February 19, 2021

Exclusive Swiss-Living like No Other

Chocolates, cheeses, watches, bircher muesli, yodeling, and the Alps, a list of stereotypes that envelopes Switzerland and the Swiss.

The Swiss lifestyle is one thing that most of us have always dreamed of, an image of purity, punctuality and precision, living in tranquility, enjoying the fresh air, blissful walks, and spectacular views, adoring countless Swiss pines and breath-taking mountain views – how we wish we can visit Switzerland at this very moment.

But did you know that you can experience Swiss-living without having to travel to Switzerland? Away from the hustle and bustle of the metro, tucked in the breezy Tagaytay city is Crosswinds by Brittany, a Swiss-inspired mountain resort that offers a captivating beauty of nature with majestic view of the Metro Skyline and Laguna Bay.

Luxurious Swiss-Living in the Chatelard in Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Switzerland-Inspired Community by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds is a 100-hectare luxury residential property surrounded by 35,000 pine trees, perfect for a sophisticated living characterized by tranquility and exclusivity.

Imagine waking up to a scenic view of pine trees and enjoying fresh pine air and the cold and breezy weather Tagaytay has to offer. Imagine enjoying comfort and laid-back style of living, imagine walking around an exclusive community without having to worry about your own security, imagine seeing beautifully Swiss-designed homes in a very secluded setting, imagine sipping wine while enjoying the breath taking view of nature within your own community, imagine being close to what you need without sacrificing convenience and privacy, imagine experiencing Swiss-living like no other at Crosswinds by Brittany.

But there’s more to just enjoying the Swiss lifestyle at Crosswinds by Brittany as the said enclave offers a one-of-a-kind luxury investment for local investors and families who deserve a lifetime investment of value and enjoyment.

At Crosswinds by Brittany, one can invest in pre-selling condominium units such as the Alpine Villas, a collection of six to eight-story mid-rise condominiums in the style of Swiss chalets, tucked exclusively within Crosswinds. Alpine Villas at Crosswinds gives you the luxury of everyday exclusive living with special access to premium amenities, high-level security, and a Swiss-inspired community that is beyond compare.

At Alpine Villas, you can enjoy every day exclusive condo living as everything you need is within arm’s reach without even compromising security, privacy, and exclusivity. It’s time to reward yourself with a lifetime investment of living beyond comfortable.

Within Crosswinds by Brittany is Coffee Project’s new coffee shop concept named Ruined Project, which is in close proximity to Alpine Villas.

What will further prime the property are the future developments that will surely make it the best vacation spot in Tagaytay City. Residents and guests can enjoy amenities such as spa, zipline, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. Alpine Villas at Crosswinds will also soon develop a country club and a hotel with casino.

Alpine Villas is also seen as a perfect source of passive income with rental opportunities from tourists who want to stay in the city of Tagaytay for a quick weekend getaway.

Crosswinds by Brittany is set to turnover Alpine Villas’ first building of pre-selling condominium units, Bernese, in fourth quarter of the year and its second building, Blanc, in the second quarter of 2022.

Named after ranges of the Swiss Alps, Bernese and Blanc are well planned considering the land development in the area. Designed to make everything within reach, the luxury condominium development is set to have its exclusive amenity pavilion inside Crosswinds Tagaytay. Moreover, additional upscale commercial and retail establishments are expected to open in the future to complement the posh residential development of Alpine Villas at Crosswinds.

Meanwhile, for those who want to enjoy a peaceful retirement away from the city life and are looking for luxurious Swiss-living, Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation also offers ready lots (Crosswinds lots) and pre-selling lots (The Terraces of Lausanne) that one can invest in and take advantage of the property value appreciation.

Swiss-Living in a luxury house and lot in Crosswinds | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Swiss-Living in a Brittany Home in Tagaytay

The Terraces of Lausanne is a 24-hectare development inside Crosswinds, specifically situated at the highest peak of Crosswinds, offering a breathtaking view of Laguna Bay and Metro Skyline. Inside the residential area of Crosswinds, one can delight and bask in awe at the stunning beauty of nature.

Crosswinds by Brittany also offers luxurious Swiss-inspired ready homes for families and property seekers searching for a new home. Crosswinds ready for occupancy homes such as Chatelard and Lucerne offer calming view of pine trees and terrains, a perfect view to wake up to each and every morning. Aside from these luxurious move-in ready homes, Crosswinds by Brittany also features La Verne Park where one can enjoy a blissful walk within the exclusive community.

Within the exclusive and Swiss-inspired sanctuary of Crosswinds by Brittany is The Grand Quartier, which is a six-story luxury condominium hotel where one can simply relax and experience premium Swiss-living in one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

With Crosswinds by Brittany, an inspiring twist has taken over the majestic Tagaytay landscape. With its lush pine trees, Crosswinds by Brittany is truly a fragrant masterpiece away from the buzzing city life. With enclaves featuring residences inspired by Swiss architecture and lifestyle, you will definitely live inspired.

Investors are more than enthusiastic to invest in a luxury property development like Crosswinds by Brittany because of its unparalleled grandeur and bright prospects for property value appreciation. As a standout luxury property development in the South, Crosswinds by Brittany continues to attract more investors as businesses continue to grow and expand in the South of Metro Manila.

Crosswinds by Brittany is only less than 5 minutes away from the popular landmark, Tagaytay Picnic Grove and it is about 7 minutes away west of the Tagaytay Rotunda where close proximity to the most popular restaurants, activity areas, hotels and casino make it a prime investment.

What a better way to enjoy a peaceful getaway and a premium investment than to take your vacation at home and invest in your own sanctuary. Are you ready to experience Swiss-living like no other?

For more information on Crosswinds by Brittany and its latest condominium development Alpine Villas click this to know more.

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February 15, 2021

2021 Economic Outlook and Tips on How to Run Your Business this Year

With the pandemic leaving both businesses and individuals in a tight spot this year, it is even harder to predict how the Philippine 2021 economic outlook will look like. Just a year exactly from today, businesses were running normally—without a hint of doubt of unforeseen circumstances of what is to come the next months or so—and individuals were given the right to continue working as usual. Little did we know, a month after, everything will take a complete 180-degree turn, and the world will bask under a year full of unexpected setbacks.

As stated in an article by CNN Philippines, World Bank has predicted that the Philippine economy will grow again in 2021 after experiencing an abysmal recession last 2020. And with the latest variant of the contagious COVID-19 spreading fast, not everyone is hopeful for a revamp of the economy.

Nomura, a Japanese bank’s forecast, implied that the economic output would not return to normal until 2022. The primary reason for this drag is the pandemic’s continued tug, which, according to Nomura, will not settle down until a vaccine is rolled out publicly.

Hence, to help you know whether or not your business will thrive amidst the pandemic this year, here are some facts on the Philippines’ economic outlook this 2021.

A laptop showing tips on the 2021 economic outlook | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

2021 Economic Outlook: What to Expect

A price spike in resources.

Following the hike of the Philippines’ inflation rate—which is 4.2 percent as of February 2021—is the price spike in resources, especially food. Food business enterprises have felt the pandemic’s impact from attracting lots of customers to gradually decreasing customer patronage due to health- and sanitary-related protocol implementations. Adding this price spike on top of their business strategic planning for the following months, it is seen that the food industry is among the most affected industries in the Philippines this 2021.

According to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the Philippines’ inflation constantly went up further to 4.2 percent at the beginning of 2021. Additionally, this record is the highest inflation rate since February 2019.

According to Business World, apart from food costs continuously getting higher, transportation, housing, water, electricity, and gas are among the factors that triggered the sudden increase in inflation. Hence, businesses that require the aforementioned commodities are to suffer still this 2021, unless the pandemic ends its note, once and for all. Small to medium businesses will struggle to steady their feet on the ground unless the erratic changes in prices will be brought to a halt sooner than expected.

Pressure on the vulnerable sectors will continue.

