Real Estate Licensure Exam: What To Expect

Real estate agents guide the purchase and selling of residential homes.

Real estate agents guide the purchase and selling of residential homes. Success as a real estate agent can lead to a lucrative and fulfilling career. Brokers interact with new people, visit new areas, and adapt to the demands of buyers and sellers, frequently requiring making last-minute changes to plans.

However, you must pass the real estate broker exam to obtain a license to work as a legitimate real estate agent. As a top-notch group with successful brokers and sellers, allow us to help you through the process of becoming a real estate broker.

What is the real estate licensure examination in the Philippines?

The Professional Regulatory Board for Real Estate Practice, an agency of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), organizes and conducts the licensing examination. As required by the Real Estate Service Act, also referred to as RESA law, aspiring real estate practitioners, including but not limited to consultants, appraisers, and brokers, must pass the exam.

Who can take the licensure exam

How hard is the real estate licensure exam in the Philippines?

As an aspiring broker, you must research the exam specifications, take exam preparation classes, and comprehend the format of the exam. To feel confident on test day, you should also follow a regular study plan and use test-taking techniques like looking for hints inside the question and working backward to the right answer.

The PRC may change any of the 13 real estate-related subjects that make up the Real Estate Licensure Exam as they see proper. You can also check these main topics as a reference when studying because they will be covered in the written test:

General/Fundamentals of property ownership

  • Fundamentals of property ownership
  • Legal requirements for real estate practice
  • Code of Ethics and Responsibilities
  • Real estate brokerage practice

Special and Technical Knowledge

  • Real estate finance and economics
  • Subdivision development
  • Basic principles of ecology
  • Condominium concept

Professional Practice

  • The legal aspect of the sale
  • Urban and rural land use
  • Mortgage and lease
  • Planning development and zoning
  • Real property laws
  • Documentation and registration
  • The Board has the authority to decide on any additional related topics.

Professional Appraisal Practice

  • Methodology of evaluation techniques
  • Procedures and research in valuation
  • Mathematical evaluation in practice
  • drafting an appraisal report
  • equipment and machinery evaluation
  • A case study (including Specialized Valuation)
  • Principles of government assessment and taxation (application and computation)
  • System for Geographic Information (map reading and plotting)
  • Current affairs

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What is the real estate licensure examination in the Philippines

Who can take the licensure exam?

As of May 2016, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management is required to become a licensed real estate broker. The time when there were only a few requirements to obtain a license has long since passed. The PRC ID requirements have also been modified to reflect the changes.

The Real Estate Service Act (RESA), also known as Republic Act No. 9646, was enacted in 2009 to formalize the real estate service sector. Along with its goal of “increasing government income” through taxation, one of its primary goals is to ensure that all practitioners are registered and licensed.

Institutions that offer Real Estate Management Courses

  • Adamson University
  • De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
  • Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
  • Lyceum of the Philippines University
  • Philippine Christian University
  • New Era University
  • Lyceum of Alabang
  • ABE International Business College
  • Manila Business College
  • STI College
  • University of the Cordilleras
  • University of Cebu
  • Central Philippine University
  • Southwestern University
  • College of St. John – Roxas
  • Saint Joseph Institute of Technology
  • Misamis University
  • University of Mindanao

How do I become a licensed real estate broker in the Philippines in 2023?

With the exception of the modified educational background requirement, the qualifications for obtaining a real estate broker license have largely remained the same. The current specifications are:

  1. You must be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
  2. You must have no criminal convictions or must have evidence of good moral character.
  3. Your application has been submitted in full to the PRC, which will then evaluate the application. Then you will receive the permit from the PRC’s Board of Real Estate Service after it has been approved, which is required for you to take the real estate broker exam.

After passing the tests, candidates must submit the following documentation to the PRC:

  1. Birth certificate photocopy or current passport
  2. Records transcript and BS REM diploma
  3. National Bureau of Investigation clearance
  4. Local tax certificate
  5. Four photos the size of a passport

Real Estate Licensure Exam What To Expect

How To Pass the Real Estate Broker Exam in 5 Steps

  1. Use Acronyms to Remember – Using acronyms when studying is a time-tested strategy. Using mnemonics and acronyms helps you remember large amounts of information. To do this, a brief, catchy word or phrase that serves as a reminder of a larger body of knowledge is created.Doing this allows you to store information in your brain more effectively and prevent memory loss when it comes time to recall an answer on the real estate exam.You’ll encounter acronyms on the real estate state exam that you’ll need to be familiar with.
  2. Broaden Your Studying – Changing up your course of study is referred to as diversifying it. You’ll cover more territory and retain more information if you mix it up by occasionally studying various topics.Challenge yourself!You avoid developing a narrow focus on a single subject by mixing up your study material. You won’t be reviewing material you already know due to this, which will keep learning engaging and new.Review it, absorb it, and continue.
  3. Organize your study time – Consistency is key to successful study. You can take the time to concentrate on the content by setting up a study timetable.For instance, you could plan to study from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Additionally, you have the option of choosing other days of the week to study, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The main line is that you need to plan your time.Study schedules are successful because they represent a dedication to learning. Without a timetable, studying will be challenging and leave you feeling disoriented. When something is difficult, we frequently put it off in order to avoid doing it.
  4. You can establish a study group – Getting supervised assistance is one of the greatest methods to study for a real estate exam. Making a study group has even more benefits for you. By forming a study group, you can ask each other questions for a last-minute test.Others can now test you rather than just covering your book and asking yourself.Imagine how much better it would be if you had four or five minds; after all, “two minds are better than one,” as they say.The accountability aspect of starting a study group is another benefit. You can be held responsible for studying at a particular time on a particular day. When you feel like you can’t continue on, your study partners can help you and motivate you to do so.
  5. Make use of Mock Exam Preparation- Check out some mock exam prep if you’re seeking for a simple and efficient way to study for the state exam. The exam preparation is made to make getting ready for the state exam easy.Additionally, you get access to flashcards for fast terminology exercises that will reinforce important concepts. You receive a simulated state exam that employs questions and time constraints that are comparable to those on the real state exam.Take the practice state examinations more than once instead of just once. Try to achieve 80% or more. You’re good to go if you can consistently achieve a score of 80% at least five times.

You get a license. Congratulations! However, that might not imply you can immediately begin selling houses. The majority of states mandate that you work with a broker who sponsors your initial two to three years of employment as an agent.

Simply defined, a real estate brokerage is a company or office where real estate brokers are employed. It’s a good idea to discover a broker before finishing your training course because you’ll probably need one to generate profits.

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