Davao Regional Development Plan 2023-2028

One of the lingering effects of the pandemic is the high number of unemployment that has a direct affect in the Philippine economic situation. Due to strong population growth and higher labor force participation, employment growth was insufficient to alleviate unemployment especially in few big cities in the country.

What is Regional Development Plan?

Regional Development Plan are programs run by the government to promote industrial and economic growth in areas that are stagnating or where a sizable section of the population is unemployed for an extended period of time.

There are specific Regional Development Plan for each are or regions in the Philippines. It is created to address each local problems. The regions that have Regional development plan, to name some are Region 1: Cagayan Valley, Region 2: Cagayan Valley ; Central Luzon. Region 3: Central Luzon ; CALABARZON, Region 4A: CALABARZON ; MIMAROPA.

What is Davao City?

Davao City, also known as the City of Davao (Lungsod ng Davao in Filipino and Dakbayan sa Dabaw in Cebuano), is a premier, highly urbanized city in the Philippines’ Davao Region. The city is the largest in the Philippines in terms of land size, with a total area of 2,443.61 km2 (943.48 sq mi). It is the most populated city in Mindanao and ranks third in terms of population in the Philippines, behind Quezon City and Manila. There are more than million people living there, according to the 2020 census.

The city is geographically part of the province of Davao del Sur and is counted among it by the Philippine Statistics Authority, but it is governed and run separately. Three congressional districts, each of which is further divided into 11 administrative districts and a total of 182 barangays, make up the city.

What is Regional Development Plan

The second most populous metro area in the Philippines, Metro Davao, is centered in Davao City. The city serves as the regional core of Davao Region and the primary trade, business, and industry centre of Mindanao. The tallest peak in the Philippines, Mount Apo, is located near Davao. The name “Durian Capital of the Philippines” is also given to the city.

What is the regional designation of Davao Region?

The Davao Regional Development Plan’s Strategic Framework, 2023-2028, was authorized by the Regional Development Council XI on September 27, 2022, at its third quarter hybrid meeting, which was held both in person at the NEDA-RDC XI Center in Bangkal Davao City and virtually. The Davao Region’s primary development thrusts, priorities, and targets for the upcoming planning period of 2023–2028 are summarized in the Overall Strategic Framework.

Maria Lourdes D. Lim, acting chairperson of RDC XI, further stated that the Davao Regional Development Plan, 2023–2028 framework is consistent with and adopts the overall strategy framework of the country. For the 2023–2028 Plan period, the overall goal is to revitalize job creation and poverty reduction by re-establishing the regional economy’s high-growth path and, more importantly, through economic transformation for a prosperous, inclusive, and resilient society.

Ambisyon Natin 2040’s long-term objective of creating a “matatag, maginhawa at panatag na buhay” by the year 2040 will continue to be worked upon.

The 8-point socioeconomic agenda of President Marcos, which represents the government’s priority goals for the pressing concerns, particularly the rising costs of basic commodities due to inflation, the effects of the lingering COVID-19 on health and education, and the impact of global supply chain disruptions on national government revenues affecting job creation and security, fundamentally influences the creation of the Davao Regional Development Framework.

The Davao Regional Development Plan, 2023–2028, which will serve as the major reference and guidance for the RDC XI Planning Committees in developing the DRDP, was also adopted by the Council at the meeting. The Guidelines shall, among other things: ensure that the identified development strategies directly respond to the cited gaps so that outcomes are achieved that shall significantly contribute to the realization of AmBisyon Natin 2040; provide for the coverage and process in the formulation of the successor DRDP aligned with the PDP, 2023-2028; identify the tasks, outputs and responsible entities, schedules and resources in the entire formulation, consultation and legitimization process.

The Davao Regional Development Plan (DRDP), 2023–2028, will include 17 chapters, 11 sub-chapters, and 5 key parts. To improve inclusivity and ownership among Davaoeos, the Plan will also be subject to multi-stakeholder dialogues. By the end of the current year, a comprehensive draft of the DRDP, 2023-2028 must be finished, and by the first quarter of 2023, the public must have access to a printed copy of the document.

Davao Regional Development Plan 2023-2028

What is Davao region very well known for?

Davao Region has been known for as a part for regional economic cooperation in Southeast Asia that is a part of the East Asian Growth Area.

The foundation estimates that during a 15-year period, the city would develop by an average annual rate of 2.53 percent; Davao was the only Philippine city to make the top 100. Davao City has the biggest local economy in the southern Philippines and the biggest city economy in Mindanao.

The city’s primary economic sector is still agriculture, which includes plantations for bananas, pineapples, coffee, and coconuts. Fruits including mangoes, pomeloes, bananas, coconut goods, pineapples, papayas, mangosteens, and cocoa are among the top exports from the island.

The city also acts as Mindanao’s major center for trade, business, and industry. It is also one of the island nation’s financial centers. The first Philippine firm headquartered outside of Metro Manila to be included in the PSE Composite Index is Phoenix Petroleum, an international oil corporation with its headquarters in Davao City. The city is home to a number of industrial facilities, including those of Coca-Cola Bottlers, Phil., Pepsi-Cola Products, Phil., Interbev Phil Inc., and RC Cola Phil.

Because Davao City has been developing into a big, modern city in the south, that is popular to tourist from inside and outside the country, real estate has also been a growing market in there.

Thankfully, Brittany offer a luxury condominium property in Davao City. This condo development provides easy access to city lifestyle hotspots. With adjacent commercial enterprises, entertainment centers, and lifestyle centers that cater to your everyday requirements, it is really a lifestyle alternative that is within reach.

What is the regional designation of Davao Region


Davao is known for its rich harvest and eclectic culture. Additionally, it serves as Southern Mindanao’s regional hub for business, trade, and industry. Undoubtedly, Davao’s municipal administration is quite tough about upholding law and order. Davao is the second most tranquil and safe city in Southeast Asia as a consequence of its low crime rates.

In light of the NEDA’s RDP for the upcoming years and the fact that there are no traffic jams in the region, owning real estate in Davao City is undoubtedly a wise investment. Road difficulties won’t ever get in the way of your cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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