Your 5-Step Guide To Unwinding Luxuriously in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Exposure to the great outdoors has immensely increased after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic upended many lives. Families booked their postponed travel trips and friends reunited again after not seeing each other for almost three years due to lockdowns and travel restrictions. And while going outdoors has been proven to have many perks for one’s mental health, many seem to forget the advantages of unwinding at the four corners of their home.

If you are a home buddy who enjoys staying at home and inviting your loved ones and friends over to spend intimate moments with them, unwinding at home is definitely the kind of enjoyment that brings you unspeakable joy. Contrary to popular belief, staying at home is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Given that you are in the comfort of your home where you can be your authentic self, being in your own place brings a different kind of relaxation that no other outdoor adventure could give. As a matter of fact, when you are frustrated by the stressors of everyday life, your mind tends to want to relieve stress by coming home and doing at your own pace the things that bring you comfort.

Unwinding Luxuriously at Home: Relaxation Techniques For Taking Care of Your Overall Well-Being

There are a lot of things that you can do to enjoy and maximize unwinding in the luxury of your own home but here’s a definite guide to indulging in your favorite guilty pleasures.

Unwinding Luxuriously at Home #1: Take a relaxing bath or shower

You do not realize how much tension you have until you get a warm and relaxing bath or shower after a stressful and exhausting day at work. Now, the key to unwinding luxuriously is to elevate your quality time inside the bathroom. The moment you enter the bathroom, make sure you fill the air with essential oils or scented candles to set the ambiance. This will help you to be in the mood and in a relaxed state. You may also play soothing music from your favorite artists while you are showering. Singing along with the music will also help you relax and boost your energy. Taking a shower will instantly make you feel good since nothing compares to feeling clean after an entire day of work. Make sure you treat yourself to this relaxation technique so you can fall asleep peacefully.

Your 5-Step Guide To Unwinding Luxuriously in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Unwinding Luxuriously at Home #2: Treat yourself to an excellent pair of loungewear

When it comes to indulging in effective relaxation techniques, the small things do matter. Sometimes, all it takes is treating yourself to a brand-new, comfortable pair of clothing. After taking a warm, soothing shower, what you wear after the said shower also matters for this also adds to a few moments of solitude before you call it a night. Wearing comfortable loungewear, sitting or lying cozy in your bed, music listening, and doing simple deep breathing exercises in between would instantly ease your heart state putting you in a more relaxed state.

Unwinding Luxuriously at Home #3: Set the mood or ambiance of your luxury house

The next step to unwinding luxuriously at home is to set the mood or ambiance of your room to ensure that your surrounding reflects your emotional and mental state. You can start by placing scented candles on your favorite parts of your room and turning off any harsh light to dimmer lights. If it’s daytime, you can open your windows and just breathe in the fresh air and let the natural light flow inside your room. By letting the sun hit and touch your skin, your overall well-being and mood lights up. You may also opt to gather your to-do list for the night like reading a book, watching your favorite movie, or listening to your favorite tunes. Make sure to read lighter or watch a favorite movie that makes you laugh or warms your heart to relieve your anxiety and calm you down.

Unwinding Luxuriously at Home #4: Invest in your skincare

As the famous tagline goes, “Skincare is the new self-care.” Indeed, one of the ways to relax when you feel overwhelmed is to treat yourself to skincare. For girlies out there who consistently stick to their skincare every day, just keep going and do not try to overcomplicate it. But for those who are new to skincare, we advise that you start working on your skincare. Doing a little research about your skin type and the products that work well with your skin is a good start. Now if you have the basics just like facial wash, exfoliator, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, well, you are good to go. Just make sure that you consistently apply them to your face. Do not forget to gently massage your face with your favorite skincare products, use cold water to close the pores, and exfoliate from time to time. Doing so will improve the blood flow in your face and neck. According to a study, our skin plays an important role in regulating blood pressure so, if you manage to be consistent with your skincare even for just five minutes, you will be able to bring many health benefits to your body.

Set the mood or ambiance of your luxury house

Unwinding Luxuriously at Home #5: Rest and sleep

In the fast-paced world we live in, doing a lot of things at the same time seems like the new trend and if you take time to rest, you will miss a lot of things. However, taking time to rest is the best relaxation technique. Giving yourself a break from things that you do every day even though they matter to you is a form of self-care as well. Make sure that you get enough amount of sleep every day. Depriving yourself of it will lead to grumpiness or mood swings, low energy, slowed thinking, weakened immunity, high blood pressure, and trouble with concentration. To make your sleeping time more special, consider

There are so many other techniques for relaxation that you can do inside your home. You can improvise them from time to time or try to do them with your loved ones and friends. But of course, it adds to the feeling when you are actually residing in a home that gives you peace and calm you down. At Brittany Corporation, the luxury properties offered are situated in prime locations in the country that are guaranteed to make your daily life like you are on a vacation. Take, for instance, Crosswinds Tagaytay which is located at one of the most-visited tourist spots in the country. This luxury community is surrounded by Tagaytay’s lush nature with over 35,000 pine trees and the picturesque view of the city. All of the luxury homes here are Swiss-themed houses offering you a luxurious slice of peace and relaxation at the heart of a buzzing city.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is also equipped with top-notch facilities and recreational spots to make your stay more enjoyable. These facilities and recreational spots are designed not just to give you fun but to also give you relaxation. If you are considering of looking at their luxury properties, schedule an appointment here.

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