University Of Baguio: Top Performing School For Dentist Licensure Examination in the Philippines

Baguio is a prime location not just for tourism, good food, and luxury real estate developments — it is also a hub for quality education opportunities. Wandering around in Baguio will give you a glimpse of the best schools in the city, especially for higher education. One of the most recognized schools is the University of Baguio (The UB), which is originally known as the Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute or Baguio Tech. The UB is the second-largest university in the region and it is located at General Luna Road Baguio. It is a popular choice for students who want to earn a degree in Education, Criminology, or Healthcare like Dentistry. This popularity is merited as The University of Baguio recently earned the second spot among the top-performing universities in the PRC (Professional Regulations Commission) Dentist Licensure Examination in the Philippines last November 2022.

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Is Getting a Dentistry Degree at the University of Baguio Worth It?

A higher education degree is a major stepping stone in building a career. If you are planning to get a degree in dentistry, admission to a credible school specializing in your needed programs is important. You need to find the best school to provide you with the best education and skills you need to excel as a professional. The question is: what makes a great learning institution? One of the many metrics for choosing a good school is its passing rate in national board exams. A high passing rate is an important indicator of high-quality education and programs in a school. It shows that graduates are skilled and qualified to practice as professionals in their field. This is why the stellar performance of the University of Baguio in the recent Dentist Licensure Examination is a reflection of its teaching excellence in Dentistry.

Is Getting a Dentistry Degree at the University of Baguio Worth It

Take note that out of the 2,314 dentistry graduates who took the Dentist Licensure Examination, only more than half (1,431) passed. Exactly 61 of the passers are students of the University of Baguio, all achieving at least an 80% passing rate. The result: The University of Baguio earned the top 2 spots with an impressive passing rate of 93.85%. Such stellar achievement by The UB reflects their program’s excellence, which can gain the trust of future dentistry students.

Tips for Preparing for Your Dentist Licensure Examination

The Dentist Licensure Examination is probably the biggest day for many Dentistry students. That said, it is normal to feel anxious about how you will perform. The key is regulating these emotions by preparing well — physically, mentally, and emotionally. Here are some tips every examinee can try to ace the Dentist Licensure Examination.

  • Create a Realistic Study Routine

Once you receive the schedule for your dental licensure exam, mark your calendar and start your preparation plans early (at least three months in advance or earlier if possible). Remember to keep your study hours realistic. Time blocking or studying in short blocks of time throughout your schedule might be more practical than studying for nine hours straight every day. Set up a study location that will help you stay focused as well. Joining a study group from time to time will also help you review, discuss, and absorb relevant information easier.

  • Take Practice Tests

Answering practice tests eases your mind for the actual tests. Maximize the free practice tests, sample questions, and other valuable resources online. You can also create your own practice test. Start by reviewing the basics and analyzing your previous exams and academic practicals. Doing so will help you evaluate where you excel and which areas need more improvement. Use this information as review guides, so you can spend more time conducting an in-depth study to the specific subjects you do not know well.

  • Connect With Your Professors

Dentistry is a complex field, so it is normal to encounter difficult points. If you need help in understanding your review materials, your professors are some of your most valuable resources. You can trust that they know the field best due to their profession and years of experience. Plus, they and can offer some guidance and advice that you will need along the way. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback.

  • Do not compromise your sleep and rest time

Studying well for your exam does not mean neglecting other aspects of your life — especially rest and relaxation. You cannot pour from an empty cup; you have to prioritize creating a balance between studying and decompressing. Having a regular sleeping schedule is a good way to start. Give your mind and body the time to recuperate so you can absorb your review material better. Starting your day with simple stretches and exercises also help condition yourself to start the day right.

University Of Baguio Top Performing School For Dentist Licensure Examination in the Philippines

After completing your board exam, give yourself the credit you deserve. Finishing Dentistry and having the opportunity to take a licensure examination are already an impressive feat, regardless of the results. Make the most out of the moment and look forward to the next steps of your new journey!

Are there Other University of Baguio Courses?

The University of Baguio has been around since 1950 when it was known as the Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute. The initial goal of its founders, Fernando Gonzaga Bautista and Rosa Castillo Bautista, was to provide vocational courses to help rebuild the education system for locals affected by World War 2. Since then, The University of Baguio courses expanded to a more diverse portfolio of academic pursuits and opportunities for students. Here is a short list of the other University of Baguio courses for higher education alongside dentistry:

  • School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • School of Business Administration and Accountancy
  • School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • School of Engineering and Architecture
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Teacher Education
  • School of Natural Sciences
  • School of Nursing

On top of the mentioned higher education degrees, The UB also offers elementary and secondary education. As of writing, the school has more than 50 programs (degree and non-degree). It is worth noting that the University of Baguio is the only non-sectarian school in Cordillera Administrative Region to achieve Autonomous Status from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The recognition means The UB is competent enough to develop its own programs and academic curriculum without being subjected to the regular approval process of CHED. And because it is a non-sectarian school, The UB welcomes aspiring students from all areas of life, regardless of their religious beliefs, nationality, and others.

Needless to say, The University of Baguio is a credible institution that offers plenty of learning opportunities to aspiring students of Dentistry and beyond.

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