Luxury Living in Tagaytay


Luxury living in Tagaytay is the best investment you will make in your lifetime.

If you want to get away from the hassle and bustle of the metro, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tagaytay. The province is known for numerous tourist spots you can visit in the area. But setting aside the tourist destinations, Tagaytay is also becoming one of the prime locations for luxury properties. Take Alpine Villas or luxury living in Tagaytay for example. This soon to raise luxury condo in Tagaytay is a hidden gem in the city that allows you to explore the famous getaway destination. That’s not all! You’ll not only get to live in one of the best luxury condominiums in the Philippines, but you’ll also get a change of scenery, which is refreshing in today’s world where traveling is banned in most countries, it’s nice to live in a luxury house.


There’s Less Traffic and A Laid Back Atmosphere in This Province

The province is not that far away from the capital, Manila. It’s about an hour and a half to two hours’ travel time to Manila. It’s also easier to travel now than before because of the emergence of different expressways like CALAX, CTBEX, SLEX, and more. There might still be a traffic jam during weekends and long holidays but on ordinary days you can sit back and relax while driving to Tagaytay. You won’t only have extravagance; you’ll also be more comfortable!

In the metro, you spend a good chunk of your day stuck in traffic. You could have a done a lot of things during the times you’re sitting in your car listening to the radio.  This is probably why most of the people living in Tagaytay are laid back. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean they’re not hard workers. It’s just that the sound of chirping birds when you wake up and the refreshing cool air would give you nothing but rainbows, sunshine, and good vibes. I’m sure of it!

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Tagaytay is also close to Batangas, another popular tourist spot.  So, if you want to visit the nearby province you can. After all, Batangas is known for its breathtaking beaches, which you can visit any time you like.

Tagaytay Steep Ravine | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Living in Tagaytay is the embodiment of luxury.


Tagaytay Has a Cool Weather and Relaxing Ambience

Summers in the Philippines can be brutally hot. During this time, Filipinos usually visit Tagaytay.  Maybe, you’re wondering why this is the case? It’s because it’s located on top of a high-altitude mountain ridge, giving it year-round cold and misty weather.  This is why numerous people search and invest in properties for sale in the province.

Thanks to climate change Manila can be very humid during its dry season, which is why people visit colder regions like Baguio or Tagaytay. Besides the climate, the house and lots that can be found in the area are surrounded by nature, which most people find relaxing. Living in an area with a lot of greenery will help you refresh your mind, serving as a respite in your fast-paced life.


beautiful view of taal lake | luxury homes buy brittany corporation

The beautiful view of Tagaytay remains unmatched!


Tagaytay is a Developed Community with Investment Opportunities

Having a condo unit is a fantastic investment. Nowadays luxury living in Tagaytay has become a real estate hotspot. Numerous real estate investors and developers develop new houses because of their fantastic location and weather. Clients can take full advantage of this province by buying and renting condominium units. This will be a worthwhile business considering that numerous tourists stay in the province for a short time.

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Over the years, Tagaytay is becoming more and more developed with commercial hubs, business establishments, and luxury condominiums like Alpine Villas. Alpine Villas will be a well-designed and space-efficient vertical residence, which has a 24/7 safety protocol like CCTV system in common areas. Of course, this luxury condominium in the Philippines has wi-fi for working and student residents. It also has a fitness gym and swimming pool if you want to stay fit.  There’s also a clubhouse with a function room that residents can use on special occasions.

building on top of hill | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The tall spires of the building in Tagaytay a beautiful and functional.


It has Scrumptious Restaurants and Beautiful Tourist Spots

Aside from looking at luxury real estate, there are countless restaurants one can choose to visit in Tagaytay. These restaurants offer different dishes that suites anyone’s palette. The province offers various al-fresco restaurants and cafes that can fill your stomach and provide heat in Tagaytay’s cold weather. The province is also a hotbed for tourists and a good reason. There are numerous tourist spots you can visit for visitors and residents as well.

