Luxury Trees To Have In Your Yard

“Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.”

― Munia Khan, internationally recognized poet, author and editor of multiple books and anthologies

Truly, plants, such as trees, give us numerous benefits. It is highly encouraged to have trees surrounding your home. There are different types of trees, so make sure that the type of tree that you will select is the best fit for your yard.

Make sure to read the different types of trees and the benefits they can give you and your family.

Here are some of the Best Luxury Trees to Have In Your Yard:

Deciduous luxury trees

Luxury Trees #1: Deciduous trees

-The meaning of the word deciduous is to “fall off,” and the leaves of these deciduous trees shed every fall. Deciduous trees is one of the popular tree species.

Most deciduous trees have spreading branches, and wide and flat leaves. Deciduous trees differ from most evergreen trees (which usually keep needle foliage thru out the seasons) and coniferous trees (typically evergreens that bring about cones).

A deciduous tree is a good tree for your yard, indeed – a large deciduous tree will undoubtedly bring attention to your backyard; medium sized deciduous trees are also great and welcoming; and a small deciduous tree is perfect for a growing family.

If you see a deciduous tree, try to figure out what kind of tree is it because deciduous tree has many tree species.

Some of these tree species are oak trees, sugar maple trees, birch trees, beech trees, and ash trees. The willow tree and walnut tree are included in the said types of trees as well.

Oak trees are included in the types of trees of the Deciduous family.

The oak genus, Quercus, comprises over four hundred fifty tree species and shrubs. The most prevalent oak trees include Red, Black, White, Bur and English.

Japanese, Oriental, Sawtooth, Mongolian, and Daimyo are among the Asian oak tree species. In certain tree species, the broad flat leaves of the oak feature lobes with toothed edges. Oak trees produce acorns as their fruit.

The wood of an oak tree is usually used in furniture and flooring industries, as well as lumber in construction.

Oak luxury trees are included in the types of trees of the Deciduous family.

Luxury Trees #2: Maple trees

Acer, the maple genus, contains over two hundred tree species and plants. Maple trees, including the sugar maple, are deciduous trees.

Among the most prevalent colors of maple trees are red, silver, and sugar.

Maples are frequently utilized as ornamental trees in landscaping and when the said shade is sought.

Maple trees may seem familiar to you because of the famous maple syrup ofcourse.

But did you know that besides from the sugar maple syrup, there are other things that are made from maple trees?

Bowling pins, baseball bats, and butcher blocks are some of the things that are made from maple trees.

Indeed, maple trees are one of the most vibrant fall leaf hues of all tree species.

maple luxury trees

Luxury Trees #3: Birch trees

Birch trees are utilized for timber and decorative purposes and have smooth black and white bark.

Paper, yellow, white, gray, and river birches are among the approximately 40 species of the Betula genus.

Monarch and cherry birch are two Japanese species of birch trees.

Birch leaves have serrated edges and are shaped like an egg or triangular in form.

Are you aware that birch leaves turn yellow in the autumn?

Furthermore, Birch is widely utilized in the manufacturing of furniture, as well as flooring, and paneling. Burch trees are used for plywood, cabinets, and trim.

Birch trees go a long way back; birch bark was used by Native Americans and early settlers in North America to make boats, roofs, and shoes.

Birch luxury trees

Luxury Trees #4: Coniferous trees

Besides from deciduous trees, we also have coniferous trees.

Feel like saying coniferous trees is too much? Well, you can just simply say conifer trees, for it is another term form coniferous trees.

To put it simply, conifer trees are tree species that produce pines. Especially with the holidays incoming, you might recognize these triangular shaped trees. Nothing beats beautiful and well-designed pine trees made to serve as Christmas trees.

Another famous type of pine trees is the fir tree. A fir tree belongs to the group of evergreen trees, along with other pine trees. Conifer trees are especially popular in places with cold temperate climates, such as those in mountaintops and plateaus.

They attract wildlife and have thermal benefits, which is what makes them immensely popular in the cold regions, and also why they have become an icon for the Christmas trees during the holidays.

Both fir tree and pine trees are often made into ornamental trees during the holidays.

Coniferous luxury trees

Luxury Trees #5: Fruit trees

If Coniferous trees bear cones, then we can’t let the most famous tree byproducts go unnoticed – the fruit trees!

Perhaps one of the most famous trees for families with children, fruit trees are often found in even in homes with growing children.

Planting and having a tree itself are already very nice additions to your backyard since it is a great place for kids’ activities, yet there are countless more possibilities when you go with fruit trees.

Give your children and other family members the full experience by letting them harvest their own fruit whenever the trees bear them.

This activity not only is a great way to strengthen family bonds, but it even provides your family with appetizing and healthy fruit!

Fruit will never taste as good and rewarding as those that you grow and harvest by yourself, after all!

Some of the best choices for trees to grow in your background are orange trees and lime trees. Both orange and lime trees grow well in tropical countries because of the warm temperate climates.

Other notable fruit trees you can plant are pear trees, apple tree, and cherry trees.

However, do bear in mind that fruit trees also come with their own risk, such as other types of trees. Fruit trees are open to getting fruit tree diseases.

These diseases affect the tree itself, hence, it is also one of the reasons why parents always tell their children to take care of their fruit trees.

Other Types of Luxury Trees:

There are numerous other notable trees that you can plant in your background that would make lovely sights. Here are only some of our other picks for your backyard tree planning:

1.) Spruce trees

2.) Cypress trees

3.) European beech tree

4.) Honey locust tree

5.) Hickory trees

6.) Quaking aspen tree

7.) Tulip tree

8.) Elm trees

9.) Magnolia trees

10.) Eastern redbud tree

Having greenery is always pleasing to the eyes. Other than trees, you may also want to consider having other woody perennial plants for lush green foliage. Fragrant flowers will also make your home appealing not just to the eyes, but also to the nose.

green leafed tree surrounded by fog during daytime

Homes with Lush green foliage

Of course, if your home is adorned with beautiful and healthy trees, it’ll be even better if your entire neighborhood is the same.

A healthy environment, both physically and metaphorically, is one of the most important factors to living a comfortable life.

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