Unwind and Relax: Summer Activities In Tagaytay

Summer is the time of the month when you can escape from the busy city life and enjoy the beauty of the province or the countryside. To beat the summer heat, one of the best places to unwind and relax is Tagaytay. Let’s unravel the summer activities that you can do in these Tagaytay tourist spots!

Take a View of Taal Volcano

Tagaytay’s biggest asset is the Taal Lake and volcano at its center. In case you don’t know, Taal Lakeis the caldera of the ancient volcano, but only the tiny island in the middle of the lake is the remaining active volcano.

The priceless view of Taal in Tagaytay gives an aesthetic advantage to most commercial establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, which helped improve the city’s economy.

If you plan to eat at a restaurant with a view, here are some well-known restaurants you may want to try:

  • Concha’s Garden Café
  • Bag of Beans
  • Ridge Park Kainan sa Kubo
  • Balay Dako
  • Josephine Restaurant
  • Local roadside bulaluhan restaurants

You can also visit local attraction sites that provide stunning views of Taal Lake, such as:

  • Picnic Grove
  • People’s Park in the Sky
  • Sky Ranch

Unwind and Relax Summer Activities In Tagaytay

Have Fun at Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Sky Ranch is one of the most famous leisure parks in Tagaytay. It has a 63-meter-tall Sky Eye, which is a Ferris wheel with 32 gondolas.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Saturday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. The entrance fee is Php100 per head, and the parking fee is Php 30 for bicycles/motorcycles, Php 50 for cars, P150 for buses, and Php 200 for overnight parking or lost tickets.

To get to Sky Ranch coming from Manila, take the bus to Tagaytay and alight at Olivarez/Rotonda. From there, ride a jeep bound for Mendez or Nasugbu. Tell the driver that you are going to Sky Ranch, so he will drop you off at a stop near there. The jeepney fare is Php 15.

Go Ziplining

If you want to have a bit of a thrill, you can try ziplining! Ziplines in Tagaytay are best for beginners because they are not that terrifying -they are not too high and not too long. Tagaytay Picnic Grove and Sky Ranch both offer zipline.

The zipline in Sky Ranch can be seen easily, while the one in Picnic Grove is at the Picnic Town. The rates are between Php 200 and Php 500, depending on the type and day. On weekdays, the rates are cheaper.

Tagaytay Picnic Grove

Going out on a picnic can be one of the most peaceful and romantic things to do in Tagaytay. Picnic Grove is one of the places where you can bring your own food and rent huts, gazebos, or tables. You can also cook and grill there while taking a look at the picturesque view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

Picnic Grove also features an eco-trail, horseback riding circuit, zipline, souvenir shops, food stalls, and an open area for kite flying or playing badminton.

Picnic Grove is open from 6 am to 10 pm daily, with an entrance fee of Php 50 per head. If you’re commuting, ride a jeepney from Olivarez/Rotonda going to Calamba or with the one with the signage “People’s Park.”

Take a Bath at La VeryOl’s Kawa Bath

Kawa is a large metal wok used for cooking dishes for big celebrations and making muscovado sugar. You may have seen kawa hot baths from other Southeast Asian countries, but why go further when you can experience it here in Tagaytay?

La VeryOl Mountain View Garden is a family-owned garden and spa offering kawa hot bath experience. The kawa is perched on the ridge, where it shows the view of the beautiful slopes, but if you want to go for another experience, you can try their massage services.

You can also choose to stay overnight in their veranda rooms or go on a day tour. Visiting here is strictly by appointment, so you need to contact the management to reserve a slot for your day tour or overnight stay in one of their rooms.

The Day Tour in La VeryOl’s operates from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the overnight check-in begins at 2:00 pm.

Go Ziplining

Go for a Walk at Crosswinds

Crosswinds is one of the weekend destinations in Tagaytay. Crosswinds Tagaytay is a 100-hectare Swiss-inspired area with around 20,000 pine trees. It is a leisure community that has six residential zones and Crosswinds condominiums, like Alpine Villas and Grand Quartier, Crosswinds Swiss luxury resort, cafes, restaurants, specialty shops, and many more.

Some of the most famous attractions in Crosswinds Tagaytay are the Ruined Project and NAPA. NAPA is a cafe where it took inspiration from the wine region of Napa Valley in California. It gives off a hillside vineyard atmosphere.

The Ruined Project? was initially the 50th store of The Coffee Project. But due to the pandemic, its construction was halted, and it took a different path and was renamed “The Ruined Project?” to represent the question, “Was it really a ruined project?”

Other food establishments in Crosswinds Tagaytay include Coffee Project, Windmill, and Cafe Voila.

Pick Strawberries at Queens Strawberry Farm, Alfonso

If you like strawberries, Queens Strawberry Farm in Alfonso has a strawberry farm with a bakery and restaurant that is strawberry-related. You can pick strawberries if it is in season, and you can also learn how to rod fish or feed the fish. But make sure to check the official website because booking may be required for these activities.

This farm is also a bed-and-breakfast place and events venue, but the restaurant is what makes it sought after by visitors. The restaurant is housed in an A-frame building offering strawberry-flavored items.

Queens Strawberry Farm is open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays, and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekends.

Staycation at a Concept Hotel

Tagaytay is also slowly rising as a staycation place where it offers concept accommodations with a unique lodging experience. For a change, you can try staying at LahLuna Bed and Breakfast, La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden, Crosswind Resort Suites Tagaytay, and Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay.

Visit the World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection — the Puzzle Mansion

The Puzzle Mansion was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle collection in 2012 as it has over 1,000 puzzles when it was launched in the same year.

As of today, the Puzzle Mansion has around 2,000 puzzles, with the oldest dating to the 1980s. This museum is managed by Georgina Gil-Lacuna’s family.

The Puzzle Mansion is open from 8:00 to 5:00 pm, and the entrance fee is Php 100 per head.

Go to People’s Park in the Sky

One simply can’t leave Tagaytay without going to People’s Park in the Sky! Simply called “People’s Park,” it is an unfinished mansion on top of a mountain built in 1981. The Marcos administration commissioned this project to host former US President Ronald Reagan, hence it was formerly called “Palace in the Sky.” However, Reagan’s scheduled visit in 1983 was canceled and the construction was halted.

The unfinished structure is now an urban park and view deck, which also includes a small chapel, garden, souvenir shops, and food stalls.

People’s Park is open daily from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the entrance fee is Php 30 per person.

Pick Strawberries at Queens Strawberry Farm, Alfonso

Satisfy your Cravings at Bulalo Restaurants

When we think of Tagaytay, we automatically think of getting hot bulalo. Tagaytay is filled with bulaluhan, and everywhere in Tagaytay you will see bulalo restaurants clustered in one area or lining the roadsides.

Now that you’re craving bulalo, try to satisfy your cravings at Bulalo Capital. It has about 30 bulalo recipes, which include its signature Dragon Bulalo, Kimchi Bulalo, Bulalong Tagaytay, and Sizzling Bulalo.

You can also try other bulalo restaurants like Diner’s, Josephine’s, Leslie’s, and Balay Dako.

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