As stated by Japanese bank Nomura in an article by The Manila Times, “A premature reopening risks another resurgence, as we have seen in other countries. We believe that, unless the COVID-19 is brought under control, sustaining any recovery will be challenging as the crisis continues to weigh on the already low levels of confidence among households and businesses,” the company stated.

Further emphasizing the pandemic’s impact on smaller businesses, Nomura continued, “Without these measures, the risk of more permanent scarring in the economy increases, as vulnerable sectors [are] likely [to] remain under significant pressure for a prolonged period, like SMEs (small and medium enterprises) facing liquidity issues that turn into insolvency problems, potentially forcing layoffs and even shutdowns,” it stated.

From Nomura’s statement, it is easy to see how the Philippines’ most vulnerable sectors will suffer for a lengthened period of time. We have seen how businesses shut down one after the other, and Nomura warns that this will continue so long as the pandemic continues. But, simply re-opening the companies will not do the trick.

“A premature reopening risks another resurgence, as we have seen in other countries. We believe that, unless the Covid-19 [pandemic] is brought under control, sustaining any recovery will be challenging as the [crisis] continues to weigh on the already low levels of confidence among households and businesses,” Nomura further discussed.

Amid the chaos, Tribune has stated that the service sector is slowly regaining its momentum as the market feels the demand for food and delivery services such as Grab Food, Angkas, and FoodPanda. With these delivery services, businesses can still operate even if they close their physical stores due to quarantine implementations. Due to stay-at-home measures, there has been a hike in demand in mobile wallet services, thus, probing lesser-contact yet profitable transactions.

Unemployment is likely to continue.

With over 4.5 million Filipinos unemployed by the end of 2020, the unemployment rate jumped to 10.4 percent, as reported by the government last December 2020. 10.4 percent is the highest rate in the span of 15 years.

In an article by The Philippine Inquirer, the underemployment rate covering those in the labor force who wanted additional working hours to earn more money also eased to 14.4 percent (5.7 million) in October 2019 from 17.3 percent (7.1 million) in July 2019, 18.9 percent (6.4 million) in April 2019, and 14.8 percent (6.3 million) in January 2020. These statistics show that more Filipinos are getting jobs regardless of their forechosen fields.

However, as the pandemic surged and businesses closed, layoffs and termination became rampant. Enterprises are trying to uphold the balance between overhead and operation costs. As a result of this balance scaling between what is more crucial in these trying times, more people are getting fired from the jobs they treasured for years whilst some are feeling hopeless in landing a job.

Despite all these circumstances, businesses are willing to employ more people and help while they can. This 2021 economic outlook may not look as good as it can be, we can tap into endless opportunities if we try.

Now, to zoom in on the possibilities of starting up or improving your business, here is Brittany’s guide for you to read.

Low angle view on skyscrapers in the middle of a business district in the city | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

What Makes a Business Thrive Amidst the Pandemic

From food to travel industries, the most vulnerable sectors in this pandemic, does it ever make you think of the key factors you need in running a business amidst a pandemic?

With unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19 and other natural calamities, it is not easy to stay on top of the game. But, there are facets where you can improve so you can safeguard the viability of your business. Partner these tips on how to run your business this year with the 2021 economic outlook we briefed you above, and you are all set. Read on to know the essential steps entrepreneurs like you should take to heart when running a business.

Observe the market.

This is the most important factor you need to do before setting up a business. Observation is a market research technique where you can keenly see how consumers behave in and correspond to the market under certain conditions. Before you start a business, observe first on a larger scale. Begin by seeking what your market needs. After that, trickle down to observing on a smaller scale, such as places where starting a business is plausible and all the tangible facets you can think of that a business will need.

A wrong marketing move can lead you to faulty strategic implementations. Thus, it is crucial to observe your market before anything else. This will allow you to strengthen your business and help it withstand the changes that are to come. Additionally, in this process, you will also know which market is worth pursuing and which markets to skip.

See what the market demands.

Apart from observing, crafting plans on what your market demands today or 5 to 10 years from now is also important. Ensuring an audience for your business and creating a product and service suited to your audience always go hand in hand.

Keenly listening to your market is done best when your primary purpose is to understand their behavior. Knowing what they demand will reveal every detail that influences their buying decisions, values, and so on. So, take time to know your audience and their patterns. This will help a lot in predicting what your next move should be.

To give you a fresher view on observing market demand, start from scrutinizing certain factors, including the number of people seeking your product, the amount your customers are willing to pay for it, and the availability of it to your target consumers. Work your way up from here, and you now have a crafted strategy awaiting your next steps.

Offer the market something of value.

Selling value is in, offering a product is out. This is a mantra you need to remind your entrepreneur self every day. You must be set on selling value while focusing on improving your product. This is the very essence of branding.

Now to relate this to the unfortunate state our economy is in, knowing what value your target audience demands in this era can help you tap into a plethora of business opportunities you can start working on. Other than observing and listening to your market, working on something you can offer them that will make them feel powerful is the best thing you can do as an entrepreneur. Just like Brittany, offering a feeling and state of comfort should be your priority.

Zoom in on expressing how your product will benefit the customer. If you focus on the value of what you offer, the price constantly becomes less important. Offering value is how you introduce your business to the world.

Give back to your employees.

Your workers are the backbone of your business. Treating them with respect, understanding, and value in this pandemic is the best thing you can do as a business owner. While you can, extend reach to their families and see how you can help them in return.

If you need stories on how companies helped during this time of distress, Microsoft and Google are the best examples. Microsoft announced last year that they would keep on paying their hourly workers who support their campus. On the other hand, Google raised a COVID-19 fund that allows all provisional staff and vendors internationally to take paid sick leave if they feel symptoms of COVID-19 or are in quarantine.

Improve as you deem fit.

Keeping track of your progress as you go is an important role as an entrepreneur. As you have seen the 2021 economic outlook stated above, it is crucial to bear in mind that not all plans and goals you forecasted will happen. Hence, it is a must that you know how to perceive and navigate your way as you go. Improving is essential, and your employees will thank you for having plans about it.

Young professional exiting his office while he looks at the 2021 economic outlook on his phone | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Living Life As An Entrepreneur of Value

The very practice of becoming an entrepreneur shapes you down from the way you think up to the way you act and live your daily life. What you do today steers your path tomorrow. Hence, it is important to know how you can equip yourself with value.

Oftentimes, this shift is for the better, but as you reward yourself with luxury living and quality time with your family and friends, you will truly know what it is that you value. What it is that sparks your creativity and pushes you to move forward every day.

With Brittany, your entrepreneurial goals are more achievable than you think. By offering you a state of comfort and a thematic lifestyle, we strive to hone your creativity, so you wake up in the morning relaxed and free of worries.

To get started on your entrepreneurial success and self-development, browse through Brittany properties and see which available homes suit you best. Wherever you are in South Luzon, experiencing a thematic living is possible. From Alabang, Tagaytay, Sucat, to Sta. Rosa, we have luxury condos and luxury houses ready for you and your family to live in. Safe and secure, you need not worry about external chaos and focus on your entrepreneurial plans instead. We are only a chat away, so feel free to tell us your queries and concerns. We would be happy to help!


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February 11, 2021

Wine Pairing 101: Find the Perfect Match

The common knowledge for wine pairing is that the red wine goes with meat, while white goes with fish and chicken. This is a very simplistic guide to wine pairing. While this is usually true, food and wine now have a broader range in taste that needs to be considered to make a perfect match. So, before you pop open your vintage Bordeaux to go with your romantic dinner in your luxury home in Crosswinds Tagaytay, be sure to read on to get the perfect complement for your sumptuous meal.

A great pairing brings out the best in tastes. Rather than considering the meat, it is more essential to consider the taste of the dish. While dishes probably have 20 different tastes, they can be simplified to six main flavors: Salt, Acid, Fat, Sweet, Bitter, and Spice.

Wine tasting in an Italian lakeside vineyard | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


Saltiness is usually found in fried foods, pasta dishes, and potatoes.

