Fashion Trends of 2022


Now that the year is ending and restrictions are getting lifted one by one to help boost the economy, people are slowly going back to the face-to-face setup before COVID-19 happened. This may come as a relief to the people who just cannot focus whenever they are working at home, or the ones who just want some physical encounters with other people again. These are understandable reasons to want to rush into the new normal, because people have been confined in their homes for extended periods of time. 

two fashionable women in face masks holding a lot of things | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Safe and in style – the language of the new normal. | Photo from Robin Utrecht of SOPA Images via The Verge


People may have forgotten a lot about traveling and going out during the months they stayed inside their homes, so there may be a need to reestablish old routines, or maybe a need to build new ones. One may have found herself leaving her home without the usual things she would bring outside pre-quarantine, because she just is not familiar with going out anymore. Or maybe she is not familiar with the new fashion trends, as there is no need to always be fashionable in the work-from-home setting. In this article, fashion trends of 2022 are going to be discussed. 

A lot of things are expected to change in 2022, what with the new developments regarding health and health protocols. The economy also needs some boosting from the working population, so more face-to-face setups are expected. The global desire for all the nations to help their citizens get back on their feet would prompt a lot of changes in different countries. One thing that is also expected to change? Fashion. 

The pandemic taught people about the value of fashion more than they expected it to. People never stopped caring about fashion during the pandemic. In fact, going out less meant that people wanted to look and feel great about themselves in the few times that they would go out and meet other people. Now that countries are slowly going back to face-to-face setups, fashion is expected to change and become a bigger part of everyday life for a lot of people, as they are itching to present their post-quarantine selves to the world.  

There is no shame in wanting to look your best in your first few weeks back at work. In fact, this is something to be proud of, since people did their best to improve themselves while locked up at home, so some showing off is in order. This is best done in the right clothes, so you may want to keep reading for the fashion trends of 2022. 


woman in a sparkly colorful dress | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Make those colors pop with sequins! | Photo from ASOS via Glamour


A little too extra? As it should be. Fashion trends of 2022 should not be plain and boring. People did not wait all these months just to look basic on the first time they go out after a long, long while. A wise sage once said that life is a party, so dress like it. And while one may not have a party to attend every day, one lesson that the quarantine taught people is to make the most out of their days, because one never knows when she will get an opportunity to dress up and feel great again. 

A lot of people are just waiting to flaunt their new hair, new online shopping hauls, and their overall upgraded selves, so sequins on fabric are a great thing to don in 2022. People want to be seen outside again, and these shiny ornaments will make sure that one will not just be seen, but also noticed. This also gives that celebratory vibe that everyone needs for surviving the virus. 

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Colored Pants

man in red checkered button down shirt and red jeans and brown belt | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Let those faded jeans rest a few days a week. | Photo from Outfit Trends


One solution to wearing trousers to make it look not boring is to wear colored ones. Seriously, people have many more options than just black, dark, blue, faded, and khaki. Fashion constantly evolves and people are still stuck in the past wherein they do not experiment much with jeans. People cut their jeans, fold them in various ways, and even customize them, but one easy thing to do to look a little more special is to simply wear colored trousers. 

This is a useful tip especially for men, who may complain about not having enough wardrobe choices. Wearing colored jeans will not only set one apart from his drab officemates, but it will also look great on a lot of occasions. One can wear red jeans to look like the cool guy at work and then show up at a party later, and he will still own the show. That is why this is one of the fashion trends of 2022. One can have a lot of places to go to, now that travelling is relatively safer, so fashion pieces should be versatile. 

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woman wearing black with a hat lace and gloces | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Stay safe in style with gloves. | Photo from GUEST of a GUEST


One of the more functional fashion trends of 2022 is gloves. This is an item that people should be wearing more, given that they are very easy to pull off and match with different outfits. You will not see a lot of people outside wearing gloves, so this may even be a great way to look well off. Imagine looking so chic and opening a door gently with your gloved hand! This can make anyone feel like an affluent miss. 

Gloves are also a great investment especially now that people have to be extremely conscious about cleanliness and hygiene. People have to wash and sanitize their hands every time they touch something, and wearing gloves is a great way to protect somebody’s hands from getting all those infectious viruses and bacteria. 

Aside from this, accessorizing the hands can become a chore, because if somebody has to wash her hands all the time, then it follows that rings, bracelets, and watches should also be cleaned on a daily basis, because they literally are worn on the hands, which people want to keep as clean as possible. Gloves can easily be washed with one’s other clothes in the washing machine and they would let one enjoy her day without having to constantly dry her hands up with rubbing alcohol. 

Sleeveless Tops

man in ripped jeans and sleeveless shirt showing off his side muscles | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Show off all your hard work by going sleeveless. | Photo from Urban Crews


Perhaps one of the self-improvement habits that people have been getting into is exercising. It is an important part of people’s daily routines to help them have good mental health, self-esteem, and bodily functions. Not only does exercising have a lot of health benefits, but this can also make someone look great. Why hide your skin, when you can make it a part of your daily fashion? 

Going sleeveless is a great choice for those days that are warm enough. There is some degree of liberation that comes from showing some skin while roaming around the city, looking and feeling great. Sleeveless tops also allow for more movements, for people with active lifestyles.

woman wearing a black sleeveless turtleneck and white ripped jeans | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Combine athletic and smart casual with the right combinations. | Photo from Lulus


Athleticism is not really expected from a lot of people in quarantine, so one way to feel great is to flaunt those curves you worked out for, for as long as the setting is appropriate. This is one way to show everyone that you have been taking good care of yourself and seem ready for whatever the new face-to-face setup has in store for you. 

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People are looking forward to the new year and all the events it will bring. People are expected to go out more, so these fashion trends of 2022 are sure to help the clueless homebody with what she should wear on her outings and meetings, keeping in mind to stay safe and comfortable while being the best dressed in the room.

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