Is It Worth Investing In An RFO Condo?

With the gradual efforts of embracing the new normal including going back to the city to get to the workplace as well as the resuming of face to face classes, many families and young professionals are more inclined to residing in the city for easy travel and close proximity to major establishments in Metro Manila.

Because of this, there is a rise in preference to purchase a condominium unit as an investment. And it stems from the fact that condominiums are more practical among young professionals and small families than a house and lot property.

Among millennials alone, especially those who have a stable financial capacity, are starting to buy their own real estate investment whether it is a house of their own or any commercial properties to start their business with. This goes to show that many property buyers are from the younger generation and most of them are leaning towards the trend of investing in condominium units in urban areas compare to their former vision of building a mansion in a rural town.

Owning a condo unit in a prime location is a stable investment.

First things first: what is an RFO condo unit?

Ready-for-occupancy condominium units fully furnished units where potential buyers can purchase immediately and move into once the sale was finalized. RFO units are perfect if moving into a new home is an urgent thing for you. Furthermore, it is also convenient for professionals and families who want to settle in a residential area that is not too close to Metro Manila. This is to say that a condominium unit is not always intended to be situated in the metropolitan area.

As a matter of fact, in the real estate industry, it is quite more popular now for developers to build commercial properties and ready-for-occupancy or pre-selling condos on rural towns or nearby provinces. And it stems from the fact that many millennials are starting to realize that condo living is not only exclusive for those who are living in the city.

Ready-for-occupancy condo unit or a pre-selling unit: which is which?

The main difference between RFO condo units and pre-selling units is that an RFO condo unit is a complete project and can be moved into right away whereas pre-selling condominium units are units that have not been completed yet because they are either still under construction or are still being conceptualized or planned.

Moreover, pre-selling units can be purchased even if it’s not yet constructed. Now, you are probably thinking which is to invest in considering that these two types of condominium units look like they are the best deal.

Well, first of all, if you are the type of homeowner who can wait for a span of time and moving into a new home is not a decision you want to rush in, a pre-selling condo unit is good for you. Moreover, if you are tight in budget and want to save money, most pre-selling condos are being sold in a lower price. Or if you are willing to pay in full, the real estate agent can give you a discount. This is good for potential homebuyers who do not have an enormous amount of money to make a one-time down payment.

On the other hand, RFO condo units are for professionals and families whose urgent need is to move into a new home right away. It is a practical choice for all those who are just starting to build a family or simply want to live an independent life.

Another perk why ready-for-occupancy units are a good investment is because they are fully completed and furnished by the time the developer offers it to you. Unlike pre-selling units, there is a disadvantage when you cannot see right away how the unit looks like. But with an RFO condo unit, what you see is what you get.

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A practical choice always entails a completed goal or project. This is what RFO condominium units are all about.

One of the advantages of investing in RFO units is the tour inspections and viewings you can schedule with the developer for your perusal. Bear in mind that purchasing a home is a big decision and you have to take into consideration the surety of your decision. How you can be assured if there is no availability of experiencing first-hand the RFO properties that the developer is offering to you?

The thing with RFO condos is that you can ask the developer for an appointment so that you can check not just the architectural design of the condominium, but as well as the interior design and the utilities installed. Besides, it is more exciting to RFO condos in the fullness of their aesthetic appeal than in their bare look.

Another reason why an RFO condo is a worthwhile investment is the perk of moving in immediately after settling the payment and submitting the required documents. Purchasing a house and moving in can be a bit stressful but if you have a new house which allows you to move in right after settling everything can make your lot lighter.

This kind of set-up is truly beneficial for young professionals who are going back to the offices after two years of working from home, for students who are forced to do online schooling but now are required to go back to the universities, especially for those who are studying in or near the city, and for families who are starting to build a new life in a prime location of their choice.

Contrary to the popular belief that flexible payment terms only apply to pre-selling condos, this can also be applied to an RFO condo unit as well. As a matter of fact, many real estate developers are offering move-in promos, low reservation fees, and other discount deals for interested buyers of an RFO condo unit. This is especially true for developers whose properties are located in prime locations.

The interior of a RFO condominium unit in Tagaytay City

It is also important to take note that ready-for-occupancy has a higher selling price compare to pre-selling condos and it is because the value of associated with the said unit. Moreover, the price appreciation has a tendency to get a little higher as more units are being sold in the market. This goes to show that the value of an RFO condo unit has a high investment potential. But despite of the higher selling price, many investors are still investing in RFO units for its value and perks.

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Making real estate investment worthwhile with Brittany Corporation’s ready-for-occupancy condominium units

As mentioned a while ago, there is a growing interest among millennials to enjoy the independent life by living out a condo lifestyle. And if you are among the said demographics, fret no more because the best deal for your dilemma is Crosswind Tagaytay’s luxury ready-for-occupancy units in The Grand Quartier.

Situated in the highest peaks of the community in Crosswinds Tagaytay, luxury condos for sale in The Grand Quartier are the kind of investment you should not miss out. Tagaytay, known for being one of the thriving cities in the South, is a prime location to settle in for you are not only living in a well-loved tourist destination, but also in close proximity to the city.

Currently, The Grand Quartier has three buildings. The two buildings are functioning as a condotel while the third building houses the RFO condominium units with amenities such as a gym and a swimming pool. All the units have balconies in them where you can savor and enjoy the spectacular hillsides of Tagaytay.

Rest assured that you are well taken care of at The Grand Quartier for it is one of the themed real estate development constructed by the premier name in luxury real estate development which is Brittany Corporation.

mountain resort living in nature with luxury condominiums and lot only properties | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Aside from the aforementioned amenities, you can also enjoy the clubhouse, play area for your children, and recreational areas in Crosswinds Tagaytay. Crosswinds Tagaytay is a Swiss luxury resort and so the constant desire to see tourists spots can be satisfied and enjoy in here. Moreover, there is also a Christmas village that you and your loved ones should not miss every year.

Final Thoughts

Moving into a condominium unit doesn’t have to be complicated if you know by heart what you want and where to get it. Living in a beautiful home while at the same time not forsaking practicality is a good way to go and both of these things complement with Brittany’s ready-for-occupancy condominium units in The Grand Quartier. With Brittany’s expertise to deliver the best deals for all kinds of homebuyers, rest assured that you are in the right hands. Come home to Brittany now.