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People’s Park

First-time visitors often go to this famous tourist destination. Why do you ask? It’s because this is one of the highest points of the province. Therefore, it will give you a view of the entire province and Taal Lake. For only 50 pesos, you’ll have a full view of the wonderful landscape the province has to offer.


Sky Ranch

This equally famous tourist spot has an amusement park that has exciting rides and social media-friendly attractions. This is a perfect spot for families and friends that want to have a thrilling experience other than sightseeing.


Picnic Grove

This is probably the most popular tourist destination in Tagaytay. Like the name says, it’s where you enjoy a picnic while overlooking Taal Lake. Besides eating packed food or takeout, you can also enjoy other amenities like horseback riding, zipline, and cable cars.


Paradizoo Tagaytay

Now, this is something you’re probably not aware of but Tagaytay has a zoo. The Paradizoo sits in a 10-hectare land that has educational and outdoor activities for animal lovers. You can learn sheep-shearing and cow and goat milking while enjoying the fragrance of blooming flowers all around you.


Nurture Wellness Village

If you want to relax Filipino style, you can try going to Nurture Wellness Village. It’s a spa that offers Filipino spa treatments namely Nilaib, which is a Filipino-style hot stone massage that contrasts the cold climate of the province. The spa has trained and licensed therapists that will ensure that you have the best spa experience that’s you can only find in the Philippines.


Puzzle Mansion

Do you love puzzles? Then, you’ll like the puzzle mansion. It’s a museum of the largest collections of finished puzzles in the world. Its owner puzzle collector Georgina Gil-Lacuna even earned a Guinness World of Record for her mansion in 2012. The mansion has 2D and 3D puzzle sets in various forms and sizes. There is also puzzle reproduction of various paintings from Picasso, Degas, and Gaudi.


Tierra de Maria

We have numerous ways to show our faith as a Christian nation, one of those is through Tierra de Maria. It’s a 50-foot image of the Blessed Virgin Mary with outstretched arms welcoming the visitors into her arms, which will surely make anyone into a prayer mood. The mood is amplified by the breathtaking panoramic deck that will surely make everyone spiritually refreshed and invigorated.


Fantasy World

The Philippines has no Disneyland but it had Fantasy World, which is considered by many as the Filipino version of Disneyland. Sadly, it was never fully constructed or become operational. But, what’s constructed remains to be an attraction on its own. It has colorful structures and Bavarian-inspired castles, which will be great for pictures for your socials.

taal volcano | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The view of Taal volacano from Tagaytay is a view that cannot be compared with anything.

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Tagytay is a Good Retirement Place For Expats and Filipino Residence Alike

Tagaytay is also a fantastic place to retire. The living standard is higher in this province than in most towns and cities in the country. The government has worked hard in promoting tourism in the place, which is why the local economy is higher than other places.

There are numerous luxury homes for sale in the area, where several foreigners chose to stay. English is the second language of the Philippines. Therefore, you won’t have a problem communicating with us.

For health-conscious retirees, there are several spas and fitness centers in the area. You can also eat organic foods available in various markets in Tagaytay. There is also very good medical care service available in the province.

In Tagaytay, you’ll be breathing fresh air. Most of the places in Tagaytay still have forest and fruit trees. There is no thick smog surrounding the area unlike the metro, which is good for retirees’ overall well-being.

For foreigners, the cost of living is low in this province. A foreign couple could have a comfortable life with just a budget of US$1000 per month. You’re probably wondering how is this possible? It’s because Tagaytay is one of Cavite Province’s top food producers.  If you want to live more comfortably, you can do so. Numerous real estate companies offer luxury condos that you can own in the country at an affordable price. 

It is also important to know that residency is not that hard to obtain in the Philippines. Being a citizen also has its perks like duty-free importation of your belongings and having the chance to have your own business.

cafe restaurant | luxury home by brittany corporation

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Whether you’re a Filipino or a foreigner, you can experience a fine life in this wonderful province. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you visit and invest in luxury living in Tagaytay? Nature and a Cool Climate await you!