Why Seafood Feasts Are Popular In Davao

The Davao Region, which includes the provinces of Davao de Oro, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Oriental, and Davao Occidental, is situated in the southeast of Mindanao. Territory XI is the name given to the administrative region of Davao Region, formerly known as Southern Mindanao.

The major, densely populated Davao City, also known as Lungsod ng Davao in Filipino and Dakbayan sa Dabaw in Cebuano, is situated in the Davao Region of the Philippines. The city is the largest in the Philippines in terms of land size with a total area of 2,443.61 km2 (943.48 sq mi). It is also the most populated city in Mindanao and ranks third in the Philippines in terms of population, behind Quezon City and Manila. There are more than million people living there, according to the 2020 census.

Most Popular Food in Davao City

Traveling to a new place is always thrilling since you can and get to experience its people, culture, and the food. When it comes to restaurants, Davao City is impossible to quantify. Because the Dabawenyos’ lowly manner of living affects their basic eating preferences.

Matangbaka, Bangus, Malasugi, Tilapia, Pasayan, Alimango, Guso, Lato, Katambak, Moro-moro, Bodboron, Barileson, Lapu-lapu, Maya-maya, and the list goes on are included in the daily dishes of Davaom which are he best dishes in Davao and in the world, that comes from Davao!

Most of the popular foods in Davao are mostly seafoods which Davao is also famous for. And seafood is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which can significantly improve heart health and lower the risk of cardiovascular events. It is also high in protein and low in saturated fat.

Continue reading this article where you can find the best and most recommended seafood restaurants in Davao City.

  1. RD Crab Shack

One of the best seafood restaurants in Davao City where the food is good and a place that serves delectable menus of mud crab and king crab, as well as prawns, shrimps, tuna, mix meat barbecue, and Filipino food. arranged at the city’s overlooking area.

You can also rent it for a gatherings and for your celebrations, they provide lovely function spaces. A variety of seafood options are available. Crab shells on the walls, baskets as lighting fixtures, and hanging shells as accent pieces make up the decor in this particular function area, which also accepts catering for your occasions.

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Location: Bellevue Square, Davao City Diversion Rd, Davao City Davao del Sur

most popular food in davao city

  1. Hilltop Crabs Buffet

The food and the fish at this place is delicious and authentic, a must try. It often tastes better when you eat with loved ones, such as family and friends. The location is good and have a fantastic atmosphere, and the good food is worth the price if you are in a budget or for a low price. Take a bite of your feast.

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Location: Jaroda Road Tulip Drive, Matina Pangi Rd, Davao City Davao del Sur

  1. Junex Tuna & Seafood

This place should not be missed if one wants to experience Davao City fully. This best seafood restaurant offers good food and a range of best seafood meals, with a grilled fish, grilled pork, yellow fin, barbecued chicken, and fresh seafood. Additionally, they accept orders for deliveries.

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Location: 279 Jaroda Rd, Talomo, Davao City Davao del Sur

  1. Crabs, Shrimps and Steaks

Protein is abundant in crab, which is important for maintaining and growing muscle. Additionally, the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium content of crab is higher than average. These supplements play important roles in promoting general health and assisting in the prevention of a number of chronic diseases.

You should definitely come in this best seafood place and try the crabs, shrimps and steak and bring your loved ones along as well. Their good food is excellent and very good nutrition is essential to a happy existence.

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Location: Jack’s Ridge, 8000 Shrine Hills Rd, Matina, Davao City Davao del Sur

  1. Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

A place that only the best and freshest great seafood is served at this enjoyable and deliciously messy dining experience, which is guaranteed from sea to table.

When you eat with others, the food is very good. Enjoy all the different flavors when you go to Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps. Their good food is worth the calories. A good seafood restaurant that you can simply must try and enjoy going to with your loved ones, friends, and coworkers.

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Location: Branch1: In Between SM Lanang and DCWD

Branch2: Lanang Business Park, Mindanao 8000,, Davao City Davao del Sur

This Is The Time To Taste Davao

  1. Crabs and Co. Seafood Buffet

It is a place that instead of the usual eat-all- you can buffet, you’ll get an initial platter with all of the food and with a cup of rice because of the pandemic. You must prefer their shrimp over their crabs in actuality. Try the dilis and kimchi on the side and you might also like it. Good seafood meal is served.

Their service was excellent, and they have numerous other patrons in this establishment. This great seafood restaurant in Davao is very good and a must try.

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Location: Juna Subdivision, 425 Tulip Dr, Matina, Davao City Davao del Sur

  1. Surf & Turf Davao

A place where the best live crab, fresh seafood, and meat restaurant in town. A must try that will leave you feeling full and fully satisfied!

Come and have “The Most Amazing Food Experience,” as so many people have described it! They have a salmon, tuna belly, baby back ribs, Panga, native chicken, nokos, and much more that are also available. The food is good.

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Location: Juna Subdivision, 425 Tulip Dr, Matina, Davao City Davao del Sur

  1. Ahfat Sea Foods Plaza

You have to eat at this restaurant if you are a seafood lover and can’t get enough of it. You must try and like biting into the new delicacies that resemble sea urchins that they have and were created by shrimp lovers for shrimp lovers.

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Location: 3 Km 7, Poblacion District, Davao City Davao del Sur

  1. Marituna Seafood Restaurant

Marituna is more than just a fantastic tuna restaurant in Davao City, they have a complete source of premium fresh seafoods, live fish, durian, seasonal fruits, and other cuisine specialties that highlight Davao’s best and suit everyone’s taste preferences, making it a must-visit restaurant. Since it bears the adage “You haven’t been to Davao if you haven’t been to Marinatuna,” it is regarded as a landmark in the city.

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Location: 3JXJ+WFM, Agdao, Davao City Davao del Sur

Why Seafood Feasts Are Popular In Davao

More popular and must try food in Davao City

  • Durian Goodies (Durian Shake, Durian Pie, Durian Coffee, Durian, Durian and Langka Turon)
  • Sutokil
  • Imbaw
  • Sinuglaw
  • Chicken Binakol
  •  Mangosteen Wine
  • Davao Pomelo & Prawn Salad
  • Homemade Lemongrass-Avocado Ice Cream
  • Roasted Crocodile
  • Filipino-style Fried Fish with Mango Sauce
  • Grilled Squid & Tuna Belly
  • Colasa’s BBQ
  • Law-Uy
  • Pakfry

This Is The Time To Taste Davao!

To thoroughly participate in the culture of one’s travel location is a surefire way to totally immerse oneself in that society. The Philippines is no exception to the rule that getting a taste of the local food and treats may teach you a lot about a place.

If you believe that a few days won’t be enough time to satisfy your craving for Davao’s somewhat addicting meal, and if the city has captured your heart and made you stay longer even for good, now is the best time to invest in a luxury condominium in Davao.

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