Why Baguio is Perfect for its Residents

One of the most fulfilling things in life is to be able to enjoy your life in a place where beauty meets comfort. This means living in either a beautiful rural or urban area where the highest priority is your well-being and comfort. Realistically speaking, it’s hard to find a place like that these days. And while modernity continues to expand the residential or housing options of many homebuyers, it is undeniably true that many homebuyers are having a hard time deciding where to reside. After all, where you decide to live will determine your quality of life. Considering the plethora of options and variables you should weigh, the said decision can be overwhelming. Through this article, we will narrow your options and lead you to the place where we think you will get the best of living.

It’s more fun in the Philippines: Baguio, Perfect for Residents

They say that home is where the heart is. No wonder why Baguio City is well-loved by its residents. Dubbed the Summer Capital of the Philippines, its residents take pride in living in one of the most beautiful places in the country. From Baguio’s cool weather to various Baguio tourist spots, the residents as well as the tourists can’t get enough of Baguio City. Every year, many people are coming to Baguio City wanting to experience what it feels like to be a Baguio resident for a short period of time. As a matter of fact, during the height of the pandemic, there was a rise in the number of people who settled in their dream destinations to be able to maximize the work-from-home setup and at the same time, balance their work and social life. One of the destinations that people went to is Baguio City. Let us examine why the so-called City of Pines is perfect for its residents and for those who are planning to settle here.

Why Baguio is Perfect for its Residents

Baguio Perfect For Residents #1: People could not get enough of the top Baguio tourist spots

Baguio City is known for being one of the top tourist spots in the country. And even if you are a resident there already, there’s still something about strolling in the Baguio botanical garden where its cultural gardens will introduce you to lush plants with white roots and yellowbell-like flowers. Moreover, various gardens such as the Japanese Garden, Korean Garden, Chinese Garden, and many more will educate you about different species of flowers and plants you haven’t heard of before. Many residents would liken this botanical garden to the Garden of Eden because of its greenery and the way the sun would perfectly be on display every morning and every dusk. Another popular place in Baguio City that residents and tourists love is Burnham Park.

The scenery at Burnham Park is one for the books. It is one of those places where residents and tourists find romanticizing their lives. Every morning residents are lined up to buy the famous strawberry taho and proceed to enjoy and participate in groups of people who are dancing in Zumba rhythms. At Burnham Park, you will see people who are exercising or walking their dogs. There are also people who are soaking themselves under the warmth of the sun after a few hours of embracing the coldness of the night. Others are trying to immortalize the moment by capturing good photos of their loved ones against the backdrop of Burnham Park. Other parks that give off the same vibes are Mines View Park and Wright Park. This simple and mundane way of life is one of the things that makes Baguio City perfect for its residents.

Another tourist spot that many people love is Camp John Hay. Since Baguio City is surrounded by high mountains, one of the best things to do here is to indulge in outdoor activities. Most, if not all, residents are fascinated by the outdoor activities you can do at Baguio City. One of these is a good picnic time at Camp John Hay. You can also do trekking, sky walking, tree drop adventure, and canopy ride. Camp John Hay is also known for its yellow trail. There’s also the Bell House which is one of the museums that people visit. In the Bell House, people are also enjoying the Cemetery of Negativism, also known as the Lost Cemetery. This is a symbolic place where the negativities common to mankind are buried.

Baguio Perfect For Residents #2: Shopping galore at favorite malls and thrift stores

Whether you are a fashionista or not, you can’t help but enjoy a shopping spree in Baguio City where the finest of clothes are found at the most affordable price. Residents are always drawn to finding their next OOTD in favorite malls like SM Baguio and Porta Vaga Shopping Mall. For others who want to score a bulk of clothes for their closets or for reselling, they wait for the night market at Session Road. This is where fashionable but affordable clothes are found. And if you are patient enough, you will also find luxury brands here but for a cheap price as well. Moreover, when you go to SM Baguio for your shopping galore, make sure you go to the rooftop of the said mall. You will have a good glance at the cityscape. Residents do love spending their time here.

Art exploration everywhere

Baguio Perfect For Residents #3: Art exploration everywhere

Another thing that residents love in Baguio City is the art exploration. Everywhere you gaze, you will see beautiful artworks crafted by the locals themselves and their ancestors. There are murals everywhere as well as museums you can stop by. The most famous of which is the Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork where houses are painted in bright colors. This was initiated by the local government in partnership with Davies Paint. More artworks are also found in Baguio Museum and Bencab Museum which is named after a Philippine National Artist, Benedictor Cabrera. Local artists also display their artworks at the said museums.

Baguio Perfect For Residents #4: Food adventures at Baguio’s finest local restaurants

What will also make you stay in Baguio City is its food. And since Baguio City is known for its strawberry farms, many locals recommend their strawberry taho and strawberry wine to tourists. Everywhere you go at Baguio, you will see souvenir stores and manongs who are selling strawberry taho and wines. Aside from this, other dishes that residents and tourists love are Pinikpikan, Dinakdakan, and smoked meats. These dishes are being offered at Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant. If you want to stop by at a fine dining restaurant, consider Joseph’s which is situated in the old Laperal White House.

Baguio Perfect For Residents #5: Baguio City is a promising real estate destination

Baguio City is not new when it comes to real estate developments. When you go to Baguio City now, there are a lot of transient houses and hotels being offered to tourists and aspiring residents. If you are looking for a luxury real estate development to enjoy your life in Baguio City, Brittany Corporation offers you Bern Baguio. This is a luxury condominium at the heart of Baguio in Benguet. This luxury development will give you luxury condos with stunning Alpine exteriors. Every unit is 46 square meters for a one-bedroom suite. Brittany also takes pride in the fact that these condos are smart-ready to accommodate the resident’s needs. If you are interested in investing, consider booking an appointment.

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