These dishes are best paired with sweet sparkling wines or acidic wines since they will balance out the flavors of the dish. Pinot Noir or Carignan is usually a good pairing for fried foods.


As a basic guide, the wine should be more acidic than the food. Otherwise, the wine will taste flat. Some acidic dishes include most salad dressings or vinegar-based foods such as paksiw and adobo. An acidic wine to pair these dishes with is a Sauvignon Blanc or Verdejo.


Fatty foods are best paired with bitter wines to enhance the flavor and level out the oily aftertaste. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Red Bordeaux is recommended to go with fat.

Shelves of luxury Italian wine | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


Wine should be sweeter than the food. This is especially important if you will be pairing it with desserts. The sweetness may overwhelm your drink and make it bland, if not paired properly. Most sweet sparkling wines go well with dessert. Suggested partners are Moscato or Champagne.


While you may think that bitter foods are best paired with bitter wines, it is actually not recommended because it only enhances the bitterness in your palate. Instead, it is recommended to pair bitter foods with acidic wines to complement and bring out the flavors. Suggested complementary pairings are Zinfandel or Tempranillo.


It should be noted that spice increases the bitterness and acidity in wine while decreasing its sweetness. As such, spicy foods are a bit tricky to pair. The sweetness and bitterness of the drink should be well-balanced to make it a good match for heat. Riesling is a great complement to this taste.

Swirling white wine with a cheese wine pairing | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


With all the things to consider in pairing, just remember these:

Generally, the components of wine may be broken down as follows:

Red Wine usually has more bitterness.

White, Sparkling, and Rose Wines are usually more acidic.

Sweet Wines are sweet.

Match the food but opposites attract as well.

Match the sauce and not the meat.

Bitter, Acid, and Spice do not go together.

There are still lots to consider in wine pairing. Do you pair grilled pork with a Bold, Medium, or Light Red Wine? Do you serve Bold Red or Rich White with hard cheese? Is it better to serve Moscato or Madeira with strawberry cake? While this basic handbook will not make you a sommelier, it is enough to guide you to choose the perfect complement for your elegant dinner in your Brittany Home.

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February 10, 2021

7 Perks of Everyday Exclusive Condo Living in Tagaytay

Weekdays are getting more hectic than they were before with nonstop virtual meetings, business engagements, relentless deadlines, and workloads that increased beyond comparison since work-from-home setups were implemented. Once in a while, you need to get away from work-related stress brought about by your tedious daily grind and overwork, and enjoy your condo living. A lot of times you feel that there is nothing more beautiful than waiting for that perfect weekend.

It is common to have that hope to get the weekends off to unwind after a long and stressful week. While you long for lengthy breaks in some far-off places, most of the time, you simply need to maximize your time and spend your weekends smartly. Some might think that Tagaytay is just a location for quick weekend vacations, but this vibrant city offers plenty of opportunities and perks, just like the Metro.

Whether you are looking for a property to invest in or a private home away from home, there is no better place to do it than in Tagaytay.

If you are wondering what are the advantages of investing and living in a luxury condo in Tagaytay, then you are in luck! Brittany rounded up some perks of everyday exclusive condo living in Tagaytay to guide you. Here are seven on the list.

The Perks of Condo Living in Tagaytay

A view of the Grand Quartier from the forest in Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Cool and breezy weather

One of the advantages of being in one of the highest points in Tagaytay City is the cool and breezy weather all year long. As the city sits atop the mountain ranges, Tagaytay experiences year-round cold and breezy weather.

The cooler climate is one of the most compelling reasons why prospective home buyers start considering and searching for homes in Tagaytay.

Moreover, the cooler climate does not only make you feel a lot more relaxed, but it also contributes to your overall well-being.

Have you imagined yourself enjoying a brand new morning with your cup of coffee in your home or condo balcony, or having a glass of wine as you feel the cool nighttime breeze while winding down from your busy day? You will surely love the cold evenings and early mornings in your condo in Tagaytay City.

Picturesque landscape

Tagaytay is a beautiful city that offers a soothing and inspiring living experience characterized by wide and scenic landscapes, wide-open spaces, and a lush environment with towering trees and verdant flora.

Living a lifestyle of luxury in an exclusive and tranquil setting is a treat. Waking up to the majestic view of the metro skyline and Laguna Bay is even more exhilarating. Owning a condo in Tagaytay lets you enjoy this one-of-a-kind view daily.

The children's park in La Posada makes condo living viable for all ages | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Fresh and clean air

Fresh air is one of the things most Manileños miss most in Metro Manila. With the metropolitan city so engulfed by pollution, finding a safe and relaxing place where you can breathe fresh air is practically impossible.

One of the main reasons why people consider buying and investing in a Tagaytay property is for the fresh and clean air.

Tagaytay is one of the few places near Metro Manila where you can enjoy fresh air because of the numerous trees and the absence of pollutants in the city. It is in Tagaytay that you can wake up to a morning greeted not by thick smog but fresh and clean air that will surely perk you up for the day ahead. Any Tagaytay condo property for sale easily becomes a refreshing and re-energizing getaway because of this. Meanwhile, should you decide to rent out your condo property, you will surely find countless tenants who are also looking for an invigorating retreat in the city.

Location and proximity

Tagaytay’s prime location and proximity to Metro Manila make it one of the favorite destinations of the urban elite. Now with multiple access roads, Tagaytay has become incredibly accessible. There is absolutely no doubt why Tagaytay remains one of the most favorite weekend getaway spots.

Whether you prefer to stay in your condo in Tagaytay for a quick weekend getaway or decide to live there for good, it will never be difficult for you to go in and out of the city because of various access points.

Going to Crosswinds by Brittany in Tagaytay City is a breeze as the luxury property development is served by major highways and alternative access roads which include the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) – Eton and Silangan Exits that lead to the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road as well as Aguinaldo Highway.

Crosswinds by Brittany is only less than 5 minutes away from the popular landmark, Tagaytay Picnic Grove, and is about 7 minutes away west of the Tagaytay Rotunda where close proximity to the most popular restaurants, activity areas, hotels, and casino make it a prime investment.

Enjoy condo living with the various amenities that Crosswinds Tagaytay offers its residents | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Relaxing and stress-free ambiance

One of the advantages of living in a condo property in Tagaytay is its relaxing and stress-free ambiance where you need not worry about losing and wasting time on the heavy traffic in the busy and buzzing metro.

Tagaytay also allows you to enjoy a refreshing retreat away from the city, where you can be able to do more of what you love, without stressing yourself too much.

So why consider Tagaytay as a weekend retreat when it can be your daily sanctuary? Investing and living in a condo in Tagaytay affords you only the best of both worlds where you can enjoy the conveniences of a modern city with the presence of malls, restaurants, banks, hospitals, and other establishments that are just a few minutes away from your property while living in a picture-perfect city.

Luxurious community

Exclusivity has always been associated with luxury. Investing in a condominium property in Tagaytay like the Alpine Villas at Crosswinds Tagaytay gives you the luxury of everyday exclusive living with special access to premium amenities, high-level security, and a Swiss-inspired community that is beyond compare.

Crosswinds is a 100-hectare luxury Swiss-inspired community by Brittany Corporation where prime condo development, Alpine Villas, is located.

Future developments in Alpine Villas at Crosswinds will surely make it the best vacation spot in Tagaytay City. Residents and guests can enjoy various amenities in the vicinity which includes a spa, and outdoor activities like zipline and rock climbing. In addition to this, Alpine Villas at Crosswinds will also soon be further developed to include a country club and a hotel with a casino within its vicinity.

Exclusive condo living among the pine trees at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Luxury Investment

The cool, safe, and serene city of Tagaytay undeniably make it a property hotspot; a favorite destination of investors looking for their next vacation home or income property.

