Best Features of an American Home

Growing up watching Western series and movies, have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in your favorite character’s home or maybe even in their vacation house in the Hamptons? There is just something about these American homes that makes us curious about how it is like living there, even if we know it is just taken at a four-walled studio.

American homes may look similar on screen, but there are different architectures all over the state, and here are some of the popular house styles in the States.

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Cape Cod House Style

What Is a Cape Cod House Hint - It's on the Monopoly Board

Cape Cod home may be one of the most common styles that we see in Western cartoons. It is a simple bungalow home with a chimney in the middle and gabled roofs, which made it distinct. Over time, Cape Cod design is developed to have a second story but still maintained its key features.

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French Country House Style

French Country House Plans best features- Sater Design Collection

You might be wondering, why is there a French-style home in the US? This style of architecture influenced the Northern part of America way back 18th Century when France occupied the area. Rich with history, the French-style home features large arched windows and is built with stone, brick, or stucco that gives off an elegant and timeless look.

Colonial House Style

10 Popular Home Architectural Styles to Know best features-

Another type of American home is the Colonial style. A key feature of this home is its symmetrical structure, pitched roof, decorative entryway, balanced window placement, paired chimneys, and balanced façade. Colonial homes provide good ventilation because of their high ceilings, which adds a relaxing vibe.

Victorian House Style

What Is a Victorian-Style House best features- Victorian House Design Style

Victorian-style houses may seem like a dream or a fairytale because of their distinct castle-like look. Its exteriors are very decorative with gables and eaves, while the colors are usually pastel or Earth colors with contrasting colors for the windows. What made Victorian Style Houses castle-like was their complex structure details and wraparound porches.

Craftsman House Styles

What Characteristics Define a Craftsman Home

Simple yet comfortable. The Craftsman house was designed for easy construction using wood, stucco, stone, and bricks. This is a bungalow model of dwelling with plenty of open space that allows more natural lighting. For this type of home, there are a lot of options to do with the porch. Be it a place to relax or to exercise.

Cottage House Style

Guide to Cottage-Style Homes How to Recognize a Cottage - 2022 - MasterClass

There is a charm with Cottage homes as it gives off a cozy feel which may be one of its best features. Unlike a Colonial house, a cottage has an asymmetrical design yet still shows a simple look.

Mediterranean House Style

Mediterranean Revival

The idea of simple and elegant. True to its name, the inspiration for this design was taken from Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, etc. A typical feature of a Mediterranean home is its red-tiled roof, stone details, and carved doors.

Comfort in Architecture

While we may want one of these styles, it is also important to take note of what our needs are in life as well as take into consideration our location. Some may be more fitting in the climate we are living in or maybe the type of family that we have.

An example may be for starting families. It is important to avoid structures with plenty of corners in favor of having more open spaces for the kids to walk around and play. This can also avoid injuries or accidents while they are left unattended.

Meanwhile, if you are living in a tropical country like the Philippines, where summer heat is sweltering, having a high-ceiling home with more windows can help with the in and out of the air.

Most of these house styles originated decades ago, but as the world changed, they also kept on developing, adapting to the changes in climate and even society. But even though there are upgrades, the touch and feel of each unique architectural style still stay. There’s no need to worry about strictly sticking to a house style as you can be in control and give your own touch to it.

Keeping in Mind the Most Important Things

In determining your ideal home, it is best to know yourself first. Distinguish your present state considering a career, hobbies, family, and such, as well as your goals and what you want to focus on and attain in the next years of your life. This will help you know where you want to settle and have the ability to do the things that would give value to your life.

As technology improves day by day, more sources of data are available when we research for a community that is best or most suitable for us to live in. An effort to use this platform would be very helpful in giving a lead on which direction you’d want to take.

A home is an investment in ourselves as it will have an impact on our success. It is very important to have a comfortable place where we get enough rest and get ready for each day because, undeniably, having a good environment affects our mood and outlook in life.

Home for All

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