Protect Your Luxury Home from Volcanic Eruption

Natural disasters bring some of the most catastrophic events to mankind. Every year, the Philippines suffers greatly from the consequences of these disasters – from typhoons, earthquakes, and of course, volcanic eruptions.

Volcanic Eruptions in the Philippines

One of the country’s active volcanoes – Mt. Mayon, has been making headlines recently because of its current volcanic activity. Many citizens of Albay have been very cautious about the hazard that the volcano poses.

The Philippines is one of the countries which sit on the Pacific Ring of Fire, making it extremely vulnerable to volcanic eruptions. There are many other volcanoes which may start activity at any time.

How to Protect your home in case of a Volcanic Eruption:

Due to the origin of volcanic eruptions as natural hazards, these events cannot be avoided. However, their impact can be lessened. By decreasing your vulnerability and increasing your capacity to protect yourself and your home, the damages can be reduced greatly.

Your home makes up a great part of your life, so you must protect it alongside your family. Here are some tips to help you know what to do during volcanic eruption:

How to Protect Your Luxury Home from a Volcanic Eruption

Before a Volcanic Eruption

1.) Perform routine check-ups on your home

Always check the condition of your home from time to time. From the ceilings, walls, doors, and water systems, check the integrity of your home to make sure that it can withstand natural disasters.

Make sure that you fix whichever hazards you find in your home that may pose as a danger when a volcanic eruption strikes. It is also best to have an insurance plan ready for your home.

2.) Prepare an emergency plan

Preparing an emergency plan with the rest of your family is crucial for any disaster. Not only will this help lessen the damage to your homes and properties, but it will also save the lives of your loved ones.

Include details such as the layout of your home, task assignments, as well as evacuation plans for your entire family. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is much better than having absolutely no idea on what to do when disaster hits.

3.) Make an emergency supply kit

You’ll never know when you’ll have to make a run for it. Make sure that you’ll have sufficient food, water, and other belongings ready to last you enough days. Prepare a first aid kit as well.

Also make sure that you have hazard-prevention devices ready in your home. These include fire extinguishers, damp cloths, and other materials which may not seem like much at first but will definitely make an impact during a disaster.

4.) Be informed

Always be aware of your surroundings. Especially if you live in a hazardous area, such as near volcanic sites or have river valleys downstream, these areas pose as great risks. Stay updated with your community and its local emergency management office for any news regarding the situation of your area.

Know the different community warning systems and local health officials. Read up and participate on different volcanic eruption preparedness activities and drills so that you know what to do.

Volcanic Eruptions in the Philippines

During a Volcanic Eruption

There are different intensity levels caused by an erupting volcano, so make sure you properly assess whether your plan of action is still safe to perform given your situation – especially those which involve going outside.

1.) Clear gutters and roofs of volcanic debris

If it’s still safe for you to go outside, wear your dust mask and go clear your gutters and roofs free from volcanic ash fall. These debris not only clog engines and stall vehicles and ventilation systems, but it also poses as a combustible hazard.

Clean these areas by lightly damping the ash and sweep them accordingly. Always remember to exercise caution as ash makes surfaces slippery.

2.) Close windows and doors

Falling ash may enter through your entryways, so keep them closed. Volcanic ashfall areas are very dangerous zones, so if you live in or near one, shut your windows and doors as soon as you can. However, don’t keep them too locked as you may have to evacuate at any time.

3.) Turn off and cover ventilation openings and appliances

After you’ve cleared your ventilation systems, keep them closed in order to prevent more volcanic ash from entering. If your system doesn’t come with its own closed mechanism, use a damp cloth or other material to cover the openings. Turn off your air conditioning system and fans, as well as heaters.

4.) Know when to evacuate

Depending on the intensity of volcanic activity, the things you can do may be limited. It is important to know when it is time to leave your home and evacuate to a safer location. Your home may be important, but your life should always come first.

How to Protect your home in case of a Volcanic Eruption

After a Volcanic Eruption

1.) Always wear protective clothing

Volcanic ash may seem harmless, but it poses as a very huge health hazard. Wear your dust mask, as well as protective clothing and eyewear to make sure that you and your family are safe, especially those with existing respiratory difficulties.

2.) Do a thorough inspection of your home

Volcanic eruptions come with a variety of debris and aftershocks. Regardless of how intense the disaster may have been, always make sure to thoroughly checkup on your home for any damages. Take special note of the foundation if your home, as these damages may not be easily visible but will cause great damage if not remedied properly.

3.) Use proper cleaning tools

Depending on the volcanic debris you’re dealing with, use the appropriate tool for the job. You may use a damp cloth to wipe free of light volcanic ash and use a shovel for shoving ash off an overloaded roof. Always remember to exercise caution throughout your entire cleaning process.

4.) Know the proper cleaning procedures

Cleaning up after volcanic debris is different from your usual house cleaning. Make sure that you know the proper procedures of cleaning and disposing of debris. Open your windows and doors once everything settles to ensure that you have proper ventilation while cleaning.

7.) Dispose trash properly

After everything is done and over with, don’t forget to dispose of the trash properly. Make sure that the ash and other debris you’ve gathered is kept far away from drainage to prevent clogging. As much as possible, use trash bags and quickly dispose of them once done.

During a Volcanic Eruption

Preparation is Key

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