Investors are more than enthusiastic to invest in a luxury property development like Crosswinds by Brittany because of its unparalleled grandeur and bright prospects for property value appreciation. As a standout luxury property development in the South, Crosswinds by Brittany continues to attract more investors as businesses continue to grow and expand in the South of Metro Manila.

Property seekers investing in Tagaytay real estate like Crosswinds by Brittany are sure to get their money’s worth. Crosswinds by Brittany suits the varying needs of an investor or a homeowner as it features themed residences with world-class amenities situated on expansive lot cuts as well as spacious units in mid-rise condominiums like those in Alpine Villas – making each property a dream home one can design for their retirement years, and for the next generations to enjoy.

The Crosswinds Life

Make your dream weekend getaway possible or better yet enjoy everyday exclusive condo living in Tagaytay with Crosswinds by Brittany – a Swiss-inspired resort development surrounded by 35,000 evergreen pine trees in one of the highest points of Tagaytay City, which is less than two hours away from Makati Central Business District.

What better way to enjoy a peaceful getaway than to take your vacation at home and invest in your own sanctuary. With the majestic view of the metro skyline and Laguna Bay, a lifestyle of luxury, and an exclusive and tranquil setting, Crosswinds by Brittany takes luxury living to new heights with Alpine Villas – a collection of six to eight-story mid-rise condominiums in the style of Swiss chalets tucked exclusively within Crosswinds.

Crosswinds by Brittany is set to turnover Alpine Villas’ first building of pre-selling condominium units, Bernese, in the fourth quarter of this year. Its second building, Blanc, is set to be turned over in the second quarter of 2022. You can have the option to choose either a studio unit or a one-bedroom unit in Alpine Villas at Crosswinds. One of the best things to savor in owning a condo inside Crosswinds is that all units of Alpine Villas have balconies where you can lounge with a cup of coffee while enjoying the breathtaking view of nature.

Named after ranges of the Swiss Alps, Bernese and Blanc are masterfully planned considering the land development in the area. Designed to make everything within reach, the luxury condominium development is set to have its exclusive amenity pavilion inside Crosswinds Tagaytay. Moreover, additional upscale commercial and retail establishments are expected to open in the future to complement the posh residential development of Alpine Villas at Crosswinds.

At Alpine Villas, you can enjoy everyday exclusive condo living as everything you need is within arm’s reach without even compromising security, privacy, and exclusivity. It’s time to reward yourself with a lifetime investment of living beyond comfortable.

For more information on Crosswinds by Brittany and its latest condominium development Alpine Villas, call (0939 913 2032) or email ([email protected]).

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Living in Convenience and Awe

     A life well lived can mean a lot of things. It may or may not be limited to attaining your life goals or pursuing your dream profession here or abroad. A good life may also mean you are enjoying every second of it with your loved ones, or the more out-of-tradition living alone in a condominium in Tagaytay just savoring life and the joy of being self-dependent. Everyone has their own standard or definition of living the good life. Different people have different perspectives, thus having different outlooks in life. Similar to a child’s wonder of the great outdoors, there are those who might also be baffled by what really is the standard definition of living a fulfilling life in convenience and awe.

     Different kinds of people, from different walks of life can have varying answers to this somewhat philosophical question. But in a simple answer, most can agree that a life spent with the basic conveniences of everyday living is a life one will always choose; a life where going outside your luxury home in Alabang brings you comfort in knowing that you need not go far to enjoy life’s basic necessities and luxuries.

     Another factor one can add to a life well lived is a lifestyle of pure awe. Imagine waking up to a home that oozes luxury in its every detail – a home that captures your dream of waking up to a foreign setting; a home in the midst of a community unlike any other; a home oozing of sophistication and elegance. This is a home Brittany Corporation exactly offers. Live in convenience and in awe with Brittany Corporation’s luxury homes.

Living in convenience and awe at the Deux Pointe in Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay

     Having a permanent home address in Tagaytay might be one of the best examples of living this kind of convenient and luxurious lifestyle. The city has been a renowned destination for people south of the nation’s capital. It has for so long been a go-to place to relax and unwind from a weeklong exhausting workdays in the Metro. The city offers the best view of one of nature’s stunning creation – the Taal Volcano, enclosed in the Taal Lake making it a one-of-a-kind natural wonder. Aside from the beautiful scenery, the city of Tagaytay also takes pride in its signature cool climate. A soothing and relaxing cold breeze makes morning coffees even better!

     In addition to its booming economy, Tagaytay City has become a hot spot for real estate investment because of its continuous development and improvement of its infrastructures. Companies such as Brittany Corporation, the luxury residential arm of Vista Land, recognizes the city’s potential so it has also continuously improved its luxury home offerings in Tagaytay.

Retail row at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A Convenient Life of Convenience and Awe in Crosswinds

     Proud as the only Swiss-inspired community down south of the capital, Crosswinds is truly a unique experience for homeowners and visitors alike. The community truly embodies a life of convenience and awe. Imagine waking up to the scent of your brewing coffee while being greeted by the swaying pine trees of Crosswinds. It makes your morning full of awe just by the mere sight of the dancing leaves of the magnificent pines.

     Life is convenient with various commercial establishments around Crosswinds. One will not need to go far for a sip of hot coffee with Coffee Project Crosswinds and the Ruined Project, both of which are cafés that offer scrumptious beverages and baked goodies under a very Instagram worthy setting.

     The Coffee Project Crosswinds branch opened its doors just a year ago replacing the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Coffee Project’s expansion is part of its ongoing vision to continue the company’s mantra of bringing in tasty coffee whilst being surrounded by awe-inducing aesthetics. The Ruined Project meanwhile, put up its café a few months after the Coffee Project branch. The store’s unique interior and exterior design of looking somewhat unfinished and ruined make its atmosphere more crisp and pure, ideal for a perfect Instagram post.

     Aside from coffee shops, Crosswinds Tagaytay has its own restaurant a few meters outside its entrance. Café Voila offers a wide selection of meals that will surely make your breakfast, lunch or dinner an exciting meal every time! They serve different dishes inspired by international cuisines, making your trip to Café Voila somewhat of a worldwide tastebud journey! Every meal is an enjoyable one; partnering it  with the café’s amazing interior designs makes everyone’s dining experience even better!

     Make sure to visit and consider owning a Crosswinds property now to have your chance at a life of awe and convenience right now!

La Posada's San Franciscan-inspired houses bring both convenience and awe to its residents | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

La Posada

    Living in the Metro has always meant one thing – being close to different portfolios of commercial, food, health and wellness establishments, and various industrial sectors. One can really say that living inside the boundaries of the capital is a convenience not every Filipino enjoys. If you are living in the Metro, you can walk or drive a few kilometers and you will already be in an establishment where you can find what you need for an errand –  may it be an ingredient for a recipe, a missing piece for a hardware or even a huge furniture for your new home, the city has it all.

     The increasing population seeking the conveniences of the Metro makes for a new problem. The noise and the bustling community equates to an unpleasant surrounding despite the convenient offering of the city. It has been said that traffic and pollution add to the stress factors of everyday professionals working in the big city. This is also worrisome for those who are taking refuge in the middle of the capital. This is a primary reason why La Posada, Brittany Corporation’s prime offering just south of Manila, is an ideal place to settle in. It has all the good sides of living in an urban landscape; convenience and accessibility, while being away from the stressful noise and pollution.

Make Sucat your New Address for Convenience and Awe

     Located in the first class highly urbanized city of Muntinlupa is the beautiful La Posada. It is a San Francisco-inspired community offering horizontal homes for the elite few. Boasting its serene setting amidst the highly developed Sucat, it truly is an escape of the urban setting without leaving the borders of the capital region. It has homes that are reminiscent of the beautiful townhomes of San Francisco, making your morning really awe-inducing as it offers sights you will never get tired of. It is a luxury home in and out with majestic exterior details and authentic interior designs; truly a masterpiece of a home.

