Create Different Moods with Beautiful Water Features

Fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and swimming pools… these are water features that definitely add a touch of luxury to any home. The gentle trickling of water is an ambient sound that is sure to restore and heal your senses after a hectic day at work.

Depending on your design style and theme, these water features can evoke different kinds of moods. Dramatically beautiful, Italian-style fountains similar to the ones you find in the piazzas in Europe bring about a sense of Old World elegance.


Water Features in your Portofino Home

At Portofino Alabang, the Italian-inspired luxury community of Brittany, you will find such grand fountains made of stone and embellished with angels and other figures for an authentic experience of the romance of Italian architectural design.

The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. | Photo from Brittany Corporation


On the other end of the spectrum, simple Zen-like koi ponds framed in warm wooden slats and lined with polished river stones and oriental plants take on the mood of serenity and balance.

This charming waterfall made of stacked natural stones brings memories of one’s childhood spent in the countryside, wading in ponds, catching fish or swimming with friends.

The rustic design of this fountain and pond reminds of water reservoirs in the homes of affluent families of ancient Roman times. The mystique of the urn-like fountain also brings to mind the mysterious water jugs of Cana in the Biblical account… an unusual piece and conversation starter for the archeologically-inspired home designer.

Water fountain in the night | luxury properties by Brittany corporation

Live in your own Italian Luxury with Portofino Alabang.


Whatever ambience you wish to create in your own backyard or indoors, a water feature is certainly a relaxing addition, a conversation piece and the perfect expression of your creative style.

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