How to Participate in World Well-being Week

In recent years, the world has been surprised by how one virus can shake the globe. COVID-19 virus spread uncontrollably around the whole world. During these years, the physically bonded and connected socialized human beings have been changed drastically as it is told to stay home and notice physical distancing from one another to help stop the spreading.

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The pandemic revealed a swift change that no one ever thought possible and it became a major contributor to having a bad effect on one’s workplace well-being. With people adopting mentally and physically to the new normal, it has brought with it new ways of thinking and being resilient, and the talk of the town, everyone’s ‘well-being’.

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What is Well-being?

The sum of an individual’s life experiences is what contributes to their overall level of happiness, contentment, and physical health. It affects people in all aspects of their lives, including their time at work, their free time, their relationships at home, and even the quality of sleep they get.

Good wellbeing is not only being happy and content but also being robust enough to overcome mental health issues before they impair one’s entire life. Wellbeing has never been more vital in our lives and livelihoods than it is now, thanks to the pandemic. Overall awareness of vitality, appreciation of outside activities, and being in balance with our environment are all things to consider when striving for it.

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As the world heals from the recent pandemic, businesses start to open up again, classes begin to transition to face-to-face, and everyone hopes for a better year. This year 2022 is a time to rejoice in what’s been done and solved by cooperating no matter what ethnicity you came from. This is the time to travel once again, reconnect with friends and family, and bring work colleagues closer together united in their aims and aspirations for the future.

When to celebrate World Wellbeing Week?

Every year World Wellbeing Week is celebrated in the last week of June and honored by Wellbeing World to raise awareness of all aspects of well-being such as social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community, social resilience, empathic corporate, civic leadership, community relations, and environmental wellbeing. World Wellbeing Week allows people to appreciate and thank health workers, friends, loved ones, relatives, colleagues, and carers who have supported everyone tirelessly, whilst they have undergone their problems but never get tired of showing love.

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World Wellbeing Week aims to provide tools and knowledge to help manage mental wellbeing. Given the beginning of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, this week couldn’t be more perfectly timed to shed light on the mental health challenges that have been present throughout the last year.

Brittany invites everyone to participate in World Wellbeing Week. It is the time to rejoice and indulge in everyone’s success in overcoming this season that none ever expected. It is best to celebrate while everyone is inside, luxury home in Daang Hari together with your friends and family. You can take a good rest while you bask in the beauty of Italian homes in Portofino Heights and Portofino South which has a distinct elegance, a lovely atmosphere, and a blend of sophistication and rustic charms that always titillates everyone’s senses.

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Here are five practical ways you can do as you participate in World Wellbeing week. This will help and touch the different aspects of wellbeing.


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One of the ways how you can participate in World Wellbeing week is by connecting. As the saying goes, no man is an island. With the people around you, your family, friends, employers, coworkers, students, and neighbors, think of them as the pillars of your life and devote time in improving your relationship with them. Building connections with others will support, enhance, and enrich your social wellbeing every day.

Seeing people that matter to you can instantly lift your spirits. It can reduce anxiety and depression, helps regulate emotions, and leads to higher self-esteem and empathy. Relationships with others are vital to wellbeing. It helps build a sense of belonging and self-worth, it allows sharing of positive experiences while creating new ones, and it provides emotional and practical support.

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Regularly take quality time with minimal distractions to be with your friends and family. Catch up with a valued friend over a cup of coffee near the house and lot in Daang Hari and Amore.  Sign up and volunteer in charity works and connect in your neighborhood. Remember that your circle of friends and loved ones are the more integral parts of your self and sense of belonging than your social network. Make the most of today’s digital age and social media platforms to stay regularly connected.

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Be active

Start an active lifestyle | Photo from Pexels Website

Another way to participate in World Wellbeing week is to pursue physical health. Exercise is not only important for physical health but also for mental wellbeing. Exercising improves brain function, relieves stress, reduces anxiety and depression, raises self-esteem, helps set and achieve goals, and releases chemical changes in the brain that uplifts mood.