     The community also has a perfect view of the Sierra Madre mountain range, a perfect addition to the awe-inspiring sceneries that La Posada offers. The beautiful Laguna Lake is also a sight to behold from your La Posada home. The biggest lake in the country, Laguna Lake is a gem that will surely make for a perfect afternoon strolling sight.

     As mentioned above, convenience is the name of the game for city living. La Posada does not make itself different with the proximity to essential commercial establishments for your daily needs! La Posada is within the boundaries of Lakefront, a master-planned community which houses not only residential properties but also commercial establishments and road networks connecting the community to other road networks such as the East Service Road.

     Grocery shopping is not a problem at all at La Posada. The community is a quick walk away from Vista Mall Lakefront or The Boardwalk, which has its own grocery chain, Puregold – offering diverse products for food, dining and hygiene. The locale also has several food establishments wherein you can order in a quick meal if you are busy in a day’s work. The community also has a dental clinic and salon for your personal care and grooming. Banks and ATM’s like BDO and Metrobank, if you need quick cash, are also located within the vicinity of the area.

     Another quick walk from La Posada is The Wharf at The Lakefront, which houses restaurants as well as the Coffee Project Lakefront, making your choice of coffee or heavy meal not entirely dreadful as both options are a quick stop away. Convenience indeed is the name of the game for a life worth living and La Posada has it all to offer!

Convenience and Awe are Key by Vista Land

     Vista Land is the mother brand of Brittany Corporation which is the luxury residential arm of the group. It takes pride in developing communities for different income segments while still delivering conveniences suited for every group. Every brand’s projects in every city or municipality where a Vista Land project is anchored has its own share of commercial establishments for a lifestyle that features easy and stress free living. The company has its portfolio of other brands that addresses needs for either food, utilities, transportation and even pet needs.

     It has malls like Vista Malls where usually, All Home, a store for all your home furniture or repair needs, is available. All Home has everything a homeowner would need from lighting, toilet and bath, bedroom and even backyard fixtures.

     For your food needs, it has All Day Supermarket, which is present in almost all of its malls, with fresh produce for your preparation of your daily meals. The word “ ALL “ greatly captures Vista Land’s stride to make everything easy and accessible for its homeowners and consumers.

     Undoubtedly, the gem of all Vista Malls is Evia Lifestyle Center, which is located in Vista Alabang, just beside Portofino Heights, one of Brittany’s prime project. Evia is a masterpiece of its own with an exterior design that is truly eye catching even from afar. The inside is no short of beautiful, with stores that caters to what you need and want. Food centers, clothing boutiques, luxury stores and the like are all inside the 120, 000 square meter lifestyle mall. Evia is indeed a one stop shop for everything you need.

     With the promise of delivering a life well lived to everyone, Vista Land takes pride in its extended offerings aside from the traditional horizontal homes and trendy vertical properties.

A family of four walking through the woods in convenience and awe | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany’s Crosswinds and La Posada : Truly a life well lived in convenience and awe

     Convenience and awe really is a combination that is hard to develop. One is not a guarantee of the another. A place can be awe-inducing but is not tailored for a convenient life – an example would be the beautiful sceneries up top a steep mountain range; it will always deliver a mesmerizing view, but living there would be stressful due to unavailability of your everyday essential needs. The same goes for living in a place of convenience, it does not always inspire the feeling of awe – the best example being living in the middle of a busy community where everything is within reach, but the noise and pollution negate the convenience it provides you all day long.

     Hence, the perfect combination would be to have a home that is thematic or majestic in delivery but also a stone-throw away from life’s daily conveniences. This is a combination that Brittany Corporation, developer of luxury homes in the Philippines, takes pride in. Since its foundation more than 20 years ago, Brittany has developed homes not only beautiful and distinguished in look but also masterfully planned to be within close distance of what an everyday luxury lifestyle needs to thrive. With projects scattered across the South, it has cemented itself as a real estate developer that truly offers a unique, luxurious and convenient lifestyle – the Brittany lifestyle.

     Brittany homes are inspired by some of the world’s best destinations. Its projects, aside from Crosswinds and La Posada, are Portofino in Vista Alabang, and Georgia Club, Augusta and Promenade in Vista Sta. Rosa. These beautiful thematic communities truly offers convenience and luxury in their own rights.

     A life well lived cannot exactly be defined. What one can come up with is a series of criteria or checklist that greatly answers if the life he/she has is a good one. In the end, it can be agreed upon that convenience and awe will be in everyone’s checklist no matter what.

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February 7, 2021

7 Young Filipino-Owned Businesses to Know This 2021

If you are doubting whether this year is the best year to start a business, you are not alone. Building Filipino-owned businesses from scratch is never easy, but with the right mindset, enough resources, and a clear-cut goal, making the impossible come to life is within your reach.

We can all agree that 2021 did not start on a bright note. There are several issues that surprised us at the start of the year. However, this is not a reason to lose hope. We still have ten more months to go and it is safe to say that it is too soon to be concluding the year. Hence, if you have plans for your career or personal growth, keep in mind that you still have a lot of time on your hands, so rushing is not an option. Embracing the process is key.

Whether you are looking for new business ideas or want to improve your existing business here in the Philippines, seeking established and successful Filipino-owned businesses is the way to go to learn effectively. From profitable construction startups to jaw-breaking industrial businesses that successfully cut through the PH market in the past few years, here is Brittany’s collection of the top local businesses you need to know this 2021. Get inspired and read on!

Man reading about Filipino-Owned Businesses in the the Business section of the newspaper | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Thriving Filipino-Owned Businesses You Need to Know

Apart from gaining recognition from other entrepreneurs and business giants all over the world, these notable businesses have also been providing employment opportunities to Filipinos. This, in turn, helps our economy as a whole.

It is a given that it has been difficult to uphold the economy in the past, so knowing that there are businesses that back the economy is a great thing. Additionally, aside from aiding the economy, there are various ways these businesses have helped the Philippines’ overall business ecosystem. Read on to know more!


CUBO is a company that designs and constructs small bamboo houses in as fast as four (4) hours. Earl Patrick Forlales and Zahra Halabisaz Zanjani, brilliant co-founders of CUBO strive to provide low-income individuals in the metro the right to dignified, simplistic living—all while helping the environment in return—by using sustainable construction resources.

CUBO’s vision is simple yet ideal. The duo perseveres to see a world where sustainable, affordable, and dignified housing is possible; hence, designing and constructing small homes through the use of replenishable materials.

Having spoken to the international press including Forbes, Reuters, Business World, The Guardian, etc., the duo has shone a light on making sustainable living possible in the Philippines. An inspiration for aspiring businessmen and women who want to make a change!

iFarms Inc.

Just as the brand name entails, iFarm is a business-to-business (B2B) data-driven solutions platform that provides sold-before-harvest online (app) service. Jairus Ferrer, iFarm’s founder, has studied the imbalance happening in our current agricultural system and formed iFarm to put an end to it.

Simply put, iFarm’s agricultural solution continuously helps solve the Philippines’ main agricultural problems: food wastage and oversupply.

Through iFarm, the process of ordering before harvesting is practiced. This way, our local farmers can foresee logistical and operational facets of their farming business; thus ensuring high-quality produce and service for other food businesses as well. This is a sound and most logical solution for our nation’s overlooked farming industry.


Cebu-based actor-businessman and former Pinoy Big Brother winner Jan Slater Young has upheld a company that offers lightweight, eco-friendly, and noise-insulating concrete blocks. According to Slater Young in an interview, “Liteblock is a much cheaper, greener, and lighter alternative to hollow blocks which is what most contractors use in buildings.

This proves that creating a much greener space for your home is possible!

Liteblock is basically concrete, but it is lighter and more insulated because it has micro-air bubbles in it. The air bubbles allow better insulation; thus, helping save energy,” Slater Young further discussed.

With this in mind, it has been proven that more people are choosing greener options for their housing plans. Liteblock proves that living a sustainable yet luxury lifestyle is possible! This is a great business outlook for unique individuals who like fresh approaches in housing and home development.


