Property Hunting in Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the popular cities where many choose to live, learn, and work. Home to renowned universities like Saint Louis University, the city’s cool climate and serene environment have also made it a preferred destination for international business process outsourcing companies.

Even foreigners appreciate the calmness and the unique lifestyle that the Summer Capital offers. Despite being smaller than Metro Manila, Baguio City provides all the essential amenities for urban living, including commercial centers, healthcare facilities, and various lifestyle establishments.

Baguio City Real Estate: A Distinct Market

The properties in Baguio City are designed with traditional touch and comfort and protection from the cold climate. The mountainous and hilly terrain adds a unique charm to the city, resulting in architectural styles not commonly seen in places like Manila.

The popular destinations in the city include the Haunted House or the Laperal White House, the Diplomat Hotel, Camp John Hay, and Burnham Park. Don’t forget to visit the Baguio Botanical Garden to get a taste of history, where remnants of World War II and the Japanese occupation are silent witnesses to the past.

Being a popular vacation spot, the city’s residential real estate market is buoyant. According to real estate data, the median house price in Baguio City is Php 7.5 million, making it one of the most expensive cities outside Metro Manila.

Despite the city’s growing population, Baguio City has a lower population density than most Philippine cities. This allows for a wider range of property types in and around the city, catering to various preferences and budgets.

Property Hunting in Baguio City

Majestic Mountain Retreats

Baguio-Benguet offers secluded mountain retreat real estate properties. These properties promise stunning mountain views and are perfect for short-term rentals or vacation homes. Investors can profit by renting out their retreats, providing guests a memorable experience.

Thriving Condominium Developments

The demand for modern living has spurred a rise in condominium developments in Baguio Benguet. These condos come with amenities like pools, gyms, and security. They’re perfect for professionals or as rental properties, thanks to their proximity to city hotspots.

Lively Townhouse Enclaves

For community living, Baguio-Benguet’s townhouses are a great pick. They foster a tight-knit environment with shared spaces for families and opportunities for long-term rentals. Investors should note that recent regulations favor duplex houses over townhouses, potentially impacting market availability and pricing.

Commercial and Retail Spaces

Baguio-Benguet’s economy is conducive to commercial ventures. The city is suitable for various businesses, from cafes to boutiques, and its constant tourist influx supports commercial growth. The number of commercial establishments has also shown steady growth along with the increase in rental fees.

Bern Baguio Property Listings

Residents of Bern Baguio enjoy access to top-tier amenities. A sky garden offers panoramic views, while a fitness gym, sauna, and game room cater to diverse leisure activities. For relaxation, there’s a jacuzzi area, lounge chairs, and fire pits. Multiple function rooms are available for events and gatherings, ensuring that the Bern Baguio lifestyle is one of luxury and convenience.

Brittany’s Bern proximity to essential establishments ensures convenience for its residents. Within a 2-kilometer radius, you can easily access various stores, dining options, educational institutions, transportation, and banking facilities.

For everyday necessities, Rita’s Store, St Francis Generic Drug in Itogon, Sabling Store, Ad’Laine Bakeshop, Myles Store, and Ducayag Store are accessible to cater to your immediate needs.

Dining out is just as convenient with local eateries such as Yvonne’s Snack House, Carenderia De Bosh and Dan, The Other Office, ILAS Pancit Batil Patong & Eatery, and Pet’s Eatery, offering a range of culinary delights.

Education for the little ones is covered by institutions like Happy Family – Bible School, Barangay Outlook Daycare Center, Disciples for Christ Independent School, and Lucnab Day Care Center, all within easy reach.

Climate and Weather

One-bedroom Corner Unit with Balcony

Bern Baguio’s one-bedroom corner unit measures a comfortable 50.32 sqm, complete with a toilet and bath. Practicality meets convenience, as the unit includes a balcony with dual access from the bedroom and living room, allowing for ample natural light and ventilation. Storage is thoughtfully integrated with a built-in closet in the bedroom.

An additional utility space serves as a washing area. The intelligently laid-out floor plan positions the bathroom for easy access near the main entry, with the kitchen directly opposite the door. Living spaces flow seamlessly from the kitchen to the dining area and into the living room, culminating in the adjacent bedroom. Available from the ground to the sixth floor, these units offer practicality and comfort.

One-Bedroom Inner Unit with Balcony

The one-bedroom inner unit features a layout spread over 46.99 sqm, designed with a single toilet and bath. The living room extends onto a private balcony, crafting a perfect spot for relaxation. The unit is designed with efficiency in mind, including a built-in closet in the bedroom and a handy washing area by the bathroom.

The entryway opens to a welcoming kitchen to the right and a dining space straight ahead, framing a cozy yet functional living space. Located from the ground to the sixth floor, this unit is ideal for individuals or couples who value a well-organized living space.

Two-bedroom unit with Balcony

Expansive and inviting, the two-bedroom units range from 98.84 sqm to 101 sqm, including a sizeable balcony accessible from the master bedroom and dining area. The outdoor space is versatile, perfect for a private garden or an expanded entertainment area. Each unit boasts two toilets and baths—one en suite in the master bedroom and another for common use, conveniently located by the dining area.

A washing area adjacent to the bathroom adds to the unit’s functionality. Upon entering, the kitchen is immediately to the right, with the living area opening beside the dining room. Found on the seventh and eighth floors, these units cater to those who desire a larger living space with the bonus of a beautiful balcony.

Key Considerations In Investing in Baguio City Real Estate

Before making a real estate investment in Baguio City, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure a successful and rewarding venture. Here are some key considerations:


Baguio City’s unique landscape offers a variety of locations to choose from. Consider proximity to schools, universities, commercial areas, and recreational facilities. Properties with scenic views or easy access to the city center may also be more desirable. Bern Baguio, for example, is adjacent to destinations such as the Laperal House, Teacher’s Camp, and other government agencies.

Enjoy Work and Playful times at Bern Baguio

Climate and Weather

Baguio City’s cool weather is one of its main attractions. However, it is essential to understand the impact of the weather on property maintenance and living conditions. Ensure that the property you choose is well-insulated and equipped to handle the colder temperatures.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

Consider the property’s accessibility to key infrastructure, such as roads, public transportation, and healthcare facilities. Properties with good connectivity and proximity to amenities tend to have higher value and rental potential.

Developer Reputation

Research the reputation and track record of the developer behind the project you are interested in. A reputable developer ensures quality construction, timely delivery, and adherence to legal and safety standards.

Property Management

If you are investing in a condominium or a property within a gated community, inquire about the property management services available. Well-managed properties offer added convenience and can help maintain the value of your investment.


From Swiss-inspired condominiums to master-planned communities, the city’s real estate market offers a range of choices to suit various preferences and budgets. Considering the key factors mentioned in this guide, you can make an informed decision when investing in Baguio City real estate and enjoy the many benefits this charming city offers.

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