The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Project

In the Philippines, coffee is not just a beverage—it plays a significant role in the country’s culture and society. A staple beverage consumed by Filipinos on a daily basis, sometimes several times in a day, it is no surprise that coffee shops have become a popular thing in the country. Nowadays, these establishments are not just a place to satisfy people’s coffee fix, it is also became a go-to place for offsite work, or just to relax, unwind, and have conversations with friends and colleagues.

Due to the tight competition, many local coffee shops does not only specialize on providing rich and flavorful coffee. Many local coffee shops create a themed space to set it apart from its competitors. One of the most remarkable themes in the country is combining Filipinos’ love for coffee and taking Instagrammable photos everywhere—and no one does it better than the most Instagrammable coffee shop in the country called Coffee Project.

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Introducing Coffee Project

Coffee Project is a popular chain of coffee shops homegrown in the Philippines. It is famous for coffee shop lovers for serving good quality concoctions of mostly espresso based drinks and mouth watering food in its picture perfect branches across the country. Coffee Project aims to provide excellent coffee, best-tasting food, and gracious service to create a wonderful experience for its customers and clients.

Instagram-Worthy Coffee Shop Branches

Coffee Project was recently included in the list of the “Most Instagrammable Cafes in the World” by and DailyMail UK in the 24th rank. This gives Coffee Project the number one spot for this category for the Philippines. The criteria used in the ranking system based the suggestions from its millions of readers with the following in mind: available critic and customer reviews, accessibility of its location, quality of service, consistency of branding, online presence, atmosphere, value for money, presentation of food and beverage, and objective editorial opinion and/or experience in the place.

Coffee Project is under the AllValue Corp., the retail arm of the Villar Group of Companies. It is said that Mr. Villar himself was the man behind the vision of this chain of aesthetically-pleasing coffee shops. Its regular store hours are usually from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. However, store hours may still vary depending on the store location especially the branches outside Metro Manila.

The first branch of the said coffee outlet was at Starmall Alabang, Muntinlupa. With its increasing popularity among Filipino coffee lovers, Coffee Project opened 52 branches, mostly located in Metro Manila and few provincial areas. To see the full list of branches, refer to Coffee Project’s official website.

Coffee Project Windmill near Luxury houses and lots in Crosswinds Tagayaty | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Space for Work and Relaxation

Like many coffee shops these days, Coffee Project made sure that its outlets will be a space that can be conducive for both working and relaxation. However, the difference with others is clearly massive.

Coffee Project’s interior took the design to the next level and built branches that people absolutely love staying in for hours whatever their activity is. The rustic, garden theme is so beautiful, creating both a happy and vibrant mood with the sense of calm and rest. Focusing on a paperwork? Yes. A place to study? Yes. Hanging out with friends? Yes. Name it, Coffee Project is a great place for anything.

Aside from the aesthetic, the essentials are also available. The Wi-Fi access is given to customers upon ordering with up to two devices connection access given for two hours. There are also sockets are available around each branch where customers can conveniently plug in their devices once its power ran out. These basic necessities for work and study, along with the coffee outlet’s delicious beverages and best-tasting food… Is there anything more to ask for? Coffee Project has it all!

To see a glimpse of Coffee Project’s lovely branch designs, a 360° Virtual Tour is being offered via its official website, which became a thing during the height of the pandemic. This way, customers can know what to expect before visiting a branch. The tour is still available to satisfy the curiosity of some, when pictures are not enough.

Coffee Project Black in Evia Lifestyle Center most innovative cafe in the metro near luxury house and lot properties of Portofino in Vista Alabang - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Best Selling Drink and Food Selection

Coffee Project’s menu contains a wide selection of drinks and food that blends beautifully with its aesthetic. The rich and strong flavor of coffee, the delightful taste of sweetened milk giving a satisfying vibe, and excellent rice meals of both Filipino classics and Western breakfast favorites.

To provide a wonderful dining experience, Coffee Project’s branches offer an al fresco dining experience especially in locations with breathtaking views. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, when al fresco dining is highly encouraged, all of our Coffee Project’s branches have this option for safety and to provide a different experience for its customers.

According to Coffee Project’s official website, these are its best-sellers that customers must try especially if it is their first time visiting a branch. These food selection received some of the best reviews over the years among the many items in their menu.


  • Coffee Indochine – Hot Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk
  • Dark Chocolate Frappe – Sweet beverage using dark chocolate topped with whipped cream
  • Ca Phe Sua Da – Iced Vietnamese latte which is created using coffee roasted between medium and dark


  • Continental Breakfast – Modeled after the European help-yourself buffet style, it is a breakfast platter consisting of pastries and baked goods, fruits, and toast which is best paired with coffee
  • Carbonara – Creamy pasta dish that is popular for noodle lovers in the Philippines

Aside from their menu of food and drinks, Coffee Project also offers a wide selection of coffee beans and pods for those who want to bring home a taste of the coffee outlet’s rich and flavorful coffee. The fruity notes in their espresso based drinks are something customers would surely want to bring home. Tasting it in their own personal space is enough to instantly transport them to Coffee Project’s garden-themed outlets and have the best time of calm and rest along with its mood lights and promising dishes.

@ cups from coffee project near brittany properties | Luxury Homes from Brittany Corporation

Exceptional Customer Service

Delivery Options

If there is anything that saved the food industry in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the availability of deliveries. This is the why Coffee Project opened multiple ways to reach its customers who cannot go to the branch physically for some reason.

According to Coffee Project’s official website, it now accept deliveries through the following channels:

  • Coffee Project Marketplace via

Coffee Project is also available in many food delivery partners in the metro and in nearby provinces where a branch is located: GetAll, FoodPanda, GrabFood, Mangan, Pandalivery, Lalamove, Pickaroo, Ride Eat, 188 Express, Joyride, HappyMove, Papa PH, Food Trip, KartHero, Gapan Grabb, and Pabili Express Gapan

Various Payment Methods

To provide ease to its customers, Coffee Project branches accept payments through the following:

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit card
  • AllEasy
  • GCash

For those who opt for deliveries and online customers, payments accepted are the following:

  • Debit/Credit card
  • AllEasy
  • GCash


Plan a visit to a Coffee Project branch soon! Get your coffee fix and see the Instagram-worthy aesthetic of each outlet for yourself. To maximize your visit, check out the branches near Brittany Corporation‘s luxury real estate developments to see the beautiful, world-class properties from the same minds that brought you Coffee Project.

Some of the Coffee Project branches located near a Brittany Homes development is in Villar City, Alabang where the 118-hectare mixed-use estate is soon to rise, offering contemporary homes and modern hubs in serene, natural setting in the urban south called Forresta.

Forresta is designed to be a breathable environment where living in nature is a homeowner’s lifestyle. This development with ultra luxury lots create a sense of wonder where daily living in the midst of the beautiful nature beautifully complements each other. Nowadays, it is luxurious lifestyle at its finest.

The community that will be built in Forresta is a place where nature will be preserved and constantly celebrated. There will be stunning retreat spaces breathing in the scent of pine needles, state-of-the-art exclusive open spaces with the picturesque landscape that will provide a modern nature living experience where residents can live a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Be part of the Forresta community! Check out Brittany’s official website for more information on this upcoming luxury real estate development or follow their social media pages for the latest updates.

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