Gian Scottie Javelona, a 28-year old entrepreneur who started OrangeApps aspired to heighten school experience for both staff and students; thus, the cloud-based system is formed.

OrangeApps School Management System is a web and mobile platform crafted to aid schools in managing their operations—including admission, payroll, grading, scheduling, and such. The system allows both the school staff and the students to focus more on education instead of the tedious regular process schooling entails. It is basically an automation platform to help save time and focus on providing higher quality education.

Indeed, starting a business does not have to revolve around creating a concrete product—it can also be a service everyone can benefit from!


SALt is yet another fresh approach to a startup business! Aisa Mijeno, a scientist and entrepreneur who co-founded SALt called the business a social movement. This is because SALt creates and provides lamps that run on saltwater alone.

SALt has unearthed furniture and lighting possibilities for the country and will continue to do so due to the nation’s ever-growing demands. In the Philippines, plenty of rural communities are in dire need of a better option to urge them in pushing the switch from kerosene to a much sustainable resource, which surprisingly happened to be saltwater.

As written by Top 10 of Asia, a magazine that features successful entities all over Asia, Mijeno was invited as an APEC CEO Summit panel member together with ex-President Barack Obama and Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma last 2014. It has also been stated that Mijeno aspires to distribute more sustainable lighting to homes and communities all over the Philippines and possibly throughout Southeast Asia.

This is what thinking out of the box does. More opportunities are waiting to be untapped. We just have to exert effort to look for it.


(image from Website)

Solar Philippines

Founder Leandro Leviste zoomed into the opportunity of lowering electricity rates in the Philippines. This is due to the fact that our country is among the highest energy-consuming countries in Asia. Leviste foresaw how the country can benefit from solar lighting and eventually founded Solar Philippines in his sophomore year at Yale University.

As of today, Solar Philippines is by far the nation’s largest solar developer, investor, manufacturer, and procurement and construction (EPC) solar company.

The company provides financing, engineering, and installation services to its clients and procures its panels from various suppliers to make manufacturing happen. Due to his eloquence in crafting sound ideas, Leviste has been requested to speak at international forums all around the world.

Sustainability and logic are both solid proofs that as time goes by, the market seeks greener yet high-quality options to build their homes.

Happy Skin

Happy Skin is among the top homegrown Filipino beauty brands in the market that showed tremendous growth as a startup. Apart from offering world-class quality makeup, the company has been garnering attention from consumers around the globe, allowing the Philippines to finally step into the spotlight of the beauty industry. Happy Skin’s dedication to creating first-rate beauty products is getting us on par with Korea, Japan, and Thailand in terms of beauty product quality!

Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez, founder and CEO of Happy Skin Cosmetics, made it possible to set up 80 counters across the country and win 20 beauty awards from established fashion and beauty companies in just a span of two (2) years. Jacqe’s dedication to creating and establishing our local brand is among the top reasons why Happy Skin is among the most renowned young Filipino-owned businesses in the country.

Filipino-Owned Businesses: What Sets These Businesses Apart From The Others?

It is known that Filipinos have an unquestionable zest for exploring and starting businesses, even if we are solely planning it ourselves. Filipinos have one of the best business ethics and systems in Asia, and the whole world knows it. This proves the demand not just for entrepreneurs but also for Filipino consultants, managers, and coaches. In fact, according to a blog by an outsourcing company called Booth and Partners, there has been an apparent growth in outsourcing technical job roles and the Philippines is currently high up on the list of countries providing quality service to its global clients. And the main reasons why the world loves Filipino workers are because of their passionate ethic and ever-developing skills.

Imagine the beauty of having multiple Filipino-owned businesses booming simultaneously. Aside from helping boost the economy, more businesses also mean more job opportunities for Filipinos. This is why spreading a business mindset to your peers and encouraging everyone to hone their craft is highly beneficial. If you’re a young entrepreneur in need of tips to get started, you are in the right place.


Starting A Business While Young: Is It Ideal?

In an article by the World Bank, the Philippines is highly expected to rebound gradually in 2021-2022 once a vigorous domestic activity is partnered with greater consumer and business confidence. The same success is also bound to happen once public investment in Filipino-owned businesses regains its momentum in the following years.

So, starting and honing your own craft as soon as you can is ideal. Further, adding your company on the top Filipino-owned businesses aspiring entrepreneurs should know is not entirely impossible. You just have to find the right momentum and resources, and you’re all set! Below are some compelling tips you should take note of and practice while you are young.

14 Tips To Develop A Business Mindset

Learn about investing. If you can, make it a hobby.

Hone all your preferred craft. Practice makes perfect!

Learn the country’s economic status. The sooner, the better.

Try out new hobbies this year. You might find some activities that are business-worthy.

Challenge yourself. Think outside the box and try new things while you have time.

Jot down your vision and refine it. Visualize it every day. Live it.

Find good people and stay connected. Networking is still important.

Stay attuned to the social-economic news. It can help you carefully plot out your next steps.

Learn to manage both your time and energy. This way, you can avoid work burnout.

Plan for retirement. Again, the sooner you plan, the better.

Understand your industry before you plan a business.

Keep track of your health. Make it a priority!

Make reading and learning a habit.

Take time to care for yourself.

Starting a business sounds fun, especially if you have the resources to do it. However, that is not the best stepping ground in running a business. It is highly crucial that you know down from the bottom to the very top how things work. Spend time learning about how your industry works, and have a vision. And, most importantly, ensure that you reside in an environment that offers you security and peace.


Getting the Right Momentum in the Best Environment

Finish line of an Olympic track field | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Starting a business or improving your current endeavor requires the best state of mind. Achieving that right momentum will push you to allot more time in planning and trying out new things. Hence, you will need to spend time in an environment that allows you to explore your creativity and tap onto possibilities you never thought of before.

Brittany prioritizes your relaxation and personal experience. With this being said, the company takes into consideration how you can live a life worth pursuing. Luxury is not just another fancy word—in fact, it is defined as a state of great comfort. So, Brittany makes beautiful communities business-oriented people like you deserve.

Allowing yourself to get a taste of sophistication and an extraordinary lifestyle is an investment you can make for a successful future. Living in a safe and sound home fosters the skills and activities you are passionate about; thus, making you more relaxed and less stressed amidst these trying times.

It’s never too late to start anew! To get started on your personal and career development in a lovely home, visit Brittany’s portfolio of luxury homes and condos. You can also contact us to know what is best suited for you today!

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January 30, 2021

The Meaning of Colors and Where to Use them in your Home

It is widely accepted that colors can affect one’s mood and emotions. Some colors inspire creativity, while others ignite passion. Knowing that colors play a significant role in influencing one’s sentiment, have you ever wondered what is the ideal color for the different rooms in your luxury home?

Listed here are the meanings of the different colors for your home, and the most suitable room for it.

Orange. Orange is a warm hue that gives off an optimistic and welcoming vibe. It brings out feelings of coziness and warmth and exudes youthfulness and energy. It is recommended for rooms where family and love are in abundance.

Best for Dining Area, Playroom, Children’s room

Green field | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Green. Green is a very calm and relaxing shade. It is the color of nature and can bring about inner peace and healing. It is recommended for rooms where one spends time to restore one’s energy.

Best for Bedroom, Living Room, Yoga Room

Purple. Purple inspires creativity and innovativeness. It is associated with royalty, courage, and even magic. It is seen as playful, quirky, and whimsical. It is best for rooms where imagination is encouraged.

Best for Crafts Room, Playroom, Game Room

Blue. Blue is also associated with nature since it represents the sky and the ocean. It brings to mind vacations by the beach, or leisurely afternoon walks. As such, it invokes feelings of peace and tranquility. It is recommended for rooms where one retreats to after a tiring day.

Best for Bedroom, Living Room, Toilet

Miniature ice cream figure and white color pencil on a flat maroon background | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Red. Red is a fiery hue that represents courage and fearlessness. It is bold and strong, powerful and passionate; and is usually used to symbolize an intense feeling. It is recommended for rooms that entail stimulation.

