National Coffee Day

The national coffee day is indeed made for all the coffee enthusiasts/ A cup of coffee might seem a common thing but for coffee lovers, it is a beautiful and wonderful sight to behold! For a lot of people, coffee is the highlight of their day. Others start their early morning with a coffee, or some just love the aroma and taste of the coffee. The coffee consumption is also on the rise around the world.

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Top 3 reason why people drink coffee


Drinking coffee has several health benefits

A lot of nutrients in coffee beans make their way into the brewed coffee and drinks. It has antioxidants and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, and riboflavin. Coffee can also lessen depression and the risk of developing a type 2 diabetes, parkinson’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer, and alzheimer’s disease, it also promotes a healthy heart.

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Coffee can also help people feel less tired, improve productivity and brain function such as mood, memory, reaction times, and general mental function, it also increase energy levels, and burn fat by jump-starting the body’s metabolism since coffee has a caffeine.

Coffee may have a lot of heartful of benefits, but you still should consume it in moderation, and it is important to avoid its side effects, as well as minimizing the amount of not nutritious ingredients such as sugar and cream that you add to your perfect cup of coffee.


Drinking coffee can be a comforting routine

But first, coffee

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For coffee lovers, coffee is the first thing consumed in the day, their morning is not complete without a coffee. and it can be relied upon for energy to help them get throughout the day. And for others, the taste and aroma of coffee are comforting. If you are sleep deprive, a perfect cup of your favorite brew can help you feel more relaxed. If you live with a cold climate, a hot cup of beverage or coffee can be your remedy to warm your soul. And if you live with a hot climate, you can have your brewed coffee over iced.


Coffee culture fosters social interaction

Coffee date, anyone?

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People enjoy grabbing a coffee at coffee shop to conduct a meeting or an event to enjoy with friends or simply just have a conversation over the table with cups of coffee and tea, similarly how people enjoy and social alcohol drinking at a bar.

Nowadays, a lot of coffee shop promotes a relaxing environment with inviting quality decor, relaxing music, and more. Coffee shops were and continue to be a place where people can gather to work, talk, read, write, and entertain one another, or just to pass the time.


History of National Coffee Day


9th Century: Coffee properties are discovered

The history and goes in Ethiopia when a goat herder notices that his goat are so energetic after eating berries from a certain tree.

15th Century: Coffee drinking is recorded in Yemen

The history shows that by this time, people in Arabia are taking coffee as a beverage after it was imported from Ethiopia.

1607: Coffee is introduced in North America

During the early 1600’s, the european merchants and traders discover coffee in the middle east, the brew’s popularity spread outs throughout the continent and the world. The Europe gets a taste!

One of the founders of the colony of Virginia which is Captain Joe Smith brought coffee to the country of North America that will be eventually become the United States.

1652: First coffee houses open in England

Around in 1645 in Europe, in Venice specifically, they opened their first coffeehouse. And years passed, both London and Oxford get their own coffee houses where they will quickly become suitable for meetings, debates, and more but not including women.

1930: Instant Coffee is invented

For people who are tired of waiting for their coffee to brew, the Brazilian Coffee Institute, Nestle, and other compony introduce the instant coffee which becomes important during the WWII.


What is a National Coffee Day?

National coffee day is literally what it sounds like a day to celebrate the world’s favorite brewed and caffeinated drink.

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When is it?

Depending on countries and wherever you are, it can be celebrated in different days and different ways. National coffee day is an annual celebration and it is celebrated during the 29th of September. But in other country and other parts of the world, you may find it celebrated on October 1st.

National Coffee Day FAQs

Does coffee stunt your growth?

It is a misconception that coffee stunts growth and there is no scientific evidence found regarding to this.

Is coffee a drug?

Coffee has a caffeine which is a drug that stimulates the nervous system and creates alertness.

Why is coffee called ‘joe’

A lot of people think it is because coffee is a beverage for a common man, and Joe is common name for a man.

Who is celebrating national coffee day?

In U.S. and Canada, they celebrate national coffee day on september 29, and other parts of the world and other countries and nations marks this day at some points throughout the year.

Who has free coffee on national coffee day?

You can checkout the National coffee day page to know who is offering free coffee on this year’s national coffee day.


How to celebrate international coffee day?

For coffee lovers, coffee is their reason in the morning to get out of bed, it is like a morning treat for them, it is also an afternoon pick me up, or it is a drink that helps them up to stay awake throughout the evening.

You can try out some of these ways to celebrate!

Drink a cup of coffee

The first thing to do on this day is to drink a cup of coffee and not to look for a free coffee nearby your place. To celebrate national coffee day, you can still celebrate it in the comfort of your homes and not just in your favorite coffee shop although it is also great and the feels are different when you celebrate in coffee shops especially an independent coffee shops.

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And in celebration of the international coffee day, make sure to appreciate and savor it a little more and extra. And to those people who are not actually a coffee lover and still wants to celebrate national coffee day, you still have a lot of options on the menu, you can opt for a coffee milkshakes, coffee icecream, or even a coffee flavored liqueur. You can also opt for a tea or other brewed drinks and beverages.


Visit a Coffee Shop

To celebrate national coffee day, it is also the best and ideal time to visit your coffee shop, may it be Coffee project, Dear Joe, or any local coffee shops in your area that also supports local coffee farmers who worked hard to grow coffee beans for you.

The Coffee Project Black at the Evia Lifestyle Center

And when you visit a coffee shop on national coffee day, take this as an opportunity to have your coffee in a different and unique way than your usual cup of coffee. And make it more special by turning your black brewed coffee into something delicious coffee flavored milkshake or coffee-based dessert beverage like a java chip.

Some other places may offer a discount or even a free coffee in honor and in celebration of the international coffee day.

Try a new method of brewing coffee

Brewing coffee at home is fun and it has the capability to make a different and interesting flavor that makes your cups not just a beverage but a specialty coffee of yours that is out of the menu. Make that beans into something crafted out of your hands! A lot of people have an automated drip coffee makers that can be use with ground coffee and roasted beans. But in celebration of international coffee day, its time to step up the game!

Pouring hot water over a cup of coffee

You can buy an at-home coffee grinder, or a french press, aeropress, moka pot, drip brewer. And to make your cup of coffee taste more amazing, do not forget the other equipment that you may also need such as coffee grinder, water filter, and a scale to measure the coffee beans and water.

Learn more about coffee beans

The different varieties of flavors depends on the coffee beans. The best coffee bean are not only arabica. And another factor that impacts the flavor of the coffee is the way that the beans are being processed before being roasted.

Photo of different kinds of coffee beans

Celebrate international coffee day in the best way possible for you on September 29, 2022, thursday.