Regular exercise can also aid in the development of a healthy sleep schedule, which is critical to your overall health. It also encourages to eat a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet that increases energy.

Joining fun run is a good idea | Photo from Pexels Website

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to do exercise. You can have it for free. All you need to do is step outside, walk, run, ride a bicycle, play a game under the sun, and even dance with your Zumba friends that are best inside Daang Hari Subdivisions.

Exercising makes you feel good and you can discover a physical activity that will suit your level of mobility and fitness while roaming around the cool view of Alpine Villas, Grand Quartier, and Lausanne at Crosswinds where you can see houses and lots for sale.

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Take notice

Journaling is very helpful | Photo from Pexels Website | Participate in World Well-being Week | Luxury Homes by Brittany

When you are in a bad mood, under stress, or worried, you have more negative thoughts and it takes paying attention to spot those. Replacing negative thoughts with thoughts that are more helpful and balanced will allow you to appreciate life more.

Paying more attention to the present moment, and focusing on your thoughts, feelings, body, and the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing. It can have a good impact on how you feel about life and how you handle difficulties.

To reflect is to breath out stress | Photo from Pexels Website | Participate in World Well-being Week | Luxury Homes by Brittany

Be aware of the world around you and be conscious of what you feel. Reflect on your experiences, catch beautiful sights, notice seasons change, be curious, savor every moment, and remark on the unusual whether you are walking to work, eating lunch, or talking to friends while you are looking in the luxury house and lot in Metro Manila and taking the specific details of the houses in Georgia Club and Promenade. All of this will help you appreciate what matters most to you.

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Keep learning

Participate in World Well-being Week | Luxury Homes by Brittany | When you stop learning, you start dying | Photo from Pexels Website

Learning new skills take your mental wellbeing to a new level by boosting self-confidence, and self-esteem, helping you to connect with others, building a sense of purpose, and exercising your critical thinking. If you don’t have enough time to learn new things, remember that there are many other ways to incorporate learning into your life.

Try something new like new recipes while doing your normal cooking household chore. Rediscovering an old interest may be the fun of reading. Signing up for that dream course you never took in your previous university because you prioritize your parent’s dream for you. Take on a different responsibility at work that you are aiming for lately. Learn to play an instrument and set a challenge for yourself that you will enjoy achieving. Believe in yourself and be reminded that learning new things is not just about the mathematics in school but it is a life hack that will make you more confident and give fun as well.


You gain when you give | Photo from Pexels Website | Participate in World Well-being Week | Luxury Homes by Brittany

According to research, actions of giving and compassion can assist boost mental wellness by creating a sense of pleasure and happy mood, connecting with others, and providing a sense of purpose and self-worth. Giving is the last but never the least easy way to participate in World Wellbeing week.

It will take only your nice gesture for someone else and the return will be so much because it will not only increase their happiness, but it will also help you receives a smile that money cannot buy. As one saying says that one act of kindness affects the whole of humanity.

Giving doesn’t need money and it doesn’t cost a lot as you just need to do something nice for a friend like tapping their back and telling them that they did a great job to make it this far. You can also help a stranger cross the street. Thank someone for what they’ve done for you whether it is small or big. Smile for it is the curve that brings everyone positivity.

Look out, as well as in. It could be as simple as showing kindness to others or as complex as volunteering in your community. See how your mood improves by taking some time out of your day to do something pleasant and kind.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a very challenging and uncertain time. How people gauge their wellbeing depends not only on external realities but also on how they experience those. Perhaps we all have the power to change well-being more than we could realize. What needs to be done is to realize where to begin.

To participate in World Wellbeing Week you just need to try to incorporate at least one of the easy ways into your daily routine. Because you now know how to improve them, the aim is to make those low periods as infrequent as possible. Also, remember to keep work and home life separate in order to achieve a more healthy work-life balance in your daily life. And most of all, remember you are not alone.

It is important now more than ever that we look after our positive well-being. Another way that you might want to consider looking after your wellbeing is investing in properties for the future. Brittany Corporation has lots of properties for sale. You can check out beautiful homes like Augusta and Belle Reve at Visit now and inquire!


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