Best for Home Gym, Home Theater, Gallery

Yellow. Yellow is a sunny color that makes people smile. It reminds people of the sun. Therefore, it invokes feelings of optimism and joy. Though yellow is a stimulating shade, it is said to help increase focus and concentration, while sustaining a cheerful mood. It is recommended for rooms that require attentiveness.

Best for Study Room, Home Office, Kitchen

Pink. Pink is a color that is related to tenderness and love. It is soothing and comfortable and is commonly associated with innocence and romance. It is recommended for rooms that are intended to be warm and welcoming.

Best for Living Room, Bedroom

Different colors of cacti in white vases on a white background | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

White. White is a refreshing hue that gives the notion of clean and pure. It can bring about contrasting impressions such as cozy yet formal, cold yet welcoming, pure yet polished. It is recommended for areas where neatness is given importance.

Best for Dining Room, Kitchen, Toilet

Black. Black is mysterious, sophisticated, stunning, and powerful. It is often related to being expensive, and elegant. Though some view it as a masculine shade, it actually embodies neutrality. It is recommended for rooms that are meant to impress and intimidate.

Best for Home Office, Gallery

Though the psychology of the colors recommends a certain hue for each room of your home, it still boils down to your preference and lifestyle. You can choose to combine, highlight and accentuate. You can play around with different shades and hues in the multitude of rooms in your Brittany home in Portofino, Alabang. Enjoy!

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10 New Hobbies To Try Out This 2021

by Lorraine Marie Dela Cruz

These past few months, it has been extremely difficult to go to work and do the activities we used to leisurely enjoy before the pandemic struck. And while it sounds pleasing enough to take a deep breath and grasp all the time we have to rest, there are things even worthier doing than simply pausing everything. You have time to do almost anything you want to do; why not spend this precious time “upgrading” yourself? Try and discover new hobbies this 2021, and you might find yourself rekindling your passion for old hobbies or stumbling upon new ones you will love.

Picking up a new hobby or two will not only help you spend your time wisely but will also allow you to learn facets of yourself you have not unearthed yet. Allotting time to get to know yourself benefits your mental fortitude, bettering your problem-solving skills needed for everyday life. Now is the perfect time to take up a new creative hobby. With a plethora of online resources to base on, practicing and learning a new skill has never been easier. All you need is that kick of inspiration, and you are ready to go!

Below, Brittany listed a few new hobbies to try out this 2021 – from creative to technical hobbies. Read on to get started on your self-development journey.

New Hobbies to Try this Year

This is the time to discover a talent you never thought you had. Sit yourself down, grab a pen and a notebook, and list down as many hobbies you would like to try this year.

Journaling can be one of the new hobbies you can try out in 2021 | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


Writing in a journal need not be extravagant, just like our thoughts. In this creative, personal space, you are free to jot down who you are, what opinions you hold so dearly, and what makes you feel free. Putting your feelings on paper helps get rid of anxieties and pent-up frustrations that accumulated over time, especially in this pandemic. You will need an outlet to express your inner thoughts, and journaling is the perfect hobby for it. The best thing about journaling is that you are always home wherever you go. Plus, you get to keep all of your ideas in one place and access it anytime, anywhere.

Journaling is not as cliché as it sounds. In fact, it helps you become an even better person than you think. Apart from being a creative outlet for your random thoughts, journaling helps you sit down and organize your thoughts. It is like a mental checkpoint you definitely need from time to time.

Give it a try and see why journaling is one of the most popular hobbies this 2021!


When lockdown restrictions were implemented last 2020, gardening hobbies grew and spread rapidly. This particular activity provided a huge advantage for our environment to cope and bounce back. Fortunately, people’s love of gardening shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Work-from-home professionals and even students jumped right onto this trend, and gardening has proven that time with nature is a time well-spent. This is an activity that is good for both the mind and body, so it is perfect for you to try it this season.

If you want to delve into the wonderful world of planting as a recreational activity, there is no better time to start than today. Visit a local plant shop and see what plants are perfect for a new plant parent like you. Certainly, local gardeners in your area will be happy to help!

Baking as a new hobby | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Cooking and baking

This pandemic, it is a given that most people need to stay at home unless they need to go outside for work. With this being said, it is crucial to learn how to fend for yourself in these trying times. Cooking is one of the most basic yet entertaining hobbies you can try any time of the day. Certainly, you and your family will be the first ones to benefit from this hobby, so it is worth every effort.

Further, there is no ideal timetable when trying out this new hobby. Once you get a hold of the dedication to get started, you are more than ready!

Working out

This pandemic undeniably has taken its toll on people’s physical and mental health. To cope up with the physical and emotional stress COVID-19 has brought, staying active is the key. Rekindle your love for fitness by exploring workout routines you never tried before. If you are still uncomfortable going to the gym, staying home might be the best option. Do not fret; with lots of workout resources online , you will never run out of ideas and routines to try.

Take this time to bounce back on your fitness journey. Trust that this is the biggest and most crucial investment for your personal development, especially in this worrisome pandemic.

Man holding messy brushes with paint all over his hands and the table | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


If you are looking forward to starting a creative hobby, painting is the best activity to try! First, look into the kind of painting you want to do. If you cannot decide, it is totally fine. One good thing about painting is that you can always figure out what you want to do along the way. However, if you have set your eyes on a specific painting style you want to do, the next steps to take should be easy.

Gather the materials you will need and set your painting environment. Expect that inspirations will differ. So, whether you already have a thematic lifestyle or have a countryside living environment, seeking what subject inspires you the most before you pick up that paintbrush and stroke on that canvas will greatly help. If you have no intentions of making this a career and just pursue it as a recreational hobby, taking a more low-key approach on how you learn it is the best way to go. You do not need to rush the process. Take it one step at a time; that, by far, is the very essence of art!

Learning a new language (or two)

There is the possibility of the pandemic ending soon, or it might be later than most think. This uncertainty is the primary reason why learning another language is a good hobby to try.

One of Ted Talk’s blogs suggested new ways on how to get started with language-learning. For starters, it is crucial to know that being an adult does not mean you should not try anymore. According to Spanish translator Sebastián Betti, learning a language means focusing on the experiences and opportunities that the new language would open up for you. He suggested thinking of visiting theme parks, attending air shows, enjoying cowboy poetry and folk-rock festivals, and learning about photo-essay techniques as real-life examples of these experiences.

Learning a language to take advantage of opportunities that may arise from these fun activities is one way of tricking your brain into actually thinking that this new skill is actually important. Ted Talks states that this language-learning technique has been suggested by many translators.

To get started on this new hobby, German translator Judith Matz suggested picking up 50 words of a language and start using them on people. Working your way up from here, start picking up the correct grammar and converse with these newfound words.

A pair of reading glasses resting on top of a book on a bed with white sheets and a grey pillow in a luxury house | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Reading a book

This is pretty old school, but one of the best ways to pass the time meaningfully is by reading a book. Do you have books you have not opened yet? Now is the time to show a little love to them. Dust off your shelf and gather books you have not read. If you have little to read, consider buying new books of different genres. Take this chance to widen your perspective on and preference for books. Truthfully, there are plenty of books to read, and newer ones are getting published as you read this blog. Meaning, you have all the chances to try out every book you want to read.

Reading books is one of the most inexpensive hobbies you can try, especially if your place is accommodating enough to cater to this new activity. In fact, a study by Mindlab International at the University of Sussex states that reading for just a mere six minutes is enough to reduce your stress levels by more than two-thirds. All you need to do to start is grab your preferred book and a quiet location. Then, you are all set! This is the best way to go if you are seeking a new adventure without having to experience the stress of going out while staying safe.


