeable and adaptable to the technology. Moreover, a platform like Homeqube will definitely promote healthy competition among industry professionals given their gamification approach as well as encourage them to be supportive of each other organically.

This is truly revolutionizing the industry. Not to mention the creation of a better hub or place where stressors are being lessened. This means that industry professionals are encouraged to spend less time working on tasks that an AI-powered system can do and give more time instead on their families and other ventures or hobbies. This is uncommon in a society where hustling thrives but this is actually a good promotion of a healthier working environment and industry, especially for professionals who are unaccustomed to such.

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