This is one of the best hobbies to try this year.  In photography, age is not—and will never be—a barrier in terms of learning. Even a mobile phone can push you to get started! Are you a person who loves putting concepts on your hobbies, or are you more of a person who loves trying things not normally seen? Whatever your preference is, photography can showcase just how wonderful of a mind you have.

Among the best perks of photography is its ability to adapt to what you, as a hobbyist, prefer to do. The challenge here that will totally keep you hooked is how to approach different types of photography while sticking to your preferred concept. By types, you can choose between landscape, nature, wildlife, street, portrait, and sports. Incorporating your own touch of sophistication is what you need to work on. Whatever creative style it is you want to do or try, photography can cater. In fact, it is as exciting as it sounds. If you dwell in a residence with beautiful communities, this is the perfect hobby for you.

Learning to play the piano can be one of the many new hobbies one can learn in their own luxury house | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Learning an instrument

If you are into endless learning and lifelong recreation, learning a musical instrument is the perfect hobby for you. Unlike other hobbies, playing an instrument is something one can never get tired of. And since music is ever-present, you will never run out of new genres to try. Apart from endless music to discover, you also get smarter and more attentive each day. That is how much we benefit from playing an instrument.

This particular creative outlet can be especially tedious at first due to the notes and chords you have to remember, but it being a difficult task is the same as all the other hobbies out there. Learning a new skill is not easy, but it is worth every sweat.

Months from now, when you have finally mastered all the chords or the notes you have been practicing tirelessly, you will know just how much of a gift musical instruments are.

Learning about investing

Lastly and by far, the most rewarding and satisfying hobby to try this year is investing. You can start investing in stocks or take the leap and invest in real estate. Apart from the opportunity to earn passive income that will potentially back you up in your retirement plan, there are still lots of untapped circumstances where investing is the only answer.

If you work an 8-hour job every day, try looking into investing. However, keep in mind that this is a hobby you must commit to if you want to reap excellent results. Once you start learning how to invest, you will have to keep your eyes peeled on how your money will grow. Of course, that is not always the case. Reach out to an experienced broker and tips that can help you expand your knowledge about investing—specifically on the type of investments you should delve into.

Pursuing a Hobby in an Accommodating Environment

If self-development is your main resolve this year, having a place that suits your active lifestyle is also a must. Brittany Corporation offers luxury properties built and designed to suit you and your family’s needs. From thematic homes to condos, Brittany have just what you seek.

Looking for the perfect place to pursue your new hobbies is undeniably a crucial investment for your personal development. Hence, if you are looking forward to starting a new sophisticated lifestyle, Brittany is here to cater to your demands. Send us your queries today!

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January 27, 2021

New Year’s Resolution for your Home

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The new year always brings forth a long list of resolutions that you can strictly follow to improve yourself. But more often than not, these resolutions always find their way to the following year’s list. For this year, instead of crafting another list for yourself that will most probably be unfulfilled for the rest of the year, why not create a  New Year’s resolution for your home.

Your home resolutions can be small or big, depending on what you want to do, and how much you can commit. Here are suggestions on what you may want to do to uplift your Brittany home in Portofino, Alabang.


Young couple moving into their new house and discussing their New Year's Resolution for Your Home | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


You can start with small changes. These resolutions can take up only a few hours of your time.

Clean your Cupboard and Fridge.

Even with your best effort, there always seems to be unwanted and expired food in the cupboard and the fridge. Though you have every intention to consume whatever food you buy, there are times when you simply ran out of time to consume them. What better way to signify a new start than starting with a clean pantry.

Style your Bookshelf.

Bookshelves are not just storage for books. It is one of the most personal piece of furniture in your home. It carries your interests, your memories, and your aspirations. Styling your bookshelf can revitalize your living space and become the focal point in your room.

Decorate with Plants.

If you want to rejuvenate your home with not much effort, adding plants can do the trick. Indoor plants not only bring a sense of calmness to the surroundings but also improve your home’s air quality.


Increased safety can be your New Year's Resolution for your home | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


If you want bigger changes without having to do major renovations, here are some resolutions that can take about a few days to weeks of your time.

Experiment with Color.

You may want to infuse color in your home. You can paint furniture or create an accent wall or change the color of your room altogether.

Create a Cozier Bedroom.

Since the bedroom is the room at your home where you spend most of your time, it is ideal to make it cozier. You can change furniture, paint the walls or dispose of old clothing.

Smarten your Home.

There are several ways to smarten your home without doing major renovations, such as installing smart plugs and locks, automated lights or making your home Alexa-ready.


Recycling is a great New Year's Resolution for your home and for the environment | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation


If you want to do life-changing activities, these are the suggested resolutions. These require changes in lifestyle, and not just for the year.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

To reduce your carbon footprint, you must check all your appliances and electronics to ensure that they are energy efficient. Unplug appliances that are not in use and turn down the water heater. Using natural light and insulating your home can also help reduce your carbon footprint.


Supply your home with recycling bins to make your recycling journey easier. Have your bins ready and labeled properly so that the rest of your family also know what goes into what.  Check your collection points for your recyclable waste. This is a perfect New Year’s Resolution for your home and for the environment.

The new year always brings about new beginnings. Have a wonderful year ahead in your luxury home in Portofino.

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Reimagine Luxury in Portofino

A life to pursue beyond measure is what you call luxury. Luxury is defined as a state of great comfort and fancy living. It simply means a refinement of the ordinary. Embodying true luxury is Brittany Corporation’s prime development, Portofino, an Italian-inspired enclave that exudes a newfound luxury resonating all things beautiful and grand. Within all of Brittany’s majestic offerings, Portofino is an odyssey of luxury with the eminent beauty of its community exhibiting the highest standards of living.

Portofino Heights in Vista Alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Inspired by ideal sophistication, Portofino is surrounded by lush landscape views that represent an ultimate luxury setting featuring grand spaces, Italian-inspired architectures, and courtyard rows. Simply unrivaled with its classic encompassing space, exclusivity, and comfort, Portofino is more than enough to see all your hardships fall into the right place. Reimagine the beauty of a home you can consider as your own solace; a sanctuary where you need not go far to experience life’s great comforts. Enjoy the sense of being relaxed in an environment where you can explore generous outdoor amenities and entertaining spaces. Every detail is furnished with the finest standards of Italian-craftsmanship, and seeing its beauty in an everyday setting is what makes you feel the true luxury experience.

Reimagining all the luxury you can get is all about reimagining your own living – a life where you can have all that you want. But during these times, what would really matter is not the thought of knowing you can buy the luxury items you wish to have, rather, it is about the essence of a quality life and the timeless moments you spend in your surroundings. That is what makes it truly luxurious. Reimagine about having the time of your life where you can live in a home filled with your dreams and comfort, a life where you can create infinite memories with your family enjoying little things such as waking up in the morning, having a sip of your favorite coffee, talking to your loved ones, reading a new book, cooking your favorite dishes, walking with your fur buddies, designing your own space, and anything simple yet makes you feel a sense of contentment. Reimagine living in your own haven, one that gives you the most satisfying moments in life indulged in the joy of being home.

A home worth living for is completed with every essential thing you need. Reimagining your own living starts with finding the perfect address, an address beyond expectations, a place where living in serenity meets the convenience of an urban landscape. Reimagine the future with your homes you are in today, reimagine the future you can get in an address that offers you various developments that meet your desired lifestyle. The future you wish to see is all here in Vista Alabang – a master-planned community of luxury homes at an emerging location south of Metro Manila with architecture that translates luxury in design; a more diverse city where all developments from the North can now also be seen in the South like University Towns, Business Hubs, and Lifestyle Malls. With everything within reach, life is definitely made easy. Reimagine living in a home situated in an upscale development that has more spaces for sports, health, higher education, religious worships, and more residential spaces. The stateliness of sophisticated facilities will complement all lifestyle residing in the area.

Here in Portofino, Brittany offers you luxurious property developments located in the most prominent address in the South; a place where you can reimagine the luxury you think you already have. Make Portofino by Brittany your luxury address in the South.


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